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Husky American Eskimo Mix (Huskimo): Owner’s Guide

Husky American Eskimo Mix - Huskimo - Owner's Guide
Husky American Eskimo Mix aka Huskimo Owner’s Guide

The Huskimo is a unique mixed breed that is the result of combining the Siberian Husky with the American Eskimo.

Huskimos take the best traits of the Husky and American Eskimo and are outgoing and friendly as well as energetic and playful.

They are loving and loyal companions who are perfect for families who love to be active. 

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Husky American Eskimo Mix Traits & Characteristics 

  • Energetic 
  • Fun-loving 
  • Social
  • Family-friendly 

Traits Summary Table

TraitsHusky American Eskimo Mix
Eye ColorDark to medium brown, blue and amber
Coat ColorGray and white, sable and white, black and white, red and white, black and agouti, white and white biscuit
SheddingLOADS of shedding!
Height (standard)15 to 20 inches tall
Weight30 to 50 pounds
TemperamentFun loving, social and highly energetic
Lifespan12 to 15 years
IntelligenceAbove average intelligence
Physical ActivityVery active!
Good With Kids?Great with kids
PROSFamily-friendly, playful, energetic and loving
CONSHyper, stubborn, shedding


The Huskimo looks much like a Siberian Husky but in a more compact frame. It has straight, triangular ears that may have little tufts of fur growing around the base. 


The breed standard for a purebred American Eskimo is always an entirely white or with a white biscuit cream color to the coat.

Siberian Huskies have a much wider range of colors and markings for their breed standard, including gray and white, sable and white, black and white, red and white, and black and agouti.

A Huskimo will often inherit the colors of the Husky parent, but some may retain the all-white trait from the American Eskimo parent.

Their eyes may be dark to medium brown or shades of blue or amber. Or they may just have two different eye colors! 

Huskimo Color
This Husky American Eskimo Mix is showing of the famous Husky black and white colors! Image from @alfiethespitzky

Coat & Shedding 

The Huskimo is a double-coated dog with a short, dense undercoat. Depending on what the Huskimo inherits, its top coat may be medium length like the husky or long straight outer coat like the American Eskimo.

Regardless of whether a Huskimo inherits a medium-length coat or a longer coat, you can be sure that the dog will shed! They usually shed lightly year-round but will shed their undercoat heavily once or twice a year. 


The Siberian Husky stands between 20 and 23.5 inches tall and weighs between 35 and 60 pounds, with the females typically being on the shorter and lighter side of the spectrum.

The American Eskimo is classified into three different size categories:

  1. Toy American Eskimo: for the toy category, American Eskimos stand at 9 to 12 inches and weigh between 6 and 10 pounds.
  2. Miniature American Eskimo: in the miniature category, they stand at 12 to 15 inches and weigh between 10 and 20 pounds.
  3. Standard American Eskimo: and for the standard category, they stand between 15 and 19 inches and weigh between 25 and 35 pounds.

Assuming the Siberian Husky is bred with a standard American Eskimo, a Huskimo offspring will likely stand between 15 and 20 inches tall and weigh between 30 and 50 pounds. 

Huskimo Size
This is Harley the Huskimo from 2 months to 5 months! 😍 Image from @harley_the_huskimo

Temperament & Personality 

Huskimos are fun-loving, social, and highly energetic dogs. They have all the best qualities of the Siberian Husky and the American Eskimo.

However, they do also have some of their less desirable qualities, like their stubbornness. Nonetheless, it sure keeps life with them interesting!

While they are quite friendly dogs, they like to act as watchdogs for their families. They are known to give some warning barks to let their family know about any stranger that may be approaching the house. But all they do is let you know since they are not known to be aggressive or threatening to strangers. 


Huskimos come from dogs that, with proper love and care are known to live long, healthy lives. A Siberian Husky’s lifespan is typically between 12 and 14 years. An American Eskimo’s lifespan is between 13 and 15 years.

A Huskimo’s lifespan, on average, will likely be somewhere between 12 and 15 years.

Further reading: How old is my Husky in humans years?  


Both the Siberian Husky and the American Eskimo are known to be intelligent breeds. Their intelligence, of course, can also be influenced by training and socialization.

Despite being a bit stubborn, Huskimos are known to be quick learners and easy to train once you find what motivates them. With consistent training, these smart pups will become well-behaved family members. 

Huskimo Intelligence
‘That doesn’t look like me… I’m way smarter, cooler and better looking!’ 😂 Image from @keiki_the_cloud

Activity Level 

Huskimos are incredibly active and energetic dogs. They love to keep busy with physical activities like going for walks or runs or having play sessions like chase, fetch, or hide and seek. They also love to learn new things and play with puzzle toys or do other enriching activities. 

Are Husky American Eskimo Mixes Good With Kids?

Huskimos are excellent family dogs and typically get along great with children. The only thing to consider is that since they can be rather hyper, they might accidentally bump into little ones when they get the zoomies! 

Speed, Strength & Endurance 

Both parent breeds of the Huskimo are incredibly athletic and energetic working dogs. As such, it is natural that the Huskimo would have all of their best qualities, including speed, strength, and endurance!

Huskies were bred especially to be fast and to be able to travel and haul goods long distances. American Eskimos performed and worked tirelessly for their humans, whether in the circus or on the farms of the Midwest, both of which surely required speed, strength, and endurance. 


Huskimos are very energetic and playful dogs, and they are also quite smart. As such, they can get into trouble by means of trying to be escape artists, digging for lost treasure, and eating the furniture. But with proper training, exercise, and with enriching activities, Huskimos will be perfectly respectable canine citizens.  

For more info, visit our Husky Behavior hub. 

Huskimo Behavior
Give me attention please! 🥰 Image from @stormthehuskimodog

History & Origin of the Husky American Eskimo Mix

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies can trace their lineage back to nearly 4,000 years ago in northern Siberia. Here they developed under the Chukchi people, who used them as a means to help transport food and other goods with sleds.

These dogs also provided companionship and would even cuddle up with their people to keep each other warm at night! Later on, around the 1800s, the Siberian Husky was introduced to the rest of the world and quickly grew in popularity from there. 

American Eskimo

The American Eskimo has quite an interesting history. Their closest ancestors are known to be the Nordic breed known as the German Spitz, which was used by European families as all-purpose farm dogs. In the 1800s, a wave of German farmers made their way to the Midwest of the United States and brought their handy farm dogs with them! 

Eventually, these pups made their way into show business by joining the circus! They were intelligent, eager to please, agile, and beautiful, making them the perfect circus dog.

One of the most famous dogs in America in the 1930s was an American Eskimo by the name of Pierre, who could walk the tightrope for the Barnum & Bailey Circus! They have mostly retired from show business and now are loving and fun family dogs. 

Husky American Eskimo Mix

It has only been in more recent years that Siberian Huskies and American Eskimos have been purposefully bred together. Despite their striking looks and loving, energetic personalities, Huskimos still aren’t altogether common.

In some cases, they are purposefully bred together by a breeder to create a dog with the best qualities of both the American Eskimo breed and the Siberian Husky breed.

In other cases, Huskimo puppies are the result of accidental litters that occur from dogs that haven’t been spayed or neutered. These dogs that are the result of accidental breeding, unfortunately, sometimes end up in shelters or rescues. 

Huskimo Dog
This is Ella, a beautiful Huskimo dog with her lovely owner! 😍 Image from @ella_the_husky

How to Take Care of a Husky American Eskimo Mix 


Huskimos need a well-balanced diet to truly thrive. They do best with a high-quality dog food diet made up of whole ingredients like beef, fish, or poultry like chicken or turkey.

It is also important for them to get some healthy fats in their diets, like those that come from certain animal fats and oils, to provide them with the energy that they need.

Huskimos typically eat about 1 to 2 cups of food a day, but it is always best to refer to your Huskimo’s dog food for specific feeding instructions. 

For more info about nutrition, visit our Husky Nutrition hub.


Thanks to the high energy and athleticism of their parent breeds, Huskimos are dogs that require quite a bit of exercise to keep them happy and in good shape.

They will need at least an hour of daily physical activity like going for a walk or a run.

Additionally, an energetic play session, like tossing a ball around or playing with a Frisbee, will also help keep them in good shape.

These dogs also greatly benefit when they get to go fast! Most would love the chance to run alongside you on a bicycle or on your rollerblades so they can go as fast as they really desire.

Additionally, playing and roughhousing with other dogs, whether it be at home or at doggie daycare, can also be an excellent way for your pooch to get its exercise and activity needs met. 

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Huskimo Exercise
This is Blu, a cute Huskimo getting a treat after going for walkies! Image from @blue_thehuskimo


Because both breeds shed heavily, frequent brushing will be important to reduce shedding as well as keep tangles and mats at bay.

This breed also is known to “blow its coat” or, in other words, shed extensively to get rid of their undercoat in preparation for the new fall or spring season. During this time, they will require extra brushing to keep your house from looking like a winter wonderland with all that fur!

Generally speaking, they need a good brushing one or two times a week. However, more brushing is always good. A comb or slicker brush usually works best. But some people find that deshedding rakes or combs work especially well.

This breed can also benefit from baths every once in a while, to keep them feeling fresh and looking clean! 


Siberian Huskies and American Eskimos are both intelligent breeds, so a mix between the two is usually fairly easy to train as well, aside from their propensity for stubbornness!

The best thing to do is to start training as early as possible so they can learn and develop good habits from an early age.

Also, be sure to use positive reinforcement and find out what really gets your Huskimo extra excited and motivated. Maybe they are obsessed with a certain treat you bought them. Use that treat for training, and they’ll be sure to forget all about being stubborn and instead do whatever it is you ask of them.

Also, there are tons of resources out there, including professional trainers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you and your Huskimo are struggling with a certain part of training. 

For more info about training, visit our Husky Training hub.

Huskimo Training
Just a couple Huskimos in training! Image from @mothehuskimo

Huskimo Puppies 

Puppies are, without a doubt, one of the best parts of owning a dog. Who doesn’t love puppies!? 🥰

While they can be very demanding and exhausting to take care of, having a well-trained, loving, and loyal family dog, in the end, is so worth it. And the cuteness of these puppies certainly doesn’t hurt!

Keep to a regular schedule for the sake of potty training and start training early to set a Huskimo puppy up for a life of success. Puppies are never too young to start learning. So long as they get plenty of naps for all that brain power they use! 

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General Health

Siberian Huskies and American Eskimos are both generally healthy dogs, as can be seen by their long life expectancy. However, they do both have certain potential health concerns that they may face that can be passed down to a Huskimo.

Huskies and American Eskimos both, for example, are more likely than some other breeds to experience things like hip dysplasia or eye concerns like cataracts or progressive retinal atrophy.

However, going to your veterinarian for regular check-ups, recommended vaccinations, and preventative treatments can help keep these dogs in tip-top shape.  

For more info about about health, visit our Husky Health hub.

Huskimo Health
Happy Huskimos are healthy Huskimos! 😀 Image from @mothehuskimo

Husky American Eskimo Mix Price

As mentioned, Huskimos are not seen often, so it can be a bit unpredictable in regards to how much one might cost.

However, you can currently buy male and female Huskimos for ~$500 from LancasterPuppies.com! This price probably won’t last though.

If the result of an accidental litter, a Huskimo may cost less. Typically, accidental litter puppies only cost as much as is needed to pay for the unexpected veterinary expenses of the puppies and mother, so somewhere around $100 or $200 a pup.

Additionally, the price will also be less if adopting a puppy or an adult from a rescue or a shelter. 

For info about the maintenance cost of Huskies, visit our Husky Price hub.

Huskimo Pros & Cons 

Pros: Family-friendly, playful, energetic and loving

Cons: Hyper, stubborn, shedding 

Husky American Eskimo Mix Alternatives

Here are some similar looking Husky mix alternatives:


Huskimos are an interesting Husky mixed breed that make for wonderful dogs for people and families who love to have fun and be active. So long as they don’t mind a little bit of shedding! 

Do you have a Husky American Eskimo Mix?

Share your experience in the comments section below.

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