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How We Review Products

How We Review Products
How we review products

We want to ensure the products we recommend will bring health and happiness to your Husky. Therefore, we perform extensive research on the products currently on the market. From there, we evaluate the best choices we find for your beloved pup.

There are many guidelines we follow in order to make the appropriate and optimal recommendations. 

Approval Ratings from regulated institutions 

It is imperative that the products we recommend have an added stamp of approval from regulatory authorities. There is a plethora of products on the market that are surprisingly not approved by all organizations. Therefore, we make sure the products we review meet requirements by the following establishments:  


The Food and Drug Administration regulates the manufacturing of pet food such as dog food, dog treats and cat food. Pet food products are not required to go through pre-market approval by the FDA. What the FDA does do is make sure the ingredients used in the pet food is safe and have the appropriate function.

The FDA requires pet food labeling must list certain percentages of named ingredients. It also must list certain percentages of named ingredients, the manufacturer’s name and address as well as feeding instructions based on the animal’s weight. 


The Association of American Feed Control Officials is a private non-profit corporation. It includes a process for defining ingredients used in animal feed and pet food. State agencies, federal agencies and industry develop a uniform language that states may adopt or reference in laws.


The United States Department of Agriculture inspects processing facilities and puts their stamp of approval on the use of human-grade ingredients such as meat. It is important to note your Husky’s first food ingredient must be protein processed in one of these facilities. Not to worry – we keep our eye on this for you! 


The Federal Trade Commission also regulates pet food labeling. This includes quantified health benefit claims on your dog food’s packaging. 


The Veterinary Oral Health Council exists to recognize products that meet pre-set standards of plaque and tartar in dogs and cats. VOHC is recognized worldwide. 

Potential Husky health issues

Every dog breed is potentially susceptible to specific health risks associated with their DNA origin. This of course includes the Husky breed. We take into account challenges your Husky may face when it comes to current or future health risks.

Some common health issues include hip dysplasia and eye disease. We recommend products that are beneficial to your Husky’s build and energy level as well as aid in the prevention of potential health issues. We conduct meticulous research to ensure your dog’s needs are met. 

How We Review Products - Husky Health Issues
Lexa keeping her teeth healthy!

Age of your Husky 

Your Husky has different requirements during their varying life stages. We review a different range of products such as supplements that provide nutritional assistances during these phases of life.   

Extensive research on the brand and product lines 

Not all brands have positive histories. During our research we make sure we are recommending strong brands who have not experienced recalls or FDA warnings. The same goes for any new brands on the market.

We extensively research the brand’s past to make sure they did not undergo any name changes to hide troublesome records. We also conduct comprehensive research to find any probable brand affiliations. 

Manufactured location 

All of the products we recommend are made in the USA. In particular, we like to make sure ingredients are sourced and processed in USDA approved facilities. 

Ingredients they are made with 

We make sure the products we recommend include human-grade ingredients packed with whole food nutrients. All are locally sourced in the USA. 

Customer Reviews 

We obsessively analyze the customer reviews on each and every product. This enables us to understand what experiences customers have had after using the products over time. We aim to recommend products that show improvements in your Husky’s health and happiness.

Therefore, we choose products that have been known to work and show these advancements. For example, if a particular supplement claims that you will see an improvement in your dog’s mobility, we like to make sure numerous customers actually did see such improvement in their much-loved pup. 

How We Review Products - Reviews
Reviews for MyOllie, one of our recommended dog food companies!

First hand product testing 

We are dog lovers with our own furry children in our homes. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when making our recommendations. What better way to review the absolute best products than to have our dogs try them themselves! We do not recommend any products we would not give to our own dogs and instead, review only the best ones we can find. 

A few things we do NOT do  

We do not take sponsorship fees. The products we recommend do not make our lists due to endorsements by those companies. All of our reviews are honest with the best intension for your Husky. 

We do not recommend products without our thorough research conducted. Lastly, we do not go against any veterinary advice. This means if medical professionals or health organizations do not recommend a product due to safety concerns, we do not suggest them!


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