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Why Are Huskies So Weird? (5 Reasons + Weirdest Behaviors)

Why Are Huskies So Weird?
Why are huskies so weird?

Huskies are a dog breed beloved for their stunning looks and friendly disposition. However, they’re also known for their strange and peculiar habits.

From their vocalizations and unique personalities to their curiosity and knack for getting into impossible places, huskies can sometimes leave their owners wondering, ‘why are huskies so weird?’

Here the reasons why huskies are so weird. Then we’ll explore unique traits that make huskies weird and a list of the weirdest husky behaviors!

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5 Reasons Why Huskies Are So Weird 

Huskies have a few quirks and oddities that make them different from other breeds. Whether it’s like our husky Lexa who loves sitting outside in the rain during thunderstorms or always dropping her food to the side of her dog bowl (instead of eating out of it), huskies are odd creatures. 

But why are huskies so weird? Let’s explore some reasons. 

1. Instinctive Behavior

The Chukchi people of Siberia bred huskies as working dogs that could pull sleds over long distances in harsh arctic conditions. As a result, they developed a set of behaviors that were essential to their survival in these conditions.

Howling, for example, was a way for sled teams to communicate danger or admiration towards each other and with their human handlers. Digging was also important, as huskies would use their powerful paws to create dens or dig for food.

2. Independent Nature

The independent nature of a husky and wanting to do their own thing makes them very curious of their surroundings. This curiosity mixed with their strong problem solving skills can lead people to think they are relatively weird.

Being weird is of course a matter of perspective. Wanting to do their own thing instead of displaying appeasement behavior like most other dogs, can certainly make what they do seem very weird though!

3. Pack Mentality

As pack animals, huskies have a strong sense of hierarchy and social order. They’re used to working closely with other dogs to achieve a common goal, whether hunting or pulling sleds. Due to this pack mentality, huskies are highly communicative and expressive.

Therefore, howling serves as a way to communicate with other members and as a form of bonding among the pack (the modern pack being their human family!).

4. Mental Stimulation

Huskies are highly intelligent dogs that need mental stimulation to keep themselves entertained. Even though they’re incredibly active, physical exercise alone isn’t enough to keep them engaged. 

To stimulate themselves, they engage in weird and destructive behavior. For instance, chasing after squirrels and birds is a way for the huskies to stimulate their minds and satisfy their high prey drive. 

5. Lack of Socialization

Huskies require adequate socialization to learn proper behavior and hopefully avoid acting like such weirdos! Socialization teaches a husky how to interact with other dogs, people, and their environment. 

Without this skill, a husky may develop anxiety or aggression, which typically manifests as excessive growling or barking.

Reasons Why Huskies Are So Weird
Just getting comfy! Image from @sherimoon.thien.maui

How Are Huskies Weird?

Huskies are known for their weird behavior, which can range from adorable and amusing to downright frustrating. Here are some of the ways huskies stand out from other dog breeds:

1. Talking

Huskies are very vocal and notorious for their “talking” behavior, which involves making a range of vocalizations beyond traditional barking, such as grumbles, whines, yodels and howls.

They use these sounds to express themselves. For example, howling and grumbling are considered a form of expression and a way of seeking attention, usually from their hoomans.

Each of which can also be done at different pitches, which indicate different meanings. While these can be endearing, these vocalizations can also be disruptive and annoying.

2. Escaping 

Huskies run away because of their natural instinct to roam around and explore their surroundings, so they tend to escape their homes or yards. This behavior is especially common when they’re left alone for long periods without enough exercise or mental stimulation. 

Huskies are intelligent and curious, and they enjoy exploring new environments, meeting new people and dogs, and discovering new scents and sights.

Their curiosity often leads them to chew through fences, dig under gates, climb walls and get themselves into the weirdest and most impossible places!

3. Love of digging 

Huskies love to dig holes, whether it’s in the dirt or into the furniture. This behavior is often tied to their instinctual desire to create a den or find a cooler spot in warm weather.

However, it can be destructive and frustrating for their owners. There is nothing worse than getting home to find your new veggie patch has been destroyed!

4. Chasing 

Huskies have a strong prey drive, and chasing is an inherent behavior. They have been bred for centuries as sled dogs, and their job was to chase after prey in the wild. As a result, even today, they love to chase anything that moves, be it a squirrel, a cat, a bird, or even cars and bicycles.

This can be dangerous for the dog and others around them, as they can run into traffic or get lost. So make sure you train your husky to come when called. It just might save their life, or at least a squirrels!

5. Chewing 

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, and huskies are no exception. However, huskies can develop an intense chewing habit that can sometimes be overwhelming. They’re known for chewing on anything they can get their teeth on, from furniture to shoes to toys. 

Since they’re high-energy dogs, huskies can have tantrums and may resort to chewing to relieve their anxiety or boredom when they’re left alone for extended periods.

How Are Huskies Weird?
I’m actually really happy! Image from @moodsofmisha

Weirdest Husky Behaviors

Here are some weird husky behaviors (most of which I’ve seen our Lexa do):

The last one is particularly weird. Our Lexa takes mouthfuls of her food and then drops it on the ground next to her dog bowl. ‍♀️

Weird Husky Behaviors
Just trying a new sitting position! Image from @hazmadskodaluna

How to Stop Your Husky from Acting Weird

If your husky’s weird behavior is becoming too much to handle, there are steps you can take to redirect their energy and prevent destructive behavior:

1. Exercise 

Huskies need plenty of exercise to burn off their excess energy. Ensure you provide daily walks or runs and engage in interactive play sessions to keep them active.

2. Mental Engagement

Huskies also need mental stimulation to keep them engaged. Puzzle toys, interactive games, and training sessions can provide mental exercise and help prevent destructive behavior.

3. Training

Training your husky can help redirect your husky’s energy and teach them what is and isn’t acceptable behavior. Positive reinforcement training can be particularly effective in teaching your husky good manners.

4. Crating 

If your husky is particularly destructive when left alone, crating can be a safe and effective solution. Crate training involves teaching a dog to accept confinement in a crate. Ensure to introduce the crate gradually and provide plenty of toys and comfort items to keep them comfortable.

Final Thoughts: Are Huskies the Weirdest Dog Breed?

While huskies are certainly known for their strange and quirky behavior, they’re not necessarily the weirdest breed of dog out there, but maybe the most dramatic dog breed

Many of their weird behaviors can be seen in other dog breeds. For example, Basenjis also make a yodeling sound instead of a bark and Pekingese dogs also tend to “reverse sneeze,” which sounds like a cross between a snort and a wheeze.

Huskies are known for their unique and sometimes strange personalities. Their instinctive behavior, independent thinking, pack mentality, lack of exercise, mental stimulation and socialization are a few reasons why huskies can be so weird!

However, you can manage their quirks and make them great companions with proper training and understanding. 

While other breeds may have unique habits, huskies will always stand out as one of the most fascinating and intriguing dog breeds!

What are the weirdest things your husky has done?

Comment below.

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