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30 Best Siberian Husky Gift Ideas (Gifts For Her & Him)

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Husky Gift Ideas
Siberian Husky Gift Ideas

There are dog people; and then there are Husky people! It is believed that Husky owners can be as tricky to please as Huskies themselves (it’s a good thing they found each other!).

As Husky owners, lovers and big-time enthusiasts, we thoroughly understand what can make these herculean breed owners happy. Read on for a quick guide to gifting that Husky aficionado in your life. 

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Husky Gifts For Her

1. Husky Mama T Shirt

This Husky Mama T Shirt celebrates a Husky Mom’s love for her furry no-so-little baby. This super soft and cozy shirt is perfect for any husky mom.

Whether you’re running errands or looking after your husky baby, this shirt is a great way to show off your special bond.

2. Pajama Set

This cute Cartoon print tee and shorts with little Huskies printed on it is the perfect pajama set to chill with your Husky under a cozy blanket. It is lightweight, stretchy, breathable and screams out cute and comfortable.

3. Cross Body Bag 

The Chala Husky Mini Crossbody Handbag is as sassy as a Husky. It is highly versatile and makes a great fashion staple on a variety of styles, including chic dresses, funky shorts or even just a basic crop top and jeans. It is made of faux leather and comes in a variety of shades and colors.

4. Husky Charm

This adorable 2-pack Husky charm comes Ready-to-gift with a backer card that reads “I Love My Human” and includes space on the back for a handwritten note.

It’s makes for a super cute Holiday gift that your person can carry along with them wherever they go.

Since it is a 2-pack charm, they can also share one of the charms with their Husky and keep one for themselves.

Primitives by Kathy Husky Charm

5. Fuzzy Husky Slippers

It is impossible for these Husky plush slippers to not make someone happy.

They are ridiculously cute and comfortable and the perfect pair of plushies to keep your feet warm while you cozy up with your dog by the fireside or the Christmas tree.

Stepping into these plushies will literally feel like being covered in a layer of Husky fur. 

6. Best Husky Mom Ever Tumbler

What can make a Husky mom happier than receiving thoughtful gifts that not only scream out their love for their Husky, but also appreciate them for the amazing dog mom that they are?

This tumbler is not only pretty to look at, but is made of premium quality, is spill proof, insulated and comes with a lifetime warranty.

This tumbler is THE gift to someone who loves being their husky’s mommy!

Husky Gifts For Him

Yes I Know I Need A Sled T-Shirt Blue

7. Yes I Know I Need A Sled

Tired of hearing the same old comment about needing a sled for your husky? Beat everyone to it with the hilarious “Yes, I Know, I Need A Sled” T-shirt!

Designed to tickle your funny bone and celebrate the playful nature of huskies! With its comical design boldly displayed on the back, this t-shirt is perfect for all husky enthusiasts with a knack for laughter and wit.

Buy Yes I Know I Need A Sled T-Shirt

8. Husky Pajamas

If you have a Husky or know someone who does, you owe it to them to buy these Husky Pajamas.

They’re absolutely comfortable to slip into after a long day of work and snuggle up in under the blanket.

They are made from high quality fabric and are soft, lightweight and perfect for sleeping or lounging in style. 

9. Dogfather Whisky Glass

The Dogfather Whiskey Glass is a thoughtful and classy gift for any whisky connoisseur who is also a great Dog Dad. Even more so, a Husky dad as the glass has a picture of a cheerful little Husky on it!

The glass is easy to clean and maintain (unlike a Husky!) and will add a spark of joy when they are enjoying their favorite drink.

10. Husky Dad Cap

The Husky Dad Cap is a great way to add a classic canine touch to a Husky Dad’s outfit.

This is a gift that will never go out of style!

My Husky And I Talk Shit About You T-Shirt - Mens

11. My Husky And I Talk Shit About You T-Shirt

Embrace the Humor with our funny ‘My Husky And I Talk Shit About You’ T-Shirt, designed to celebrate the playful and mischievous side of the husky-owner relationship.

This humorous design captures the unique bond between husky and owner, filled with inside jokes and secrets. 😂

Buy My Husky And I Talk Shit About You T-Shirt

Gifts for Husky Lovers

12. Cushion Covers

This Husky Cushion Cover will add a pop of color to anyone’s home décor and will be a cute little addition to any kind of space or home, especially one that has a Husky in it. Plus, the invisible zipper only improves the appearance of it.

13. Tumbler Cup

A Husky may not be able to accompany a human everywhere, but this Husky Tumbler Cup surely can! It is durable, insulated, made of sustainable food grade material, fits in a wide variety of cup holders, easy to carry and has an elegant appearance.

14. Colorful Painting

Here’s one for the art loving Husky Parent/ enthusiast! This 3-piece Pop Culture Painting will zing up any wall they’re hung up on. They are made of environment friendly ink and durable materials.

15. Plush Toy

This adorable Husky Plush makes the perfect gift for someone who loves and adores a Husky but doesn’t have one yet.

Its comfortable fur and floppy body make this puppy a cuddly friend and the perfect companion; ideal for hugging or using as a pillow when lounging.

16. Wall Hanger

What better option to hang your Husky’s leashes and collars on than a Wall Hangar that looks like a silhouette of your Husky? The cute dog design makes it a fun & functional gift for a Husky owner/ lover. 

17. iPhone Covers

Isn’t it nice to gift a Husky owner a phone case that captures every mood of a Husky? This Phone Case is as resilient as a Husky and will protect the iphone from scratches and cracks.

18. 5 Piece Canvas Wall Art

The only thing that could come close to be as mesmerizing as the Siberian Husky’s blue eyes is a piece of art that depicts it.

This 5 Piece Wall Hanging of the blue eyes of the Husky is a beautiful addition in a Husky lover’s home. 

19. 3D Illusion Lamp

This is a 3D Illusion Lamp which can show up a Husky dog when it lights up and comes with two light modes, static single color mode and 7 color flashing mode. It makes for an amazingly fun night lamp. 

20. Husky Throw Blanket

This Husky Throw Blanket in the house of a Husky owner will have a realistic appearance with all the Husky fur over it! It is a light weight blanket that can be used as a cozy cover up on those winter nights. 

21. Fun Husky Mug

DO they love Huskies? Do they love coffee? This adorable Husky Drinking Coffee Mug will give them the best of both worlds.

22. Personalized Garden Dog Flag

Personalization is the most thoughtful touch to gifting. This Personalized Dog Flag says “Hello Strangers” and you can choose which dog breed you want featured on it along with an option to engrave the pet’s name on it.

Personalized Dog Flag - Husky Gift Ideas

Awesome Husky Gifts For Christmas

23. Unisex Socks

These Husky Printed Unisex Socks make adorable stocking stuffers. The graphics are sharp and the quality of the socks are great too.

24. Husky Hoodies

Hoodies make awesome gifts! They are safe in terms of size as everyone loves an oversized Hoodie, especially ones that come with a Husky theme. Huskygifts.com boasts of vast options when it comes to gifts for Husky owners and enthusiasts. 

Looking for Hoodies, T Shirts or Mugs with a Husky Christmas theme? Check out the below products:

25. Hot Water Bottle & Warmer

Who doesn’t love a functional gift? Especially one that cares for them in sickness and in health? While the insulation bag provides warmth and relieves pain, the design of the Husky face is an added comfort! 

View Husky Hot Water Bottle & Warmer.

26. Personalized Husky Door Mat

A Personalized Husky Door Mat is an adorable way to be welcomed home by a Husky even without an actual Husky.

The floor mat allows you to add the name of the adorable Husky, aka, the boss of the house. 

Husky Glass Christmas Tree Ornament

27. Husky Xmas Ornament

The Husky Xmas Ornament is a great way to include the beloved pooch among Christmas tree ornaments to show just how much they are loved!

28. Wine Glass

This Wine Glass with unique frosted Husky design that is smooth and very detailed makes for a unique and personalized holiday gift that won’t make a dent in your wallet. If you’re gifting it to someone with a wine obsession, at least the glass will make it look pretty!

29. Wine Glass

Here’s another Christmas Tree Ornament that will help you put a part of your Husky up on the tree (if your Husky is nice enough to leave the tree alone). The ornament is also versatile as it comes with three kinds of lanyards, so it can be used for many purposes. 

30. Wall Art

Who doesn’t like a funky piece of décor, especially one that has a pic of a Husky on it? This Tin Wall Art gives a vintage look and makes a great addition on any wall. 

Husky Gifts For Huskies

Looking for a gift for your Husky? Check out this list:

Final Husky Gift Ideas

No matter what you pick, gifting anything Husky-themed to a Husky lover/ owner/ enthusiast is an incredible way to make their Holidays merrier. Make sure to find the perfect gift to match the sassiness of the Husky loving family.

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