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Why Do Huskies Howl? (7 Reasons Why + Prevention Tips)

Why Do Huskies Howl?
Why do huskies howl?

If you’re a husky owner, you don’t need anyone to tell you how vocal this breed is!

Being talkative is one of the most characteristic attributes of huskies. Some say huskies are vocal as a way to communicate with other dogs over long distances, while others believe it’s because they’re descendants of wolves.

But have you ever wondered “Why do huskies howl?”. We’re not talking about why huskies scream, instead we’re referring to when huskies make howling sounds.

Today’s article explains the possible reasons why your husky howls and how you can deal with this husky behavior trait.

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Why Do Huskies Howl Like Wolves?

When a husky is howling loudly, there’s usually a good reason behind it. Learning the most common triggers for these howls can help you better care for your wolfy pup.

1. They’re Hungry

Huskies are highly energetic dogs. You need to provide them with plenty of playtime and exercise to keep them happy and entertained and avoid destructive behavior.

Spending so much energy, however, comes at a cost. Huskies need a lot of food to keep up with their activity levels.

They burn many calories throughout the day, so they need to replenish their energy multiple times. Loud howling is one way to let you know about their hunger.

Your husky may be howling to tell you that a meal is due, especially if you’re distracted or not in the same room. 

2. They’re Unwell

If your husky is howling loudly without an apparent reason, it may be anxious, stressed, or in pain.

In this case, you should schedule a vet visit as soon as possible to check for any health problems that may be causing the husky to howl.

Generally speaking, huskies are a healthy dog breed. But they’re prone to some common health issues that you should look out for.

Some of these include:

  • Eye problems (cataracts, corneal dystrophy, and progressive retinal atrophy)
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hot spots
  • Dermatosis due to zinc deficiency 

Besides these conditions, your husky may also be suffering from a painful injury that you can’t see.

3. They Want Your Attention

Huskies are a highly social and friendly breed.

They view their owners as part of their pack, which means that your pup doesn’t just rely on you for food and shelter. It also needs you for companionship.

If you’re frequently away from your husky or if you’re often too busy, your pup will become restless. It’ll remind you of their presence and ask for more attention the only way it knows how: loud howls and whines.

Paired with the howls, your husky may also start jumping, pawing at you, or even sticking its face up to yours.

Huskies Howl When They Want Your Attention
Give me attention! 🥰 Image from @jutthehusky

4. They’re Reacting to Loud Noises

If your husky is making loud howling sounds, it may be an instinctive reaction to a high-pitched noise. For example, when it hears a siren, alarm, or baby cries.

The reason behind this reaction could be that loud, high-pitched sounds resemble the howls of another husky. This behavior is attributed to the huskies’ origin as pack dogs.

Even if your husky has never been part of a pack, this response is just part of their innate characteristics. 

5. They’re Anxious

As we mentioned above, huskies are highly sociable animals. They develop deep bonds with their owners and depend on these relationships to satisfy their need for companionship.

Unfortunately, this makes huskies prone to attachment issues.

When you’re not around for longer than normal or you’re frequently away from the house, your husky can suffer from separation anxiety as they experience feelings of abandonment and loneliness.

One way a husky may try to cope with this anxiety is by wailing and howling to let the owner know of their location so they come back. Such anxiety and stress can also lead to health problems.

If you’re a busy owner, you might want to reconsider getting a husky. Take our husky quiz to find out whether you should get a husky.

6. They Sense Danger

While huskies aren’t the best guard dogs around (they’re pretty lousy at it actually), they do have a knack for picking up on dangerous situations or people.

Huskies can effectively sense threats. It’s probably because they’re great sniffers and listeners. 

When that happens, your wolfy pup will howl to alert you of the danger. They may not protect you in the conventional sense, but they’ll make sure you’re aware of the possible trouble.

7. They’re Happy

Last but not least, your husky may be howling out of joy.

That’s right, not all the loud howls coming from your pup are a sign of something negative. It may be an expression of happiness upon seeing you, playing with you, meeting a dog friend, and so on.

A happy husky howl is usually paired with a happy, relaxed expression and the tone of the howl itself is more affectionate than other howls. Happy howls are one way to know your husky loves you. 🥰

Our huskies Lexa and Mishka howl every day before their walk.

Do All Huskies Howl?

Howling is part of a husky’s nature. This behavior is bound to appear in your husky as it grows and its vocal cords develop.

Even as young pups, huskies will try to howl. They’ll learn to do it faster if there’s an older husky around to show them the ropes.

How To Stop Your Husky from Howling? 

We’re all for letting huskies express themselves, but the howling can get quite excessive.

The sounds can be horrible and piercing, so you’ll probably find yourself wanting to quiet down your husky because you can’t hear yourself think or because the neighbors are making a noise complaint.

If you’re sure nothing is wrong with your husky, it may be demonstrating a behavioral issue with its howling.

Usually, the issue is boredom. You can resolve this by increasing your dog’s daily dose of physical and mental exercise.

You can also train your husky using positive reinforcement and set boundaries for its howling.

Final Thoughts

So why do huskies howl?

Responding to another loud noise or demanding your attention are the most common reasons. But it can also be due to hunger, pain, anxiety, a threat, or happiness.

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What are the reasons why huskies howl?

There are three main reasons why huskies howl. Firstly, it is a form of communication. Secondly, many huskies howl when they are left alone. Lastly, they may howl in response to distress.

Can huskies howl to communicate?

Yes, huskies use howling as a way to communicate with their human and canine companions.

Do husky puppies howl?

Yes, husky puppies can also howl. It is a natural behavior for them.

What should I do if my husky is howling excessively?

Excessive howling could be a sign of distress or boredom. Make sure your husky has enough exercise and mental stimulation, and consult with a professional trainer or veterinarian if the excessive howling persists.

Can huskies howl instead of barking?

Yes, it is common for huskies to howl instead of bark. It is an instinctual behavior for this breed.

How can I get my husky to stop howling?

Training and positive reinforcement can help reduce excessive howling. Provide your husky with enough mental and physical stimulation, and teach them alternative behaviors, such as “quiet” or “speak” commands.

Why do huskies howl when left alone?

Huskies are pack animals, and being left alone can trigger separation anxiety. Howling is their way of expressing distress and trying to communicate their need for companionship.

What can I do if my husky howls when hearing a siren?

Huskies have keen hearing, and they may perceive sirens as high-pitched sounds similar to howling. There are various strategies you can try, such as distracting your husky with toys or treats, playing soothing music to mask the sound, or consulting with a professional trainer for specific advice.

Are all huskies likely to howl?

While howling is a common behavior among huskies, not all of them will howl. Some huskies may have a quieter nature or may express themselves through different vocalizations.

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