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Why Does My Husky Bury His Head? (6 Reasons Why)

Why Does My Husky Bury His Head?
Why does my Husky bury his head?

As a Husky owner, you know that they love to bury their heads into things. Sometimes it’s their owner, sometimes it’s a soft toy, and sometimes it’s a hole in the backyard!

Why do Huskies do this? Nobody really knows for sure, but there are a few theories out there. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at some of those theories and see what might be the reason behind this quirky husky behavior.

So if you’re curious as to why your Husky loves to bury its head, keep reading!

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6 Reasons Why Huskies Bury Their Head

1. Huskies bury their head to feel safe

Huskies instinctually seek out small, enclosed spaces to feel secure and hide from the outside world. This behavior is called ‘denning’. It is a natural behavior for them and it primarily helps them feel safe.

Huskies have very thick fur coats, and the feeling of being curled up and comfortable can be a huge relief for them. When they bury their head, it gives them the same snug sensation that they would get if they were burrowing in the snow or dirt.

Perhaps they bury their heads as a way of giving themselves snuggles? It’s like being covered with a nice warm blanket. That little bit of weight down on you makes you feel snug and relaxed… ‍♀️

2. Huskies bury their head because they are sniffing out critters!

Huskies have an acute sense of smell and they use this ability to sniff out the critters living in their environment. This instinctual behavior encourages them to bury their head in order to get closer and identify the critter.

This is why you may see your Husky randomly nose-diving into the grass, a hole in the ground or the crevice of your couch. They are simply using their sense of smell to explore their surroundings and hunt out any critters they can find!

Why Does My Husky Bury His Head - Your Husky Is Sniffing Out Critters
Lexa, our Husky burying her head in the backyard to sniff out critters!

3. Huskies bury their head to show affection

Huskies are extremely loyal to their owners and they will often show this loyalty by burying their head into your lap. This is a sign that they trust you, feel safe with you, and want to be close to you.

4. Huskies bury their head because they are anxious

If a Husky is feeling anxious or scared, burying their head into you can be a way for them to seek comfort and safety. If you notice your Husky burying their head in strange places, it may be best to take them to the vet to rule out any underlying medical issues.

5. Huskies bury their head because it feels comfortable

Huskies are naturally curious and they like to explore their environment. If a Husky finds something that is especially comfortable, such as a soft blanket or pillow, they may bury their head into it as a way to relax.

This reason especially applies to Huskies trying to get comfortable and burying their head into themselves. They roll up like a big Husky donut!

Why Does My Husky Bury His Head - Your Husky Is Trying To Get Comfortable
Awww, looks at this cute Husky Donut! Image from @thesiberianhuskyduo

6. Huskies bury their head because it keeps them warm

Huskies have a thick double coat that can help them stay warm in cold weather. If your Husky finds a small pocket of warmth, such as a hole in the dirt or under the couch, they may bury their head into it to keep themselves cozy.

Why does my Husky bury his head?

The most common reason Huskies bury their head is to feel safe. It’s an instinctual behavior called ‘denning’ where they seek out small, enclosed spaces. Other possible reasons your Husky likes burying their head include: sniffing out critters, showing you affection, feeling anxious and getting comfortable.

So, why does your Husky bury his head?

No one really knows why Huskies bury their head. It could be a combination of instinctual husky behavior, showing affection, seeking comfort and warmth, or something else entirely.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s clear that burying their head is an important part of Husky life! Understanding what your pup does and why they do it can help you create a better living situation for both of you.

So the next time your Husky buries its head, don’t be scared or worried. Chances are they’re just trying to show their love and get some snuggles!

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