Ollie Dog Food Review 2023 (Is Ollie Dog Food Worth It?)

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Ollie Dog Food Review
Ollie Dog Food Review

My dog and I are actively going on a journey to find some of the best possible dog food options for her. Among the countless options available, Ollie has emerged as a brand that promises to revolutionize the way we nourish our four-legged friends.

My dog Mable and I recently tried out Ollie dog food, and overall, we really love it! Today I’d like to share our experience with Ollie and why we have enjoyed it so much! Here is my Ollie dog food review.

#1 Best Dog Food
Ollie: Human Grade Dog Food

Whole food ingredients, slow-cooked for nutrition and flavor and frozen for freshness.

  • Wholefood ingredients
  • Freshly cooked
  • No preservatives
  • No harmful fillers
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About Ollie Dog Food

Ollie is a fresh dog food delivery company with a focus on high-quality, human-grade ingredients. Ollie aims to provide pet owners with a convenient and healthy alternative to traditional dry or canned dog food. They prioritize using real, human-grade ingredients and tailor the meals to meet the specific dietary needs of each individual dog.

One of the things I really like about Ollie is that all their meals are prepared in small batches and gently cooked at low temperatures to retain the nutritional value of the ingredients. They use a variety of proteins, such as beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb, along with a selection of fruits, vegetables, and superfoods. Ollie emphasizes transparency by providing detailed information about the sourcing and origins of their ingredients. They also provide a breakdown of the nutritional content of each meal, so you know exactly what your dog is consuming. 

Another really neat thing about Ollie is that they are there for you and provide a lot of guidance during the transition period when you are switching from your previous dog food to Ollie. You can email them, call them, or text them, and they also have agents available online for live chats whenever you have questions. 

And you can even send them a picture of your dog’s poop! 😂 You just have to download their app on the app store and take a picture. I know it sounds gross, but it can actually be super helpful! Looking at your dog’s stool while transitioning from one food to another can be a great indicator of how things are going. If you notice some changes or just have questions, you can send a picture in, and a qualified veterinary technician will review the photo and provide guidance on the next steps. Mable adjusted quite well during the transition, so I didn’t need to do this, but I’m really glad it was an option! 

My Personal Experience With Ollie Dog Food

Ollie’s delivery process was really convenient and came right to my door. Everything was packaged super well, and the food was still quite cold, even though I didn’t get home until later in the day! And the whole process was super easy. All I had to do was unbox everything and put a day or two’s worth of fresh food in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. My order came with a nice scoop for the fresh food and a cup for the dry food. It also came with a resealable container in which I could store a fresh meal. I really liked that it came with everything that I needed, and I didn’t have to worry about getting any new supplies or using any of my own supplies. 🙏

One of the things I noticed is that Mable did end up losing a little bit of weight during her two-week trial of this food. I think in the future, she might benefit from having bigger portions. Ollie determines the amount of food dogs are supposed to eat based on their age, breed, weight, and activity level. So I think I may have underestimated how active she actually is, which may have resulted in some of the weight loss. That being said, though, she never seemed hungrier than usual or exhibited behaviors like begging for more food. The amount seemed to satiate her appetite, and I just think that she might need a little more since she plays so hard! 

Though she didn’t beg for more food at the end of her meals, she was sure excited whenever I opened up the fridge to get her fresh food out! I quickly learned that this was definitely food that needed to be served in her slow feeder. The first day she ate it, she gobbled it up way too fast! 🤤

The treats were also a big hit with Mable! We got the sweet potato slices which were great, and the jerky strips for dogs which were made up of beef and sweet potato, which Mable really loved.

We also tried out the calming chill pills, which to my surprise, did actually work! However, it did seem that they were more effective the first few times I gave them to her and that the more we used them, the less effective they were. It seemed as though she was almost building up a tolerance to them. But I think they are a great option to have and to save for the occasions when you really need them, like car rides and vet visits!

Ollie Dog Food In Slow Feeder Bowl
This is Mable’s slow feeder bowl with half fresh and half baked dog food from Ollie.

Taste and Palatability

Fresh dog food like Ollie’s can sometimes have a noticeably different aroma compared to processed dry or canned dog food. However, some dog foods can be quite smelly depending on the brand, so it really depends on what you are comparing it to. However, I find that the use of real, human-grade ingredients can result in a natural and appetizing smell. And, of course, the specific scent can vary depending on the recipe and ingredients used, such as the protein source or added fruits and vegetables. But truthfully, I didn’t notice any overwhelming or overpowering smell coming from either the fresh food or the baked kibble. 

Most importantly, though, Mable is completely obsessed with this food! As I mentioned earlier, I had to give it to her in her slow feeder bowl because she was so excited and was eating it too fast! I think serving it in a slow feeder really helped her as it slowed her down enough that she had time to fully digest what she was eating and seemed completely satiated by the time she was done eating. 

Nutritional Quality and Health Benefits

Since we did a two-week trial, I haven’t seen any overwhelming difference in Mable. She’s a very healthy pup already, but I felt good knowing that Mable was eating just as good, if not better than me 😂, during those two weeks! I do think, though, that had we continued and ordered more food from Ollie over a period of weeks or maybe a few months, I would have begun to see the health benefits for Mable. 

When I was looking at reviews online, many people wrote that after four or five weeks, they started to see major improvements in their dogs’ health. One example I remember was that many owners reported that their dogs had smaller, less smelly stools. Another benefit that many people reported was seeing higher energy levels in their dogs. Some also reported that their dog’s coats became healthier and shinier, and some even said their dog’s breath improved! 

Ollie dog food is made up of such amazing ingredients and is so fresh that I could feel really good about feeding it to Mable. For the dry food they sent, we got the beef and sweet potato recipe. For the fresh recipes, we received the lamb dish with cranberries, the turkey dish with blueberries, and the beef dish with sweet potatoes. The lamb recipe, for example, contains amazing ingredients in addition to the lamb, like butternut squash, chickpeas, kale, rice, cranberries, green beans, chia seeds, and salmon oil, just to name a few! Moreover, the recipe included zinc gluconate, which is a more easily digestible form of zinc that is great for dogs prone to zinc deficiency. e.g. huskies. In fact, I think Ollie is the best dog food for huskies.

Here is what we ordered from Ollie

How Ollie Dog Food Compares 

Mable was previously on a high-quality dry dog food kibble. It has been working really well for her, but I love the idea of fresh food and really wanted to try something like Ollie. The ingredients are amazing, and I actually know what they all are! There are no mystery ingredients, no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and no unnecessary filler ingredients like corn. I genuinely feel really good about feeding this food to Mable, and best of all, she absolutely loves it. 

Pros and Cons

If you haven’t already noticed, I really like this brand of food! So the list of pros will be long, and the cons will be very few. 


  • Wholesome, natural ingredients
  • Human-grade ingredients 
  • High protein content 
  • Multiple meal plans, including both fresh and baked options
  • Subscription service with delivery 
  • Ollie offers support throughout the transition process
  • Abides by standards set for by the AAFCO


After trying Ollie out, the only true downside I could see was the price. This food is not cheap by any means. In fact, it almost equates to another human mouth to feed! But our dogs are our family and, as such, should have access to fresh, healthy food, just as we do! 

Customization and Subscription Options 

Ollie has fresh, mixed bowl plans, and half-fresh plans. With their Full Fresh plan, your dog gets its daily required amount of food in completely fresh form. With their Mixed Bowl plan, your dog gets half its daily food in fresh form and half its daily food in Ollie’s baked recipe. (The Mixed Bowl plan is the option that Mable and I tried!) Finally, they have their Half Fresh plan, where much like it sounds, you get half your dog’s daily nutrients in completely fresh form. This is designed to supplement whatever food you may already be feeding at home. 

Another great thing about Ollie is that you can customize your meal plans. You can tell them if your pet has any allergies or preferences. For example, Mable is allergic to chicken, so we let them know that. So instead of any chicken recipes, we got turkey or beef and various other meat recipes instead. But you could also customize based on your dog’s personal preferences! You can also change your delivery date and schedule at any time and switch up your meal plan at any time as well. 

Pricing and Value for Money

The full mixed starter plan price that I paid was only $65.99 for the first 2 weeks. This is with a 60% discount though. The full price for the first two weeks would have been $152.56 without a discount.

P.S. If you want a 50% discount, CLICK HERE. 👈

As you can see from the below screenshot, I ordered a starter plan that came with 14 packs of fresh dog food and 1 bag of baked dry dog food, which lasted for the first 2 weeks.

As I briefly mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t consider this dog food to be cheap or the most budget-friendly option out there. This is especially true if you have a large breed dog that has a bigger appetite! That being said, though, I think that the benefits that Ollie offers are well worth the cost

When looking for an option that might be a bit more budget-friendly, Ollie also offers a half-fresh plan where you get about half of the regular or full amount of Ollie to simply add to your pup’s current food! You can still keep the food that works for you and your budget but also add in some nutritious fresh ingredients as well. 

Starter Plan Price - Ollie Dog Food
My Ollie dog food order summary

Customer Service and Support

I’m actually quite happy with the customer service and support I received from Ollie. The entire process was quite smooth! Though there was one small hiccup that occurred when I first tried to order. For some reason, their site didn’t recognize my address, and it kept saying my address was invalid. I tried every way I could think of to type my address in that the system would recognize it. So that was a bit odd, but I sent off a message to Ollie’s support team. It was very quickly that they got back to me, and they were able to fix the issue on the back end. After that, Mable’s food came to my front door in no time at all! 


Ollie definitely gets two big thumbs up from Mable and me! They’ve really proven themselves to be a standout option in the world of dog food. This can be seen in their commitment to sourcing only the best ingredients for their recipes. They also place a special emphasis on tailored nutrition and convenience, which makes Ollie an excellent option for pet owners like me who want to prioritize their dog’s well-being and seek a hassle-free feeding experience. Beyond all the amazing benefits, and probably most importantly, Mable seemed to love Ollie!

#1 Best Dog Food
Ollie: Human Grade Dog Food

Whole food ingredients, slow-cooked for nutrition and flavor and frozen for freshness.

  • Wholefood ingredients
  • Freshly cooked
  • No preservatives
  • No harmful fillers
Get 50% Off
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


What is Ollie Dog Food?

Ollie Dog Food is a fresh, human-grade dog food delivery service that offers customized meal plans according to your dog’s individual needs. They use high-quality ingredients and deliver the food straight to your door.

Is Ollie dog food good?

Yes, Ollie Dog Food is good. In fact, Ollie dog food is one of the best dog foods you can buy.

Is Ollie dog food worth it?

Yes, Ollie dog food is worth it. The benefits that Ollie offers your dog is worth the higher price compared to other dog food brands.

Is Ollie Dog Food worth the cost?

Ollie Dog Food is one of the best dog foods available on the market, and it’s definitely worth the cost. The fresh human-grade ingredients used in their recipes make it a great option for dogs with food allergies or picky eaters. Ollie also offers a starter box to help you try out the food before committing.

Does Ollie Dog Food have fish oil?

Yes, Ollie Dog Food contains fish oil rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids, which helps support brain function, and may reduce skin inflammation in dogs.

Is Ollie Dog Food suitable for picky eaters?

Ollie’s fresh dog food is great for picky eaters. Dogs are known to prefer fresh and human-grade food to dry kibble. Ollie also allows you to select the ingredients your dog likes and dislikes in the customized meal plan.

What type of dog food does Ollie offer?

Ollie offers human-grade dog food recipes that include fresh food and ingredients. They also offer customized meal plans tailored to your dog’s specific needs and requirements.

Is Ollie Dog Food subscription-based?

Yes, Ollie is a subscription-based dog food delivery service, and they automatically send your dog food packs. You can easily modify, pause or cancel the service anytime.

Does Ollie Dog Food have a delivery service?

Yes, Ollie Dog Food offers fast and reliable delivery service straight to your door. They use special packaging and include a storage container, as well as pre-portioned meals for the perfect serving size.

Are the ingredients in Ollie Dog Food recipes of good quality?

Yes, Ollie uses only high-quality ingredients to make their recipes. They also provide information about the ingredients, nutrients, vitamins, and mineral supplements contained in each meal. Such information is enough to ensure you’re feeding your dog a well-balanced meal with all the necessary nutrients.

Does Ollie Dog Food have any food allergies?

Ollie takes great care when choosing the ingredients that go into their meal plans so that dogs with food allergies can enjoy their freshly cooked food. You can specify which ingredient your dog is allergic to, and they will exclude it from their recipe.

Will Ollie Dog Food be good for my new dog?

Ollie’s fresh food is a good option for new dogs. The company offers customized meal plans based on your dog’s age, weight, and breed. They also have veterinarians on their team who can assist you in choosing the best meal plan for your new furry friend.

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