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When Do Huskies Go into Heat (Husky Heat Cycle Explained)

When Do Huskies Go Into Heat?
When do Huskies go into heat?

Dealing with a female husky’s heat cycle for the first time can be a little intimidating if it is a new concept to you. Here we’ll discuss when huskies go into heat, how long it lasts, and what all a dog’s reproductive cycle entails. But before that, we must first discuss what heat actually refers to. 

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What is a husky heat cycle? 

A dog’s heat cycle, also known as estrus or the canine reproductive cycle, is the time when a female dog is fertile and receptive to mating. During this time, the dog’s body undergoes hormonal changes that prepare it for reproduction.

Understanding the heat cycle is key if you want to know how to breed Siberian huskies.

How long is a husky heat cycle?

The heat cycle typically occurs twice a year and can last anywhere from one to three weeks. During the first few days of the cycle, the dog may experience swelling of the vulva and a bloody vaginal discharge. As the cycle progresses, the dog becomes more receptive to male dogs and may exhibit behavior such as lifting her hind leg, whining, or urinating more frequently to attract males.

Towards the end of the cycle, the dog may become less receptive to males, and the swelling of the vulva and discharge will decrease. If the dog has not mated during this time, the heat cycle will end, and she will return to a non-fertile state.

How long is a Husky heat cycle?
Congratulations to this Husky mom! Image from @mayasiberian_husky

The four stages of the husky heat cycle

Now that we have a broad understanding of what a heat cycle is, we can delve further into the specific stages of the canine reproductive cycle. There are four different stages of the reproductive cycle for a female husky. 

1. Proestrus

The first stage of the heat cycle is called proestrus, and it typically lasts 7 to 10 days. During this stage, the female dog’s vulva will become swollen, and she will begin to bleed lightly. She may also be more vocal and urinate more frequently. Male dogs will be especially interested in her, but she will not be receptive to their attention. 

2. Estrus

The second stage of the heat cycle is called estrus, and it also typically lasts 5 to 10 days. During this stage, the female dog’s vulva will become less swollen, and the bleeding will stop. She will also be receptive to male dogs and may become more affectionate and playful. 

3. Diestrus

The third stage of the heat cycle is called diestrus, and it typically lasts for about 10 to 140 days. During this stage, the female dog’s uterus will begin to return to its normal size, assuming the female dog never mated, and the ovaries will stop releasing eggs. She will no longer be receptive to male dogs, and her behavior will return to normal.

4. Anestrus

Husky Reproductive Cycle
Congrats to Kiki the Husky! Image from @huskerspup

The fourth and final stage of the heat cycle is called anestrus and is the resting period until the start of the next cycle. During this stage, the female dog’s reproductive system will rest and prepare for the next heat cycle. She will not show any physical or behavioral changes during this time.

When do huskies go into heat?

Female huskies can get pregnant, or go into heat, for the first time when they are between 6 and 12 months old, although it can vary depending on individual factors, such as the size of the husky and her overall health. A female husky will typically go into heat twice a year.

During the heat cycle, female huskies will experience physical and behavioral changes, such as swelling of the vulva, increased urination, and increased vocalization. It is important to monitor your husky carefully during the heat cycle.

How often do huskies go into heat? 

Most female huskies go into heat twice a year or about every six months. The estrus stage, or the “heat,” will last anywhere from four to 15 days. It is during this time that the dog is most fertile. She will likely actively try to seek out male dogs and may have a tendency to keep her tail in a raised position to indicate her readiness to mate. This is the phase where a female husky is most likely to get pregnant. 

How long are huskies in heat?

Female Huskies are typically in heat for 2 to 3 weeks. i.e. Huskies can typically become pregnant within a 2 to 3 week window.

Husky in heat symptoms

The first two stages of the canine reproductive cycle, proestrus and estrus are when you are most likely to observe changes in a female husky’s behavior and when she may start displaying physical changes. 

Some of the most common indicators of the first phase of proestrus are increased urination, swollen vulva, and teats, bleeding, tucking her tail, and changes in mood and behaviors like being more anxious or quiet than usual. 

When a dog enters estrus, she will likely begin to seek out male dogs and will no longer be tucking her tail but will instead keep it raised in a way that indicates she is ready to mate. Any bleeding will also decrease, and instead, she may have a little bit of a brown or pinkish-brown discharge. 

When Do Huskies Go Into Heat - Husky Mom & Puppies
Awwww! Image from @pongpongpuppies

How to help a huksy get through heat comfortably 

During the first two stages of the estrus cycle, female dogs go through and deal with a lot of hormonal changes. The easiest thing you can do for her is to stick to a regular routine and keep her environment calm. It also may be helpful to try and distract her with a fun hike, teach her a new trick, or play other various enrichment games. 

If it is not your intention to breed your husky, keep her away from male dogs, even if it means keeping her on a leash in the home or in a separate area from the male dog. 

You may find that she tends to lick her ahem… private areas… more often because of the discharge or bleeding. Don’t scold her for this, as it is only natural, and she’s probably helping to keep your carpets clean! If it becomes more of an issue, consider a female dog diaper to keep any blood or discharge contained. 

Lastly, female huskies often get much more affectionate and value their time with you more during the first phases of their cycle. She will need your love and support and all the snuggles you can give her.

Husky litter size

If you are wondering how many puppies can a husky have, their litter size is 4 to 6 on average. But this depends on factors like age, genetics, nutrition, and hormone balance. So they could have more or less. Usually less the first time they get pregnant.

Final takeaways about when Huskies go into heat

So, when do huskies go into heat? Huskies will go into heat every 6 months or so; with their first cycle after 6 to 12 months of age. They can become pregnant aka being in heat for 2 to 3 weeks.

Signs that a dog is entering estrus can vary widely from one dog to another; some may exhibit pronounced changes in behavior while others may show few, if any outward signs. If you’re worried about your husky’s health or that she isn’t coping well with her heat cycle, consult your veterinarian.

Has your Husky gone into heat or had puppies?

Share your experience in the comments below.

If your husky gets pregnant, make sure you are prepared with the best dog food for pregnant huskies.

Further reading:

FAQs about the husky heat cycle

How often do huskies get their period?

Female huskies typically experience their heat cycle, also known as estrus or “being in heat,” approximately every 6 to 8 months. However, this can vary from dog to dog.

When do huskies get their period?

The age at which huskies start their first heat cycle can vary, but it generally begins around 6 to 12 months of age. After that, they will enter into heat cycles roughly twice a year.

What are the behaviors of a female husky in heat?

During the heat cycle, female huskies may display various behaviors including increased restlessness, frequent urination to mark territory, a tendency to attract male dogs, and changes in mood or temperament.

How much do huskies bleed when in heat?

Huskies experience vaginal bleeding during their heat cycle, but the amount can vary. Some dogs may have light spotting, while others might have more noticeable bleeding. It’s a good practice to use doggy diapers or keep the dog in a clean and easily washable area during this time.

How long does a husky’s heat cycle last?

The heat cycle of a female husky typically lasts around 2 to 3 weeks. This cycle is divided into different stages: proestrus (preparing for heat), estrus (actual heat), and diestrus (post-heat). The bleeding usually occurs during the proestrus and estrus stages.

What are the symptoms of a husky in heat?

Symptoms of a husky in heat can include a swollen vulva, increased urination, a change in behavior like restlessness or becoming more affectionate, attracting male dogs, and the aforementioned vaginal bleeding.

When can a husky get pregnant?

Female huskies can get pregnant during the estrus stage of their heat cycle. This is when they are receptive to mating. However, responsible breeding practices should be followed, and it’s recommended to consult a veterinarian before breeding.

Is there a specific mating season for huskies?

Huskies, like most domestic dogs, don’t adhere to a strict mating season as wild animals might. They can go into heat twice a year, but the timing can vary from individual to individual.

Do female huskies get periods like humans do?

While the concept is similar, female dogs, including huskies, do not have menstrual cycles like humans. They have heat cycles, during which they experience estrus and are fertile, leading to the possibility of pregnancy if they mate with a male dog.

When do huskies have their first heat?

Female huskies typically have their first heat cycle between 6 to 12 months of age, although this can vary based on individual genetics and environmental factors.

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