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Can Huskies Eat Raw Meat? (Pros, Cons & Better Options)

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Can Huskies Eat Raw Meat?
Can huskies eat raw meat?

A common dilemma dog owners face while deciding which diet is best for their dog is whether they should opt for commercial food or raw meat. While most owners opt for the former fearing foodborne illnesses, others note that raw meat is equally safe and has benefits commercial food doesn’t offer. But can Huskies eat raw meat?

Yes, Huskies can eat raw meat. However, raw meat might not fulfill a Husky’s nutritional requirements on its own.

Read on to learn more about whether your Husky can eat raw meat, its pros and cons, a few common misconceptions, and how to switch your dog to a raw meat diet.

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Can Huskies Eat Raw Meat? The Question of Safety!

Any dog can eat raw meat, thanks to the animal’s dental anatomy, which includes canine teeth. However, you have to take precautions before feeding your Husky raw meat. It can contain bacteria that may be harmful to it, such as E.coli and Salmonella, so ensure the meat is safely sourced, stored, and prepared to minimize the risk of illness.

More than that, according to various studies, raw meat-based diets have been proven to result in some nutritional imbalances. The most common example is a deficiency in vitamins E and A, along with an imbalance in the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio.

However, the same could be said about highly processed commercial dog food that is void of nutrition and contains many chemical additives.

See our dog food recommendation below.

Additionally, dogs conditioned to eat commercial food may initially reject a raw meat diet, so you should consider your dog’s preferences and nutritional needs before making an abrupt change to its diet.

It’s best to research and consult a veterinarian or canine nutritionist to make an informed decision and keep your furry friend safe.

The Pros and Cons of Feeding Your Husky Raw Meat

Feeding your Husky raw meat comes with several advantages and disadvantages. Let’s outline them for you.


  • It’s high in protein, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and other beneficial nutrients for your dog’s health.
  • Huskies can gnaw on the bones to stimulate their saliva enzymes and scrape plaque and tartar off their teeth for better dental hygiene.
  • Meat is generally safe when prepared correctly. Commercial foods often contain preservative chemicals or ingredients your dog may be allergic to.
Benefits Of Raw Meat For Huskies
Huskies love the raw dog food diet! 🤤 Image from @susan_scorp


  • Raw meat, if not sourced and prepared safely, can carry bacteria and parasites harmful to your Huskies. It can also cross-contaminate foods in your kitchen and risk your health.
  • It’s much more challenging to balance your dog’s nutritional needs with a raw meat diet, especially if you use only one source of protein.
  • There’s the risk of bone fragments. Dogs can easily choke, suffer a blockage, or perforate their digestive system if they’re not careful.
  • Commercial food is cheaper while sourcing high-quality meat comes at a steep price.
  • It’s inconvenient. Preparing a raw meat diet for your dog takes longer and takes much more space in your freezer than commercial food.

How Can I Switch My Husky to a Raw Meat Diet?

To safely switch your Husky to a raw meat diet, it’s crucial to begin by consulting with your veterinarian or canine nutritionist. Ensuring that the diet is safe for your Husky and meets its nutritional needs is necessary for maintaining its health. You should also research dog nutrition and health to become better informed. Start by reading our guide to the best raw dog food for huskies.

Once your veterinarian agrees, you should follow a gradual transition to prevent health or behavioral issues. A sudden change in diet can cause discomfort in dogs, and they may even refuse to eat.

Start by incorporating small amounts of raw meat into your Husky’s regular diet and slowly increase the portion over time. That way, it’ll grow accustomed to raw meat and feel more comfortable switching from a commercial food diet.

How Can I Safely Feed My Husky Raw Meat?

Handling raw meat can pose a risk to you and your dog’s health if you’re not careful. Here’s what you should do:

How To Feed Huskies A Raw Meat Diet
Raw chicken + veggies! 😧 Image from @alisondiaryhusky
  • Clean every surface that comes into contact with raw meat with soap and water. This will prevent cross-contamination with your food.
  • Use quality ingredients and find a trustworthy butcher to get high-quality meat. This way, you’ll be less likely to come in contact with dangerous bacteria or parasites.
  • Freeze your meat to ensure it lasts longer and remains safe for consumption by killing off any harmful bacteria.
  • Balance your Husky’s diet. A single protein source can’t meet its nutritional needs, so include fruits, vegetables, and bones.

Note that bones have to be raw. Boiled bones are prone to splintering and could end up choking or harming your dog, so be careful!

You should also pay attention to your dog’s health. It’s best to consult with your veterinarian if you notice a decline in their health (weight loss, low energy levels, etc) or behavioral issues (lethargy, increased sleep, etc).

Common Raw Meat Misconceptions

We’d like to clear up a few common misconceptions about raw meat.

  • It isn’t always healthier. Meats come in many types, and their nutritional value varies greatly, so it’s necessary to diversify your dog’s diet by including organs and different types of meats.
  • Not all dogs can tolerate it. Sometimes, the only option is feeding them commercial food, and that’s okay. But only if the commercial food is quality food (see recommendation below).
  • It’s not a miracle cure for all husky health problems. If your dog has health issues, switching its diet isn’t the best option; consult with a veterinarian instead.

Feed Your Dog This Instead

Your Husky can eat raw meat using its canine teeth, but you have to introduce the meat gradually into its diet to avoid disrupting your dog’s routine. Also, raw meat can cause nutritional imbalances, and it isn’t always safe due to the risk of bacteria.

Ideally, your dog’s diet should be a combination of raw meat and commercial food, not meat only. And in all cases, you should consult your veterinarian before making drastic changes to your pet’s diet.

The best dog food for huskies is somewhere between raw meat and commercial dog food. We highly recommend Ollie. They create dog food from whole food ingredients (not highly processed ingredients), that are slow-cooked (not raw) for nutrition and flavor and then frozen for freshness.

Check them out below!

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