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Best Tracking Device for Huskies 2024 (GPS Dog Trackers)

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Best Tracking Device For Huskies - Best GPS Dog Tracker
Best tracking device for huskies

The independent nature and adventurous spirit of a Siberian Husky both contribute to their charm and appeal, but these traits also can pose challenges when it comes to keeping them safe and secure. That’s where tracking/GPS devices come to the rescue!

In this article, we’ll explore top-notch tracking solutions tailored specifically for Huskies. Whether you’re a seasoned Husky owner or considering bringing one into your family, these cutting-edge devices will provide peace of mind while allowing your spirited furry friend to explore. Say goodbye to worries and hello to adventure with the best tracking device for Huskies by your side!

03/14/2024 11:26 pm GMT

Best GPS Tracking Devices for Huskies

1. Tractive GPS Tracker

I love that this GPS tracker not only lets you know exactly where your dog is but it also acts as a type of virtual fence. For example, you can mark safe zones, like your garden or backyard, and know the moment your dog crosses over the boundary – and when they come back safely.

Global Coverage and Reliable Tracking

In terms of tracking, Tractive GPS works by connecting to AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile towers. So, if you have these carriers in your area, you can be sure that Tractive will work great. Moreover, it is effective in over 175+ countries around the world, so there really is no limit to where you can take your pup and track his activities.

Long-lasting Battery and Activity Monitoring

Tractive GPS can have up to ten days of battery life depending on the usage and Wi-Fi signals. Most users report that the battery needs to be charged about once a week or so but that charging only takes an hour or two. Additionally, you can track your dog’s active time, rest periods, and the number of calories burned. You can set fitness goals and keep your buddy in great shape. To manage all these features, you just have to download the free Tractive GPS app for iOS and Android, or you can access them in any web browser.

Waterproof and Convenient Features

The GPS and collar are also 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about rain, splashing, or swimming. The light feature is great, so if you are looking for your dog at night, you can spot them more easily.

Subscription and Money-Back Guarantee

One caveat, however, is that while the device itself is quite affordable, you do have to purchase a subscription. To be billed monthly, it is about $13, but you can get the price as low as $6 per month when you purchase two years’ worth of the subscription. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With Tractive GPS, you can ensure your beloved companion’s safety while providing them the freedom to explore and play. Invest in the best tracking solution for your dog’s adventures today!



Long battery life 

Fast charging 

30-day money-back guarantee 

Connects via major cell phone carrier 


Occasional GPS interference can occur 

Subscription required 

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker - Waterproof, GPS Location & Smart Activity Tracker, Unlimited Range
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03/14/2024 11:26 pm GMT

2. Garmin Alpha Dog Tracker Device 

This is the tracking device I use for my dog. It is quite expensive, but one of the plus sides is that it is just a one-time purchase, and you don’t have to worry about purchasing any subscriptions or paying any monthly fees.

Fantastic Maps and Extensive Range

What I really like about this one, in particular, is that the maps they provide are fantastic. All the logging roads near me and the hiking and biking trails are mapped and labeled. It can track my dog as far as 9 miles away from me, and it updates every 2.5 seconds by using multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS and Galileo).

Monitor Multiple Dogs and User-Friendly Design

You can also set up and monitor up to 20 dogs with the purchase of additional trackers. The device features a sunlight-readable 3.5″ capacitive touchscreen display and a button-operated, dog-focused design for quick, minor adjustments.

Seamless Compatibility and Excellent Tracking Capabilities

It is compatible with the Garmin Explore website and smart device app to help you manage tracks, routes, and waypoints and review statistics from the field. I’ve found that this device’s accuracy and tracking capabilities are excellent, even when my dog and I are separated by heavy woods or hilly areas when we are hiking off-leash.

Long Battery Life and Training Features

The battery lasts up to 20 hours, so I just take the collar off every night before bed and charge it up for our adventures the next day. The device offers 18 levels of correction, including vibration and adjustable tones so that it can be used as a training collar and a tracking device. You can use this to train your dog in many ways, but I just use the beep or the tone option. If my dog is wandering too far from my property, I just give him a little beep, and he’ll make his way back home to see me!

A Word of Caution for Chewers

Although one thing I must mention for those of us with naughty puppies is that when my dog was in his chewing phase as a young pup, he decided it would be great fun to chew on the wire while he was wearing the collar! He chewed it down to about half its original size, but thankfully it still works just as well as before. That being said, keep that in mind if your dog is a chewer or in the chewing phase of growing up!


Highly accurate 

Beeps, vibrations, and corrections for training 

No subscription required 



Bulky collar and wire 

Garmin Alpha Dog Tracker Device, High-Sensitivity GPS, Multi-Dog Capabilities
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03/14/2024 11:51 pm GMT

3. Pawfit 3s GPS Tracker 

This GPS tracker is able to update your dog’s real-time position every 5 seconds, while the separate tracking light and alarm help you locate your dog in the dark. You can also set up a designated safety area, sort of like a virtual fence, that will alert you if your dog strays out of their designated area. It is also great for outdoor adventures since the Pawfit 3s dog GPS tracker can be submerged in water up to 9.8ft deep for up to 30 minutes.

Remote Control and Activity Monitoring

One really interesting thing about this tracker is that you can record five personal voice commands and train or call your dog from afar with the tracker’s speaker. You can also set personalized goals, monitor their steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and activity level.

Subscription Benefits and Warranty

This GPS tracker requires a subscription, but with the subscription, you can access GPS location tracking, activity & fitness monitoring, smart alerts, and more with 1, 6, 12, or 24-month options. You’ll also have access to their customer service team for any questions you may have, and they also offer an 18-month warranty.


18-month warranty 

Activity and fitness monitoring

Updates every 5 seconds


Subscription required

Pawfit 3s GPS Tracker for Dogs: IP68 Waterproof, Up to 30 Days Battery Life, Voice Recall, Unlimited Range
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03/14/2024 11:36 pm GMT

4. Jiobit Tracker

This Jiobit tracker uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to track your pet. You can also easily set up custom trusted places to be alerted when an area is entered or left. Additionally, you can also see your pet’s location history timeline. Another benefit is that it is also water-resistant, so it can withstand the elements.

Subscription and App Compatibility

The Jiobit tracker does require a subscription data plan to stay connected. They have an app that works for both Android and iOS. To activate, you just have to go into the app and choose between a monthly or annual plan. Jiobit also offers a one-year manufacturer-limited warranty.

Smart Battery Management

The Jiobit tracker has up to 10 days of battery life, depending on the usage, but most reviewers recommend charging it every evening. The tracker does try to save battery, though, when it can. For example, when the pet is within proximity of your phone, the Jiobit switches to power-saving Bluetooth technology. If the pet is in the same spot for a longer period of time, Jiobit will inform the app and it will stop sending updates until your pet moves again to save battery.

Virtual Fence and Notifications

The Jiobit tracker also has a feature that works like a virtual fence. If one of your fur babies goes outside the set area or they end up wandering too far from you, you are immediately notified through the app. You can ring their bells or set a Bluetooth alert in the app, and the JioBit will ring and let you know where your pet is at.

Customizable Wi-Fi Fence and Battery Alerts

The Wi-Fi fence is customizable, so it can be as close or as far as you would like it to be. It also sends you a notification when the battery needs to be charged. The tracker comes with a strong claw-like attachment to put the tracker on to collars or harnesses without it falling off.



Customizable fence area 

One-year limited warranty 

Power saving mode 


The device itself is pricey and still requires a paid subscription plan

Jiobit Gen 2 - GPS Tracker for Dogs
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03/17/2024 07:39 pm GMT

5. FitBark Tracking Device 

The FitBark device is a great tracking device that utilizes towers from service providers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, so you always have the best possible coverage. You can also set up Wi-Fi Safe places and get alerted when your pet leaves and returns to the set perimeter. Additionally, you can also review your pet’s location history.

Subscription and Money-Back Guarantee

FitBark does require a subscription and has monthly or multi-year plan options in their app starting from $5.95/month. Wi-Fi and mobile always-on location permission is required for the device to work properly. One benefit, though, is that you can try FitBark risk-free with their 30-day money-back guarantee on both tracker and subscription.

Comprehensive Health Tracking

Another feature that I like about FitBark is that it can track activity, sleep quality, distance, calorie balance, anxiety, skin conditions, and overall health & behavior 24/7. You can also set health goals according to your pet’s breed, age & weight categories. You can also add multiple pets and owners in their iOS & Android apps.

Lightweight and Waterproof Design

The device itself weighs only about half an ounce and fits comfortably for pets as small as 5 lbs. and most collars up to 1″ wide. It is also 100% waterproof. Another fun aspect about this device is that you can link it to your Apple Watch, Apple HealthKit, Fitbit, or Google Fit wearable device or smartphone, compare stats side by side, and start building healthy habits along with your pet!

Long-Lasting Battery

The battery lasts for quite a long time, depending on how much use it is getting. For example, if your pet is at home 24/7, the battery will last several weeks without a charge. If your pet is lost and you are tracking their location intermittently, it can last for up to ten days. And if you are live tracking, it will last for about 24 hours.


Long battery life

100% waterproof 

It also tracks activity, quality of sleep, calories, etc. 


Subscription required 

FitBark GPS Dog Tracker Gen 2
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03/15/2024 11:58 pm GMT

6. Link My Pet GPS Dog Tracker

The Link GPS Tracker is a smart dog collar attachment that allows you to track in real-time when your pet is away from you through the use of GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data. It currently only covers the US.

Built-in Training and Health Features

It also includes built-in tones and vibrations to help with training. Additionally, it also has a Link Health symptom analysis tool & built-in televet service that will help tell you if something’s wrong with your pup and what you need to do in real-time. It will even send you notifications if your pet’s ambient environment is too hot or cold!

Subscription Benefits and Membership Perks

A subscription is required, but with the subscription, you also get access to discounts, offers, and even free items for your pet through their Link Membership Perks Program. The cost for the subscription can be as low as about $7 dollars a month to about $10 a month, depending on the billing cycle you prefer.


24/7 televet access and health analysis tools 

30-day free trial 


Only available in the US 

Subscription required

Occasional GPS service interference 

Guide to Buying the Best Tracking Device for Huskies

Huskies are known for their adventurous spirit and love for exploring the outdoors. However, their wanderlust can sometimes lead to worrying situations, making it crucial for husky owners to invest in a reliable tracking device.

Below we will explore what tracking devices for dogs are, discuss the necessity of having one for a husky, and outline the key factors to consider when choosing the best tracking device for your furry companion.

What is a Tracking Device for Dogs?

A tracking device for dogs is a technological device that allows pet owners to monitor and track their canine’s location in real time. These devices use various technologies, such as GPS, cellular networks, Bluetooth, or a combination of these, to provide accurate location data. They typically come in the form of collars, tags, or GPS-enabled harnesses, allowing pet owners to keep a close eye on their huskies’ whereabouts at all times.

Is a Tracking Device Necessary for a Husky?

Huskies are known for their high energy levels, intelligence, and independent nature, which can make them prone to wandering off and exploring the surroundings. Despite being loyal, their strong prey drive may lead them astray, causing distress for both the pet and the owner.

A tracking device is, therefore, highly recommended for huskies, especially for those living in open or rural areas, where they have the freedom to roam. This device provides peace of mind, ensuring you can quickly locate your husky if they decide to venture too far.

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What to Look for in a Good Tracking Device

When selecting the best tracking device for huskies, keep the following factors in mind:

GPS Accuracy

Look for a device with highly accurate GPS tracking capabilities. The more precise the location data, the easier it will be to locate your husky quickly.

Range and Coverage

Consider the tracking device’s range and ensure it covers the areas your husky frequents. Some devices are limited to specific regions or have restricted tracking capabilities, so choose one that suits your needs.

Battery Life

Long-lasting battery life is crucial, especially for huskies that enjoy long outdoor adventures. Opt for a device with sufficient battery longevity to avoid losing track of your pet due to a drained battery.

Durability and Water Resistance

Huskies are active dogs, and they might encounter water or rough terrain during their adventures. Choose a tracking device that is durable and water-resistant to withstand their outdoor escapades.

Real-time Tracking and Alerts

Real-time tracking and instant alerts are invaluable features that allow you to respond promptly if your husky goes beyond predetermined boundaries or if the device detects unusual behavior.

User-Friendly App

A user-friendly app or interface makes it easier for you to monitor your husky’s location and set up geofencing boundaries.

Subscription Plans

Some tracking devices require subscription plans for accessing advanced features or cellular network services. Evaluate the subscription costs and features offered before making a decision.

Investing in a reliable tracking device is a responsible choice for any husky owner. These devices offer peace of mind by enabling real-time monitoring of your husky’s location and ensuring their safety during their adventures. By considering the factors outlined, you can confidently choose the best tracking device for your beloved husky and enjoy worry-free outdoor experiences together.


When it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of our beloved huskies, investing in a reliable GPS tracking device is undeniably a wise choice. The options reviewed in this article not only offer cutting-edge technology and accurate tracking capabilities but also cater to the specific needs and characteristics of huskies. From real-time tracking and virtual fencing features to durability and waterproof designs, these devices provide pet owners with invaluable peace of mind.

Whether it’s for adventurous huskies who love to roam or for extra precaution during unforeseen circumstances, these GPS tracking devices are an indispensable tool for any responsible pet owner. With the ability to monitor our huskies’ whereabouts at all times, we can forge stronger bonds and allow them to explore the world safely, making their experiences more enjoyable and worry-free.

How often does your husky escape?

Let us know in the comments below.

Further reading:

What is the best tracking device for huskies?

The best tracking device for huskies is a GPS tracker. It allows you to track your dog’s location in real-time using GPS satellites. We recommend the GPS trackers from Tractive and Garmin.

What is a GPS tracker?

A GPS tracker is a device that uses global positioning system (GPS) technology to determine the precise location of an object, in this case, your dog.

What are the benefits of using a GPS tracker for dogs?

Using a GPS tracker for dogs has several benefits. It allows you to track your dog’s location at any time, ensuring their safety. It can also help you find a lost dog by providing their exact location. Some GPS trackers also offer additional features like activity tracking and geofencing.

How does a GPS tracker for dogs work?

A GPS tracker for dogs works by using GPS satellites to determine the location of your dog. The tracker sends this information to your smartphone or a handheld device, allowing you to see your dog’s location on a map in real time.

Can I use a GPS tracker for my other pets?

Yes, you can use a GPS tracker for other pets like cats. However, make sure to choose a tracker specifically designed for the size and needs of your pet.

Do GPS trackers require a subscription fee?

Yes, some GPS trackers require a monthly subscription fee to cover the cost of cellular data and access to the tracking service. This fee allows you to use the features of the tracker and track your dog’s location.

Are there any handheld devices needed to use a GPS tracker?

Some GPS trackers require a handheld device to view the location of your dog. However, many trackers now offer smartphone apps that allow you to track your dog’s location directly on your phone.

How far can a GPS tracker track my dog?

The tracking range of a GPS tracker depends on the specific model and the surrounding environment. In general, most GPS trackers have a range of a few miles.

What are some popular GPS trackers for dogs?

Some popular GPS trackers for dogs include Tractive GPS, Garmin Alpha Dog Tracker, and the Pawfit 3s dog tracker. These trackers have been tested and reviewed by dog owners and are known for their reliability and accuracy.

Q: Can GPS trackers be used for other purposes?

A: Yes, GPS trackers can be used for other purposes like tracking luggage, vehicles, or even children. However, it’s important to choose a tracker that is specifically designed for the intended purpose to ensure accurate tracking.

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