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How Do Huskies See The World? (Huskies vs Humans)

How Do Huskies See The World?
How do Huskies see the world?

Have you ever wondered how huskies see the world? Or how dogs in general see the world? It’s a question that has long fascinated scientists, and one that continues to be studied today.

Huskies are a breed of dog known for their striking blue eyes. But what does their vision look like? What does life look like through a husky’s eyes? And how does it compare to humans?

In this article, we will take a closer look at husky vision and explore how they see the world around them!

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1. They see the world through their sense of smell (not just their eyes)

For most humans, our sight is generally the strongest sense sending signals to our brain which then creates a picture of what we perceive as reality.

However, the image your husky has of the world around them is also affected by their sense of smell. Maybe this is why they love sniffing everything!? It helps them form a picture of what is around them.

P.S. Isn’t it interesting to think that what we see around us isn’t actually there? It’s just an image in our brain telling us what should be there… Which makes you wonder if we are all seeing the same thing or do some of our brains perceive objects in slightly different ways?

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How Do Huskies See The World - Through Their Sense Of Smell
Hmmm, this smells good! 🌼 Image from @kiasillai

2. They see less colors than humans

Unlike humans, huskies have dichromatic vision. This means their eyes contain two types of photoreceptors which can detect two primary colors: blue and yellow. For this reason, they don’t see the entire range of colors that humans do and are unable to distinguish between some shades of green and red.

However, a husky’s vision isn’t completely colorless. They can still see blues, yellows and other shades which to them appear more vibrant than they do to humans.

Are Huskies color blind?

No, Huskies are not color blind. Huskies have dichromatic vision, which means they see with two primary colors (blue and yellow) instead of 3 primary colors like humans (red, green and blue).

Can Huskies see color?

Yes, due to their dichromatic vision, Huskies can see two primary colors; blue and yellow.

3. They have a better night vision

Huskies are able to detect light at a lower intensity than humans, giving them an advantage in low-light conditions. This gives huskies an edge when it comes to hunting and tracking, as they can spot prey more easily in the dark.

It also means that their eyes don’t need to adjust as quickly when transitioning from bright light to dim light, allowing them to see better at night than humans.

Can Huskies see in the dark?

Yes, Huskies can see in the dark. They are able to detect light in low-light conditions much better than humans. They effectively have night vision goggles!

4. They have less visual acuity than humans

Visual acuity is the ability to discern fine details from a distance. Huskies do not have as good of visual acuity as humans, meaning that objects, regardless of distance, appear more blurry and indistinct than they would for humans.

However, keep in mind that their sense of smell forms a slightly different picture in their mind than ours. So it’s entirely possible that the image in their head is actually a different kind of resolution…

5. They are more sensitive to flickering lights

Huskies are more sensitive to flickering lights than humans. This means that they may become agitated or disoriented when exposed to flickering lights such as those from TV screens, computer monitors or lights that run on alternating current (AC).

How Do Huskies See The World - They Are More Sensitive To Flickering Lights
No more TV! 😂 Image from @mo_husky

6. They can see and understand 2D images. e.g. photos.

Huskies are also able to understand 2D images, and can easily recognize a photo as an image of something they know – such as their owner or another dog.

This is because their vision works similarly to that of humans. They have rods and cones in their eyes which help them detect light and color, just like our own eyes do. This enables them to distinguish objects from one another even if those objects are presented in two dimensions on a photograph or TV screen.

Final Thoughts About How Huskies See The World

Overall, Huskies have a slightly different view of the world than humans due to their dichromatic vision, better night vision, and decreased visual acuity. However, they still retain many abilities that are similar to humans including an understanding of 2D images and an incredible sense of smell.

So next time you look into your husky’s deep blue eyes remember that what they see isn’t necessarily what we do!

How do you think your husky sees the world?

Comment below!

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