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4 Best Air Purifiers For Huskies & Husky Owners (2024)

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Best Air Purifiers for Huskies and Husky Owners

In a world where indoor air quality often goes unnoticed, the significance of breathing clean and fresh air cannot be overstated. For pet owners, especially those who share their homes with a beloved husky, maintaining optimal indoor air quality is of paramount importance. Huskies come with their fair share of shedding and dander.

This can lead to an accumulation of allergens and particles in the air, potentially affecting everyone in the household. Fortunately, the modern solution of air purifiers steps in as a powerful ally, offering a range of benefits that extend beyond pet-related concerns.

In this article, we’ll share a curated selection of the best air purifiers for huskies available on the market, tailored to effectively address the unique needs of husky-friendly homes. And we’ll also discuss the advantages of incorporating an air purifier into your living space, particularly for husky owners.

#1 - Overall Best Air Purifier for Huskies
#2 - Best Budget Air Purifier
#3 - Best Air Purifier for Small Spaces
#4 - Best Lightweight Air Purifier
#1 - Overall Best Air Purifier for Huskies
#2 - Best Budget Air Purifier
#3 - Best Air Purifier for Small Spaces
#4 - Best Lightweight Air Purifier
03/17/2024 12:05 am GMT

Overall Best Air Purifier for Huskies

Purafide XP360 Air Purifier 

The Purafide Air Purifier System is a must-have for husky owners seeking to address the unique challenges of maintaining a clean living environment. With its advanced HEPA filter and 6-stage filtration system, this air purifier captures an impressive 99.97% of airborne particles, encompassing everything from pesky dust and pet dander to stubborn odors and even smoke.

Exceptional Room-Cleansing Capabilities

What truly sets the Purafide air purifier apart is its exceptional room-cleansing capabilities. Boasting a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 360 CFM, it efficiently purifies the air in a room spanning up to 2,200 square feet every hour. For those seeking rapid purification, the system can manage areas of 1,100 square feet in just 30 minutes and 550 square feet in a mere 15 minutes.

Extended Lifespan H13 Medical Grade HEPA Filter

A standout feature of the Purafide XP360 is its extended 2-year lifespan H13 medical grade HEPA filter. This longevity ensures continuous delivery of clean and fresh air, offering sustained protection against contaminants while simultaneously reducing the frequency of filter replacements. Only having to replace the filter every two years leads to considerable cost savings.

Customizable Operation

The Purafide air purifier’s operation can be tailored to suit individual preferences, with five adjustable fan speeds providing the flexibility to customize purification levels. While running the purifier at its highest speed may generate some noise, this intensity proves highly advantageous during initial usage when intensive air cleaning is required. As air quality improves, the auto mode provides a quieter and less frequent operation, ensuring a comfortable living environment for both residents and their husky companions.

Simple Maintenance

Maintenance is straightforward with the Purafide air purifier. A monthly screen filter cleaning is recommended to maintain peak performance. This simple upkeep routine preserves the system’s effectiveness, contributing to a healthier living space for both occupants and their huskies.

Remarkable Dust and Dander Management

One of the most remarkable benefits for husky owners lies in the Purafide air purifier’s exceptional ability to manage dust and dander. This essential feature creates an environment conducive to comfort and well-being, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and promoting a harmonious coexistence with these furry family members.

Durable Build for Busy Households

With a sturdy build designed to endure the demands of busy households, the Purafide air purifier weighs approximately 18 pounds. Its robust construction guarantees durability and reliability, making it an enduring companion in the quest for cleaner air and healthier living for husky owners and their beloved pets.

✅ Pros: 

  • Continuous clean air delivery
  • Detachable designer panel offers personalization and style, seamlessly integrating with room decor
  • Support for veteran services through a portion of sales contributes to a meaningful cause
  • Adjustable fan speeds and auto mode provide flexibility and convenience in operation
  • Effectively reduces dust and dander, essential for husky owners’ comfort
  • Best air purifier for large spaces

❌ Cons:

  • High fan speed setting can be noisy
  • Requires monthly screen filter cleaning for optimal performance and maintenance
  • Relatively heavier, weighing around 18 pounds, which might impact portability and placement
Best Air Purifier for Large Spaces
Purafide XP360 Air Purifier
$95.00 ($47.50 / Count)
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03/17/2024 12:05 am GMT

Best Budget Air Purifier for Huskies

LEVOIT Air Purifier 

The LEVOIT Air Purifier, specifically the Core 300 model, is a transformative solution for husky owners striving to uphold a fresh and inviting home environment despite the lively presence of animal fur and dander.

Efficient Air Coverage

The air purifier’s commendable capacity to efficiently cover spaces as expansive as 1,095 square feet is powered by a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 41 CFM, affirming its efficacy in rejuvenating the air within your living space.

Powerful 3-in-1 HEPA Filtration

The acclaimed 3-in-1 HEPA filter lies at the heart of this air purifier, showcasing its prowess by eliminating an impressive 99.97% of minute particles, as minuscule as 0.3 microns in size, from the air. This comprehensive filtration encompasses common allergens like dust and pollen, as well as pet-related irritants such as dander.

Specialized Filtration Solutions

Acknowledging the diverse needs of pet owners, LEVOIT offers tailored filtration solutions in the form of specialized filters. The Pet Allergy Filter captures pet dander while simultaneously neutralizing lingering odors that often accompany furry companions. Additionally, the Smoke Remover filter emerges as a vital asset, particularly during periods of heightened wildfire activity. It serves to combat airborne smoke particles, offering a respite from the acrid outdoor air and effectively maintaining indoor air quality.

Tranquil Operation

A commitment to tranquility is evident in the LEVOIT Air Purifier’s design. Employing QuietKEAP Technology, the device operates at a near-silent 24dB noise level. There is also a Sleep Mode option that enhances this experience, dimming the display lights and facilitating an optimal sleeping environment. Additionally, the convenient timer function, with intervals ranging from two to eight hours, allows the air purifier to adapt to your schedule effortlessly. The LEVOIT Air Purifier is also quite energy-efficient, with numerous users attesting to its ability to run consistently without causing a discernible uptick in their electricity bills.

Comprehensive Control via App

The LEVOIT Air Purifier boasts a complementary app that provides comprehensive control. This includes the ability to regulate fan speed, customize operating schedules, manage noise levels, and even monitor real-time indoor air quality.

Exceptional Portability

Furthermore, the air purifier’s portability is a standout feature. Weighing merely 7.48 lbs., it effortlessly transitions from room to room, ensuring that the entire living space can benefit from its presence.

✅ Pros: 

  • 3-in-1 HEPA filter effectively enhances air quality
  • Has specialized filters, like the Pet Allergy Filter and Smoke Remover filter, to address specific concerns such as pet dander and wildfire smoke
  • Quiet operation
  • The companion app enables control over settings, scheduling, and real-time air quality monitoring
  • Energy-efficient
  • Lightweight design 

❌ Cons:

  • Requires LEVOIT filters, as off-brand filters are not as effective
  • The initial investment in the air purifier might be relatively higher compared to basic models
  • Limited Coverage
Best Budget Air Purifier
LEVOIT Air Purifier
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Best Air Purifier for Huskies in Small Spaces 

AROEVE Air Purifier 

The AROEVE Air Purifier is a must-have for husky owners seeking to enhance the air quality in their homes. While huskies bring boundless energy and companionship, their shedding and dander can negatively impact air quality. The AROEVE Air Purifier is designed to address these concerns, offering a range of benefits tailored to husky owners.

Effective Air Refreshing

With a coverage area of up to 215 square feet, it effectively refreshes the air, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable living space. It also is very quiet and even has a sleep mode that reduces fan speed to a barely noticeable 22 dB, guaranteeing a serene atmosphere.

Aroma Infusion

However, this air purifier offers more than just air purification. It comes equipped with an aroma pad beneath the air outlet, allowing you to infuse your home with soothing scents. You can safely use essential oils like lavender, lemongrass, cedarwood, frankincense, and rosemary to create a calming ambiance for both you and your husky. It’s important to note that some essential oils are not safe for dogs. For example, it is best to avoid oils such as cinnamon, juniper, clove, citrus, pine, and tea tree, as they can be harmful to dogs.

Effortless Maintenance

Maintaining the AROEVE Air Purifier is effortless, thanks to its 2000-hour cartridge replacement reminder. When the purifier surpasses 2000 hours of use, a red indicator light prompts you to replace the filter cartridge. By following this recommended three to six-month replacement schedule, you can ensure the air purifier operates at its best, continuously eliminating allergens and odors from your living space.

✅ Pros: 

  • Effective air purification for rooms up to 215 sq. ft.
  • Whisper-quiet operation, including sleep mode for minimal noise
  • It has an aromatherapy feature that can be used with pet-safe essential oils
  • Cartridge replacement reminder for easy maintenance


  • Limited room coverage for larger spaces
  • Replacement cartridges add to ongoing costs
Best Air Purifier for Small Spaces
AROEVE Air Purifier
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03/14/2024 11:40 pm GMT

Best Lightweight Air Purifier for Huskies

PureZone Air Purifier

For husky owners seeking a cleaner and healthier indoor environment, the PureZone Air Purifier offers a range of benefits that cater to both you and your furry companion.

Advanced Three-Stage Filtration

With its advanced three-stage filtration system, this purifier tackles a variety of airborne pollutants effectively. The initial stage combines a pre-filter and activated carbon filter to capture larger particles like dust, pollen, pet dander, and even lingering household odors. The subsequent True HEPA filter then goes a step further, removing particles as small as 0.3 microns, including microscopic allergens and pet dander. Adding a deeper level of cleanliness, the built-in UV-C light eliminates up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, creating a healthier living space for you and your husky.

Customizable Operation

Customizability is key with the PureZone Air Purifier. It features optimal fan settings, allowing you to choose between low, medium, and high fan speeds based on your current air quality and preferences. The 3x timer settings provide further flexibility by enabling you to save energy with a scheduled operation or run the purifier continuously for uninterrupted purification.

Room Coverage and Portability

Huskies require room to roam, and so does your air purifier. With a room coverage of up to 300 square feet, the PureZone Air Purifier suits various room sizes, ensuring that your living space remains fresh and clean throughout. The purifier’s built-in handle enhances its portability, making it effortless to move from room to room as your husky explores.

Durable and Guaranteed

Despite its lightweight design at just 6 pounds, the PureZone Air Purifier is durably constructed to withstand the demands of daily use. The manufacturer’s guaranteed 5-year warranty provides reassurance of its quality and longevity.

✅ Pros: 

  • Customizable fan speeds and timer options
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Advanced Three-Stage Filtration
  • UV-C Light Technology

❌ Cons: 

  • It might not be suitable for very large rooms or open-concept living spaces
  • Higher fan speeds can result in noticeable noise
  • Replacement filters can add ongoing costs over time
Best Lightweight Air Purifier
PureZone Air Purifier
$129.99 $79.98
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03/14/2024 11:45 pm GMT

Why Use Air Purifiers? 

Air purifiers offer valuable assistance to owners dealing with the challenges of husky shedding and dander within their homes. These devices operate by employing HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, effectively capturing even the tiniest particles like pet hair, dander, and allergens that dogs may shed. By preventing these particles from circulating in the air, air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters significantly reduce their presence, which is especially beneficial for individuals with allergies. The inclusion of activated carbon filters in certain air purifier models can also help neutralize pet odors, making the indoor environment more pleasant.

Beyond allergen removal and odor reduction, cleaner air resulting from these devices promotes better respiratory health for both humans and pets. Yes, it can even be beneficial for our huskies! Air purifiers not only help people but can also be really beneficial for dogs who can have many of the same allergies and sensitivities as we do!

Furthermore, the reduced settling of particles on surfaces translates to less frequent cleaning. Air purifiers can even enhance sleep quality when pets share sleeping spaces, ensuring a healthier breathing environment.

When selecting an air purifier for managing shedding and dander, prioritizing HEPA filters and sizing the purifier appropriately for the room’s dimensions is crucial. Regular maintenance, including filter replacement, is necessary for sustained effectiveness. While air purifiers are a valuable tool, combining their usage with proper dog grooming and routine cleaning remains essential for comprehensive shedding and dander control.

If you are new to being a husky owner, make sure you know how to groom a husky.

Further reading: Are Huskies Hypoallergenic?


The well-being of both husky companions and their human counterparts relies heavily on the quality of the air they breathe within the confines of their homes. Investing in the best air purifier for huskies is an investment in not only a cleaner, fresher living environment but also in the health and happiness of everyone under the same roof.

With the array of advanced technologies and features offered by today’s leading air purifier brands, it’s now easier than ever to create an atmosphere where both pets and people can thrive together harmoniously. So, whether it’s tackling pet dander, odors, or allergens, these quality air purifiers help promote indoor air quality, ensuring that every deep breath taken is a breath of fresh air.

Overall I recommend the Purafide Air Filter.

What air purifier have you used?

Share your experience in the comments below.

Further reading:


What is the best air purifier for husky owners?

The best air purifier for husky owners is one that is specifically designed to remove pet hair and dander. Look for air purifiers that have a true HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter to effectively capture pet hair, reduce pet odors, and improve air quality in your home.

How can an air purifier help with pet allergies?

An air purifier can help with pet allergies by capturing pet dander and other allergens in the air. The HEPA filter in the air purifier traps tiny particles, including pet allergens, and prevents them from circulating in the air. This can significantly reduce allergy symptoms for pet owners.

What is the best air purifier for pet hair?

The best air purifier for pet hair is one that has a high clean air delivery rate (CADR) and a filter specifically designed to capture pet hair. Look for air purifiers that have a true HEPA filter and a pre-filter to effectively trap and remove pet hair from the air.

Can air purifiers remove pet odors?

Yes, air purifiers can help remove pet odors. Air purifiers with activated carbon filters are specifically designed to remove odors from pets. The activated carbon in the filter absorbs and neutralizes the odors, leaving the air fresh and odor-free.

What is a true HEPA air purifier?

A true HEPA air purifier is a type of air purifier that uses a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. This type of filter is able to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99.97%. True HEPA filters are highly effective in removing pet hair, dander, dust, and other airborne allergens.

How do air purifiers work?

Air purifiers work by pulling in air from the surrounding environment and passing it through a series of filters. These filters capture and trap particles, such as pet hair, dander, dust, and allergens, while allowing clean air to be released back into the room. Some air purifiers also have additional features, such as UV-C light or ionizers, to further purify the air.

What should I look for when buying an air purifier for pet hair?

When buying an air purifier for pet hair, look for one that has a true HEPA filter or a HEPA-type filter. Make sure the air purifier is specifically designed to capture pet hair and dander. It is also important to consider the room size and choose an air purifier that is suitable for the area you want to purify.

Are expensive air purifiers better for pet owners?

Expensive air purifiers are not necessarily better for pet owners. The effectiveness of an air purifier in capturing pet hair and reducing pet odors depends on its filtration system and features, rather than its price tag. Look for air purifiers that are specifically designed for pet owners and have good reviews from other pet owners.

Can air purifiers remove pet hair and dust from the air?

Yes, air purifiers with HEPA filters can effectively remove pet hair and dust from the air. The HEPA filter can capture and trap these particles, preventing them from circulating in the room. Regularly replacing the filter will ensure optimal performance and maintain a clean environment for pet owners.

How can air purifiers help with pet hair and dander?

Air purifiers can help with pet hair and dander by capturing these particles in their filters. The true HEPA filter in the air purifier can trap pet hair and dander, reducing the amount of allergens in the air. This can be especially beneficial for individuals with allergies or asthma.

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