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Are Huskies Good With Kids And Babies? (Safety Precautions)

Are Huskies Good With Kids And Babies?
Are huskies good with kids and babies?

If you have kids and you’re thinking about a husky for a family dog, or if you already have a husky but expecting a new baby, wondering “Are huskies good with kids and babies?” is essential.

It’s your responsibility as a parent and an owner to make sure the two are compatible.

Huskies are super friendly, highly-energetic dogs with a kind and sweet nature. They’re also rarely aggressive and can be cheeky at times, all of which make them fantastic family dogs.

But does this mean they can get along with young humans? This article covers this topic and shares tips for ensuring a great match!

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Are Huskies Good With Kids?

Yes, huskies are generally terrific with kids. Huskies love to make friends, and so do kids. Put the two together, and they’ll instantly become best friends who want to be together all day and night.

The right personality and temperament

The personality of a husky has all the right traits to help them get along with children and even be among the best companion dogs for your little one(s).

For one, huskies are grade-A pack animals. They’re fiercely loyal to their pack members, and they’ll extend the same courtesy to your kids once they meet them.

This is amazing for kids because they’ll gain a buddy that has their back forever! It’s also great for your peace of mind because your dog will watch out for them without being possessive.

Are Huskies Good With Kids?
Huskies are great with kids! Image from @summitscout1122

Lack of aggressive tendencies

Another trait that makes huskies good with kids is their lack of aggressive tendencies; it’s simply not in their ‘DNA’, despite being descendants of wolves.

A husky’s nature is laid back, playful, and friendly. This dog is so sociable and approachable that it makes for a terrible guard dog (unless being nice to intruders is the job description!). If you want use a husky as a guard dog, read this article – Are huskies good guard dogs?

Energy to match your kids

Additionally, huskies are great with kids because they’re quite an energetic breed.

Unlike most dog breeds, your husky can keep up with your kids and match their level of rowdiness. They’ll also do so without responding with aggression.

The two will have loads of fun together, and hopefully tire each other out for your sake!

Are Huskies Good With Babies?

Yes, huskies are generally awesome with babies. We all know babies are tiny and fragile, and the thought of having a large dog around them does seem alarming at first, but you have nothing to worry about as long as you’re there to supervise.

Personality and temperament

Are Huskies Good With Babies?
Huskies are great with babies! Image from @untethered_findyourfreedom

Just like with kids, the personality of a husky has some key traits that make it compatible with babies.

First of all, huskies are highly sociable pups. They’re very friendly and trusting of other people, even if they’ve never met them before.

As such, you won’t have any trouble getting your husky to accept the new baby as part of the family. It’ll happen before you know it!


Not to mention, huskies aren’t at all possessive. They aren’t particularly known for their protective instincts either. For more information, read our article – Are huskies protective?

Once again, these qualities are the reason huskies make for lousy guard dogs. However, they’re a huge plus for living with a baby.

Your husky won’t consider you a threat to the baby or see the baby as a threat to you (you know, with all of its crying).

This doesn’t mean that the husky won’t care for the baby or watch out for its safety.


Another trait that helps huskies get along with babies is their patience. As a breed, huskies are extremely tolerant and rarely become aggressive unless you provoke them non-stop. For more information, read our article – Are huskies aggressive?

These dogs can put up with the shenanigans of babies without getting worked up in the slightest. They can tell when a human is playing with them or trying to hurt them on purpose.


One more trait worth highlighting here is the intelligence of huskies.

These dogs can quickly realize that the new human is fragile by simply watching the way you interact with the baby. They’ll know to be careful with the baby and even slow down their pace in the baby’s general area.

Are Huskies Protective of Babies

Siberian huskies, like other dog breeds, can exhibit protective behavior towards babies and children. However, it’s important to note that each dog’s temperament and behavior can vary, and not all huskies may display the same level of protectiveness.

Huskies are generally known to be friendly, gentle, and sociable dogs. As mentioned, they are often good with children and can form strong bonds with their family members, including babies. However, it’s crucial to introduce any dog, including huskies, to babies or young children in a controlled and supervised manner to ensure the safety of both the child and the dog.

When it comes to protectiveness, huskies may not exhibit the same level of natural protective instincts as some other breeds that are bred specifically for guarding or protection. They are not typically known as aggressive or overly possessive dogs. However, individual huskies may develop a protective nature towards their human family members, including babies, through their bond and attachment.

How to Ensure a Good Relationship Between Huskies and Babies/Kids

Now that we’ve established that huskies are good with kids and babies, let’s discuss some important pointers to make the pairing as problem-free as possible:

How to introduce a baby to a husky

The foundation of a great husky-child/baby relationship is a proper introduction. In this aspect, you should implement a proactive approach.

When it comes to introducing your husky to a baby, you need to start the process gradually, weeks before the baby arrives.


  • Start by installing baby gates at least one month earlier to give your husky enough time to get used to them.
  • Spend a bit less time with your husky so they don’t associate the decreased attention with the baby.
  • You should also play some audio of babies crying, laughing, and generally interacting so your dog can easily adjust to the new sounds of life around the house.
  • Finally, add baby scents to the house, including baby oil, powder, food, and so on. Then, just before the baby comes home, bring your husky a piece of clothing with the baby’s scent.

Not only will this help build familiarity with the baby before a physical introduction, but your husky will also be calmer and not as curious at the first meeting.

For more tips about preparing your husky for a new baby, check out these tips from the ASPCA.

Training your husky and baby

It’s crucial to train both kids and huskies on how to interact with each other.

For children, set ground rules such as:

  • No trying to ride on the dog’s back
  • No pulling the dog’s ears or tail
  • No bothering the dog during mealtime
  • No poking the dog’s face

For your husky, obedience training and early socialization are critical.

They need to know you’re in charge and learn to follow commands such as down, stop, come, get off, and sit. Start by learning how to train a husky. This training will be handy when playing with kids.

Never resort to violence when training your husky. Patience and positive reinforcement are most effective.

Final Thoughts

So, are huskies good with kids and babies?

You bet! Huskies are terrific companions for kids and babies thanks to their friendly nature, intelligence, patience, and loyalty.

Do you have a husky and kids?

Share your experience in the comments below.

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Are Huskies Good Family Pets?

Yes, Huskies make great family pets. They are known for their loyalty and love for their owners. However, it’s important to remember that Huskies require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, so make sure your family is prepared to meet these needs.

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To help your kids and Husky get along, it’s essential to teach your kids how to interact with the dog politely. Teach them about proper handling, reading the dog’s body language, and respecting the dog’s space. Additionally, involve your children in the dog’s care and make them aware of the dog’s needs.

Can Huskies Get Along With Toddlers?

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What Should I Consider Before Getting a Husky?

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