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How To Tire Out A Husky (10 Proven Methods)

How To Tire Out A Husky
How to tire out a husky!

Due to their history as sled dogs, Huskies are a highly energetic breed that doesn’t tire out easily. They need regular physical and mental stimulation. If not given, they can turn destructive and wreak havoc on your house. So how can you tire out a husky?

A few ways that are proven to be successful include:

  • Exercise like running, hiking and swimming
  • Physical activity through play like fetch and tug of war
  • Mental stimulation through enrichment toys and games like hide and seek
  • Socialisation through dog parks and doggy daycare centres

These activities can help drain your dog’s energy while giving you time to charge up yours!

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10 Proven Methods To Tire Out A Husky

Here’s a list of all the ways you can tire your husky out!

1. Go for a run together

Leisure strolls aren’t enough to tire a husky out. Such an energetic dog needs a physically demanding activity, like running. One of the easiest ways to drain a husky’s energy is to take them running for a few miles. The amount of exercise your husky needs will vary depending on their age and health.

The activity will also strengthen your dog’s muscles and improve your bond, as you’ll spend more time together. However, you should know that Huskies don’t do well with running in the summer. Their thick fur might cause them to overheat, so only run in the cold weather.

It’s ok to run them during summer, just do it during the early hours when it’s still cool. If you’re worried about the hot weather, make sure you know how to keep a husky cool in summer.

Also, if your husky isn’t well trained, i.e. running with them off-lead can be very risky and might end up with you chasing an insanely quick ball of fur for more than an hour. 😂

Even if they are well trained, we don’t recommend taking them for a run off-lead unless it’s far away from traffic. e.g. along the beach, around an oval, through a park, etc. Just make sure they have a quality harness and lead made for running!

So, if you like the idea of running together, make sure you know how to run with a husky.

How To Tire Out A Husky - Running
Now that is a clever way to take your husky for a run! 👏 Image from @carlosv81

2. Take them on a hike

Going on hikes with your husky is an ideal way to spend some leisure time outdoors and tire them out. Hikes can present many mental and physical stimulations for your dog, like smelling new scents, climbing steep terrains, listening to new sounds, and much more.

Not to mention, Huskies are one of the few dog breeds that can withstand challenging hikes till the end! 💪

If you’re up for this activity, use a dog GPS tracker and take the appropriate equipment to avoid losing your dog in the wild. Also, choose moderate to difficult terrain to ensure your husky comes back exhausted.

3. Take them swimming

Yes, Huskies can swim! Swimming is a perfect energy-draining activity for a hot summer day. It’ll refreshen your husky and give them a good time paddling around in the water.

Even better, you can combine the swimming activity with a fetching game for extra fun. But don’t throw the ball too far into the water if you are at the beach.

If you don’t have a lake or a beach nearby where your husky can swim freely, you could invest in a swimming pool for your house.

4. Get them jumping!

Jumping is not just an enjoyable activity, but it’s also beneficial and exhausting, which is what your husky needs. It can strengthen your husky’s muscles, improve their agility, and drain their energy, all in a short period of time.

You can train your husky to jump by buying hurdles and setting them up in your backyard. You can also set up a platform for them to jump up onto. They will jump up onto anything for a treat!

Nevertheless, jumping too high can cause injuries, so don’t push your husky to crazy limits. Also, always start with small jumps to give your dog time to adapt to new heights.

How To Tire Out A Husky - Jumping
Now that is a big hurdle! 😯 Image from @aiyanathehusky

5. Play fetch

Fetch is a simple game you can probably teach your husky in a day, no matter how stubborn or independent they are.

We never thought out husky Lexa would play fetch, but she learned. The key was being interested in the ball or item you are throwing. If you run after it, they will want to run after it. You kinda have to teach them to fetch by fetching the ball yourself. 😂

You can use a frisbee or a ball, and make sure to react positively with big energy whenever your husky comes back with it so that they know they did well. It’s like positive reinforcement, but for games instead of being obedient.

The game is a decent alternative to running, as it’ll make your dog run while also training their coordination. And as a bonus point, you won’t have to run along with them.

6. Play tug of war

Playing tug-of-war with your husky can be a great way to provide them with both physical and mental exercise. Huskies are known for their strong jaws and love for play, and tug-of-war is a game that can satisfy both of those needs.

To play tug-of-war with your husky, you will need a sturdy rope toy or other tug toy that is made specifically for dogs. It’s important to use a toy that is designed for dogs to prevent any injuries or damage to their teeth. You should also make sure that the toy is large enough for your husky to grab onto without accidentally biting your hand.

When playing tug-of-war, it’s important to remember that huskies are strong dogs, and you should avoid pulling too hard against them. Pulling too hard can damage their teeth or cause them to pull a muscle. Instead, let your husky pull against you and work on controlling the toy. This will provide them with a mental challenge as well as a physical one, helping to tire them out.

It’s also important to set clear rules for playing tug-of-war with your husky. For example, you should teach them to release the toy on command and to not bite or nip at your hands during play. This will help to prevent any accidents or injuries.

How To Tire Out A Husky - Tug Of War
I wonder who’s winning the tug-of-war! Image from @om_and_riv

7. Play a game of hide and seek

Playing hide and seek isn’t only a great physical activity, but it’s also mentally demanding. Your husky will have to think of places you are hiding in and use its nose to track your scent. After a while, the game will drain your dog’s energy and give you a bit of peace.

You can play hide and seek in your house if it’s big enough or in a park where there are a lot of trees you can hide behind. In the latter case, and only if your husky is extremely well trained, use a dog GPS collar to ensure your husky doesn’t get lost while looking for you.

If not well trained, have a partner hold them on a lead instructing them to sniff you out. Have your partner say things like ‘where is she!’ in a high pitched tone to get them excited and curious about where you are.

8. Use brain training and enrichment toys

Enrichment toys are designed to provide mental stimulation for dogs, and they can be an excellent way to tire out a husky. These types of toys are designed to challenge a dog’s problem-solving skills and keep them mentally engaged, which can be just as tiring as physical exercise.

One type of enrichment toy that is particularly effective for huskies is a puzzle toy that dispenses treats. These toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all work in a similar way. The dog must figure out how to manipulate the toy to get to the treat inside.

To use a puzzle toy with your husky, you’ll first need to choose the right one.

Here are some tips to choosing the right puzzle toy:

  • Look for a toy that is durable and can withstand a husky’s strong jaws
  • You should also choose a toy that is appropriately challenging for your dog’s skill level
  • If the toy is too easy, your husky will lose interest quickly
  • If it’s too difficult, they may become frustrated and give up

Once you have the right puzzle toy, you can fill it with treats and give it to your husky to play with. Watch as they try to figure out how to get to the treats inside, and offer encouragement and guidance as needed. As they play with the toy, they will be using their problem-solving skills, which can be mentally tiring.

How To Tire Out A Husky - Puzzle Toys
Just doing some brain training! 🧠 Image from @thesweetlifeofmydogs

9. Take them to a dog park

Taking your husky to a dog park can be a great way to provide them with physical exercise and tire them out. Dog parks are designed specifically for dogs to play and socialize in a safe and secure environment.

Most dog parks have large, open spaces where dogs can run and play freely. This gives your husky plenty of room to run and burn off excess energy. Huskies are known for their high energy levels, so a large space to run around and play is essential.

Dog parks are also great places for your husky to socialize and make new friends. Dogs are social creatures, and they love to play and interact with other dogs. Meeting and playing with new dogs can provide mental stimulation and tire them out.

Dog park safety

It’s important to make sure that the dog park you’re visiting is fenced and secure. Huskies are escape artists and can easily jump over or dig under fences if they are not tall or deep enough. A fenced dog park ensures that your husky can run and play safely without the risk of escaping. Although they will likely be too busy playing with other dogs!

When visiting a dog park, it’s important to supervise your husky at all times. Make sure they are playing nicely with other dogs and not getting too rough. You should also bring plenty of water for your husky to stay hydrated (if the dog park doesn’t have water), especially if you’re visiting on a hot day.

How To Tire Out A Husky - Dog Park
So much mental stimulation they can’t even move! 😂 Image from @huskie_trouble

10. Take them to a doggy daycare

Taking your husky to a doggy daycare center can be another excellent way to tire them out both mentally and physically. Doggy daycare centers usually offer a variety of activities and opportunities for your husky to play, socialize and exercise.

Doggy daycare centers typically have large, open play areas where dogs can run, jump, and play with other dogs. These play areas provide plenty of space for your husky to burn off excess energy and get the exercise they need to stay healthy.

Doggy daycare centers also often have structured activities and playtime sessions. These activities can include games of fetch, obstacle courses, and other forms of exercise that can help tire out your husky both physically and mentally.

In addition to physical exercise, doggy daycare centers also provide opportunities for socialization. Dogs are social creatures and enjoy interacting with other dogs and people. Socializing with other dogs can provide mental stimulation for your husky and help tire them out.

Benefits of Tiring Out Your Husky

Some of the benefits of tiring out a husky include:

Final Thoughts: Which Method Will You Choose?

Huskies are in constant need of physical and mental stimulation as a result of their genetically high energy. 

To tire your husky out and prevent them from going into a destructive mode, you can take them on a run, hike, or swim. Or if they are in a playing playing mood, you can try a game of hide and seek, fetch, jumping or tug-of war.

These activities are equally successful in draining a dog’s energy and entertaining them. Just make sure not to overdo them to avoid injuries!

What do you do to tire out your husky?

Share your methods in the comments below.

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