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Husky Paws: Traits, Facts, Problems & How To Care For Them

Husky Paws
Husky Paws Care Guide

Siberian Huskies are a dog breed well known for their unique and intimidating appearance, as they have a thick coat of fur, piercing eyes, and curly tails.

They’re also infamous for their Husky paws, which tend to be larger in size than many other dog breeds! Some say this is because Huskies are descendants of wolves.

That said, big paws mean regular maintenance so that your dog stays clean and well-groomed. This article gives you valuable tips and tricks on how to groom your husky and take care of your Husky’s paws. 

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What Do Husky Paws Look Like?

Husky paws are known for being enormous when compared to their bodies, especially when they’re small puppies. A common belief among dog enthusiasts is that the bigger a Husky puppy’s feet are, the larger and taller it will be as an adult dog! 

What Do Husky Paws Look Like?
This Husky has some hairy paws! Image from @kyra.blaze.therescuehuskies

Front and back Husky paws are often different in size, and it’s common for front paws to be bigger than the back ones, but it isn’t a rule.

Husky paws have several traits that characterize them, such as being oval in shape and full of fur between the toes and pads. The hair between their paws gives them the perfect warmth to live in cold climates.

When it comes to the pads, they’re tough and have a heavy cushioning to them. The tough Husky paw pads let them walk on cold surfaces, like ice, without getting hurt.  

Do Huskies Have Webbed Feet?

Another trait that is common to Husky paws is webbed feet. Though they aren’t as webbed as some other dog breeds, like those who swim, they still have slightly webbed feet due to their history as sled dogs

During sledding, their webbed feet substitute snow shoes and prevent them from slipping or diving into the snow. This helps them pull sleds for long distances without getting tired or injuring themselves. 

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Husky Paw Traits

Here is a summary of Husky paw traits and characteristics.

  • Large in size
  • Oval shaped
  • Full of fur between the toes and pads
  • Tough
  • Made for tolerating cold weather
  • Sharp claws for hunting, digging, and gripping the ground
  • Heavy cushioning
  • Webbed feet (their very own snow shoes!)
  • Varied pad color

Have I missed any? Comment below!

Husky Paw Facts

Here are some cool facts about Husky paws.

  • Huskies have large, webbed, and furry paws that are adapted to withstand cold temperatures and provide traction on icy surfaces.
  • Their paws are usually between 3.5 to 5 inches long, which is relatively large compared to other dog breeds.
  • Husky paws have thick and sturdy pads that protect their feet from rough terrain and extreme weather conditions.
  • The pads on their paws have sweat glands, which help keep them cool in hot weather.
  • The fur on their paws grows longer than the rest of their coat, providing extra insulation and warmth during colder months.
  • Huskies have webbed feet, which mainly help them walk and run in the snow, but can also help them swim!
  • The color of a husky’s paw pads can vary depending on the Husky’s coat color. They can be black, brown, gray, pink, or a combination.
  • Huskies have sharp claws that they use for digging and gripping slippery surfaces.

Have you heard of any other cool Husky paw facts? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Care for Husky Paws

You should learn how to care for your Husky dog’s paws to keep them clean and healthy. If your husky bites his paws, it’s a sign you might not be taking the proper care…

Here are the steps you need to follow, but you might need to purchase some tools first, like dog clippers or trimmers, haircutting scissors, combs, and nail clippers. 

1. Start Early

Start grooming your dog’s paws early from when they’re still a puppy. This ensures they’re used to the grooming tools and won’t be scared of them when they start using them regularly. 

Husky Paw Facts
Awww, look at those cute Husky puppy paws! Image from @iamleothehusky

2. Hydrate Paws 

You can use coconut oil or another paw balm or moisturizer to help moisturize dry paws. Coconut oil is a good idea because it’s edible and safe for dogs, so it’s not a problem if your Husky licks their paws afterward!

3. Clean Paws With Dog Wipes

It’s normal for your dog’s paws to get dirty and full of mud or dirt, but this can cause them to get sick and catch parasites or viruses. It might not always be practical to bathe your dog, so an easy and quick way to maintain your dog’s paws is by using moist dog wipes. 

4. Use Booties if Needed

If your Husky is exposed to extreme temperatures and rough environments for long periods of time, using dog booties is vital to care for their paws. They also make it easy for your dog to keep their paws clean, as you can take off the booties and wash them rather than clean their paws. 

Read our guide to the best dog boots for huskies.

5. Keep Nails Trimmed

If you hear your dog’s nails scratching on the ground, that’s a sign that you should get their nails clipped! Keeping nails trimmed is crucial to keeping your dog looking well-groomed and your floor safe from scratches.

If trimming your Husky’s nails yourself is too difficult, you can check out online video tutorials to help you learn how to do it properly. You could also hire a dog groomer to do it for you.

Learn from experts about how to trim your dog’s nails!

6. Check That Paws Aren’t Dirty

Most dogs run around a lot and might get dirt or other kinds of debris stuck in their paws. It’s important to check that paws aren’t dirty if you want your dog to stay well groomed. There are several ways to clean your dog’s paws.

You can always give your dog a bath, but if you don’t have time to do so, you can opt for picking out the debris with a pair of soft-ended tweezers (don’t use the metal ones unless they have end covers). You can also try to gently clean between the paw pads with Q-tips. 

7. Watch Out for Hair Feet Condition

Some Husky owners find that their dog’s paw pads have rough coverings like hair due to excessive keratin. The condition causes hyperkeratosis, more casually known as “hair feet,” and occurs mainly in middle-aged and older huskies. If you notice it, you should contact your vet.

Husky Paw Problems

Siberian Huskies might face paw problems such as cuts or cracked paw pads and nails. They might also get bacterial and fungal infections, burns, bug bites, as well as many other conditions.  

If your Husky has a skin problem or paw problem it might be exhibiting some of the following behaviors or symptoms: 

  • Licking their paws
  • Limping
  • Lesions
  • Loss of appetite
  • Bad odor
  • Red or inflamed
  • Blisters 
  • Hair loss
  • Shivering
  • Lifting paws quickly
  • Inflamed paw skin

Although most paw problems are easily treatable, you should get your dog medical attention if you see them show any of those symptoms. Your vet will be able to tell you how to treat the condition best to get your Husky back to 100% as quickly as possible.

Final Thoughts About Husky Paws

Siberian Huskies typically have large-sized paws that are webbed due to their previous history as sled dogs. It’s important to keep your dog’s paws in good condition by grooming them regularly so that your dog stays comfortable. 

Moisturizing the paws, trimming nails, and using booties are some tips and tricks you can follow to keep Husky feet well-groomed. Also, keep your eye out for paw problems like blisters and licking their paws, and get medical attention straight away.

Have you ever had issues with your Husky’s paws?

Let us know in the comments below.

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FAQ about Husky Feet

Do huskies have webbed feet?

Yes, huskies have webbed feet.

Do husky paws get cold?

Yes, huskies’ paws can get cold. However, they are more suited to extreme weather conditions than other dog breeds. So they won’t get as cold as other dogs, at least not as quickly!

Should you trim husky paw fur?

Yes, you should trim husky paw fur, but not all of it. Trimming can help keep their paws neat, and healthy and prevent slipping on smooth surfaces. Their paw fur is there for a reason though, to keep their paws insulated from cold weather. So make sure you leave enough for them to keep warm, especially if you live in a colder climate.

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