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Do Huskies Like To Sleep With Their Owners? (Should They?)

Do Huskies Like To Sleep With Their Owners?
Do huskies like to sleep with their owners?

Yes, most huskies like to sleep with their owners. They’re incredibly social, bubbly, and affectionate, and they don’t like to be separated from their owners even when it’s time to sleep.

However, that’s not always the case. Here’s everything you need to know about huskies sleeping with their owners.

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Do Huskies Like to Sleep With Their Owners?

Yes, most huskies like to sleep with their owners to feed their affectionate nature. It makes them feel better if they’re anxious, and they generally prefer staying close to their loved ones. Not to mention, some huskies are avid cuddlers! Sleeping with you is a good sign your husky loves you!

Huskies live in packs, so they’re used to socializing with family members, whether they’re two-legged or four-legged. If sleeping on your bed means they get to spend more time with you, they’ll happily do it.

However, huskies are also blessed with double coats, so they get hot easily when sharing a bed with someone. So, your dog may not be excited to share the bed after all. It depends on your dog’s personality and the room’s temperature.

Some dogs sleep with their owners only because the beds are more comfortable. If your dog doesn’t like his bed or finds it uncomfortable, chances are he’ll start looking for the next best thing, and more often than not, that’s your bed.

For some dogs, it’s more than general comfort. If your husky suffers from hip dysplasia, arthritis, or joint pain, he may not be able to lay on his own bed without feeling pain, so he’ll join you on the bigger, more comfortable bed.

Husky Sleeping With Owner
Awww, this husky loves sleeping with her owner! Image from @carrizog32

Is It Okay for My Husky to Sleep With Me?

It’s mostly okay for your husky to sleep with you, as long as you don’t mind some heat.

Sleeping in the same bed as your pet raises your feeling of security and eases your anxiety. That’s why husky service dogs often sleep on the same bed as anxiety or depression patients. 

It goes both ways too. Sleeping on your bed can ease separation anxiety in huskies. Although, sometimes it can be the cause, due to nonexistent boundaries.

That’s also why most dog owners welcome their dogs into their beds—because it makes them feel at ease and releases oxytocin, known as the love hormone.

However, letting your husky sleep with you isn’t always okay. There are a few things you should consider first.

Things to Consider Before Letting Your Husky Sleep With You

If you’re prone to allergies, it might not be a good idea to let your husky sleep in the same bed. It’s also best to sleep in separate beds if you’re bothered by the heat.

Once your dog gets used to the new sleeping arrangement, it’ll be hard to convince him to return to his bed. So, it’s better to act early if you’re not comfortable. 

Here are a few things to consider:


Huskies Cuddling On Bed
Please let us stay on the bed! Image from @little.miss.juneau

Some people are more prone to allergies than others, and some are more sensitive to the fur that the dog sheds. If you’re one of them, it’s better to keep your husky in a separate bed. Otherwise, you’ll be awake most of the night sneezing or removing fur from your pillow. FYI, huskies aren’t hypoallergenic!

Even if you don’t see it, huskies shed plenty of dander all day long, and it’s pretty much invisible except to mites. If it bothers you or irritates your airways, it’s better to either let the dog sleep in his bed or dedicate a space on your bed that’s slightly away from where you sleep. However, the dog will end up coming close anyways!

Possessive Aggression

Possessive aggression occurs when your dog feels possessive of something, like a toy or any item, and feels a fierce need to protect it. When anyone comes near this toy, the dog will start snarling, growling, and likely lunging at whoever coming close.

If your dog gets used to sleeping on your bed, he’ll start feeling possessive of it. You may notice him trying to take over your part of the bed, stretching his body where your legs usually stretch out. 

At some times, the dog may ditch his regular place at the end of the bed and sleep on your half. In this case, you’ll have to let your husky know his place on the bed using commands and treats for rewards.


Huskies are blessed with double coats, and while that comes in handy when they’re treading snowy areas, it can cause them to overheat if you’re not careful.

If your room’s temperature is high, there’s a chance he’ll overheat due to the lack of airflow.

Dogs are generally capable of regulating their body temperature, but they need proper airflow to do so. If your husky feels too hot during the night, he’ll keep wriggling trying to get comfortable, and probably wake you up in the process.

That’s why it’s often better to let huskies sleep alone, especially during summer. Or, if you want your dog to keep sleeping close to you, you can keep the room’s door open at night. That way, he’ll be able to leave the room if he’s uncomfortable with the heat.


Most dog owners overlook their own comfort when it comes to their dogs, but if you’re not sleeping well, it’ll reflect on the quality of your daily life. If you’re used to sleeping alone, you may be uncomfortable sleeping next to your husky, especially since huskies are bigger than your average dog breed.

Besides, your dog may move a lot during the night or make noises, which can be bothersome if you’re a light sleeper.

Before letting your husky share your bed, consider your own comfort because once he gets a taste of it, it’ll be a pain to get him back to his own bed!

Why Does My Husky Sleep So Much?

Huskies are known for their lively demeanor, but they’re also champion sleepers. Several reasons contribute to their snooze-heavy behavior:

  1. Natural Patterns: Huskies have a polyphasic sleep cycle, with multiple short naps day and night. This might make it seem like they’re sleeping a lot, but it’s their normal rhythm.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Despite their energy, huskies can conserve it efficiently. After physical activity, they need longer rest to recover.
  3. Temperature Regulation: Their double coat insulates against cold but can lead to overheating. They might sleep more in warmer weather to stay cool.
  4. Age and Growth: Puppies need more sleep for growth. Adult huskies sleep less.
  5. Mental Stimulation: Boredom leads to more sleep. Engage them with puzzles and activities.
  6. Health: Increased sleep can signal health issues. Consult a vet for sudden changes.
  7. Routine Comfort: Huskies thrive on routine. A comfy spot and consistent routine encourage more rest.

In short, huskies’ sleepiness is often tied to their natural cycle, energy use, and need for mental stimulation. Maintain a balanced routine and consult a vet if their sleep patterns change abruptly.

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The Verdict: Do Huskies Like to Sleep With Their Owners?

Most huskies like to sleep with their owners, but they may get uncomfortable if the temperature is too high. Some dogs also prefer to sleep alone; it entirely depends on your dog’s personality.

Generally, it’s better to try to sleep with your husky once before making it a habit. You may find yourself uncomfortable with the heavyweight sleeping next to you, and if you’re prone to allergies, the dog’s fur may trigger them.

Do you sleep with your husky or know someone who does?

Let us know in the comments below!

If your husky doesn’t sleep with you, make sure they have the best dog bed for huskies.


Do Huskies Like To Sleep With Their Owners?

It depends on the individual dog and their behavior. Some Huskies may enjoy sleeping with their owners while others may prefer to sleep on the floor or a designated spot in the bedroom.

Should Huskies Sleep in Bed With You?

This is a personal decision that owners must make based on their own preferences and their Husky’s behavior. There are pros and cons to both options, including the potential for Husky hair on the bed and the benefits of cuddling and warmth.

Will a Husky Sleeping in Bed Cause Behavioral Issues?

It is possible for a Husky to develop behavioral issues if they are allowed to sleep in bed with their owners. Resource guarding and separation anxiety are potential issues, but they are not always a guarantee.

Is It Bad for Huskies to Sleep With Their Owners?

It is not necessarily bad for Huskies to sleep with their owners, but it is important to handle it appropriately and consider whether it is a good idea for your specific dog.

How can I keep my husky comfortable and prevent any potential sleep disturbances when they sleep on the bed with me?

To keep your husky comfortable while sleeping on the bed, consider using a dog bed or a designated sleeping area with a comfortable blanket or bedding. Regular grooming and brushing can help minimize shedding or dirt on the bed. Additionally, ensure your husky gets enough exercise and mental stimulation during the day to promote better sleep quality at night.

What Are the Benefits of Huskies Sleeping With Their Owners?

The benefits of Huskies sleeping with their owners include increased bonding and cuddling time, warmth for the dog, and potentially helping ease separation anxiety.

What Are the Cons of Huskies Sleeping With Their Owners?

The cons of Huskies sleeping with their owners include the potential for dog hair on the bed and the possibility of developing behavioral issues such as resource guarding and separation anxiety.

Can a Husky Sleep on the Floor Instead?

Yes, a Husky can sleep on the floor or in a designated spot in the bedroom if their owner prefers.

Why Do Some Huskies Curl Up When They Sleep?

Huskies are bred to work in cold environments and they have a natural instinct to conserve warmth. Curling up into a ball is a way to reduce surface area and retain heat.

Should You Cuddle With Your Husky Throughout the Day?

It is beneficial for owners to spend time cuddling with their Husky throughout the day to increase bonding and promote relaxation.

Are Huskies More Likely to Sleep in Bed With You if They Are a Puppy?

Husky puppies may be more likely to sleep in bed with their owners as they are still developing their behavior and may be seeking warmth and comfort. However, it is important to establish firm boundaries if you don’t want your adult Husky to sleep in bed with you.

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