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Australian Shepherd Husky Mix (Aussie Siberian): Owner’s Guide

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix - Ausky - Aussie Siberian
Owner’s Guide about the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix ak Ausky aka Aussie Siberian

The Australian Shepherd Husky Mix is often lovingly called the Aussie Husky, Aussie Siberian, or Aussie Husky Shepherd. You never know what you will get with this mix which is part of the fun! 

Some may have an even distribution of both breeds and their traits, characteristics, and appearances. Others may take after one breed more than the other. Though not an entirely common pairing, those who come to own an Aussie Husky mix will quickly fall in love with their new companion.

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Key Questions Answered

What is an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Called?

Australian Shepherd Husky Mixes are mostly called Aussie Siberians. However, they can also be called can Aussie Husky, Australian Husky and Aussie Husky Shepherds.

How much is an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix?

Australian Shepherd Husky Mixes cost between $800 and $1500.

Where to buy an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix?

Visit LancasterPuppies.com to search for an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix in your area or try your luck at a local shelter.

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Traits & Characteristics

Traits Summary Table

TraitsAustralian Shepherd Husky Mix
Eye ColorBlue, Black & Brown
Coat ColorBlack, Red, Blue-merle & Red-merle
SheddingLots of shedding
Height20-23 inches
Weight40-65 pounds
TemperamentFree-spirited, outgoing and friendly
Lifespan12-15 years
IntelligenceIntelligent but stubborn
Activity LevelVery active
Good With Kids?Good, but requires training and socialisation
Speed30-40 mph
Endurance12 miles per day
OriginBred since 1990 as a designer breed
PROSCute, sassy and sweet personalities.
CONSLots of shedding!


One of the coolest things about the Husky Aussie Shepherd is that you never know quite what you are going to get. Some may have more Husky characteristics, and others may have more of Australian Shepherd characteristics. 

They all have medium triangle ears, but some may flop down or stand at attention, depending on the dog. They often have the intense blue eyes that both the Husky and Australian Shepherd are known for. In fact, it is not altogether unusual for some to have one blue and one brown eye!

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Appearance
Look at this beautiful Australian Shepherd Husky Mix! 😍 Image from @hashsaussie


Huskies and Australian Shepherds are both easily recognizable breeds with their unique colorings. Huskies typically have a white or cream-colored chest area, face, belly, and legs. Framing their face is a black, brown, light tan, or even red coloring, which extends down their front legs and along their backside. Despite the different colorings, they are easily recognizable as huskies. 

Australian Shepherds, like the Husky, also typically have a white chest. There are a lot of varieties. The United States Australian Shepherd Association officially recognizes four which have black, red, blue-merle, and red-merle colored coats. The merles are the most commonly associated with the Aussie Husky Shepherd.

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix eyes are normally blue, black or brown. They can also have two different eye colors. e.g. blue and brown.

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Coat & Shedding

Get ready for serious shedding. Huskies and Australian Shepherds both are notorious shedders. Especially huskies! And the shedding happens all year round. About twice a year, though, these dogs will go through a period of heavy shedding. We often refer to this as “blowing their coat.” It often correlates with the changing of the seasons.

As the dog continues to shed, its thick undercoat will start pushing towards the surface, and you’ll notice little (or sometimes big!) tufts of fur that look like they could just be pulled out! 

A good bath, blow dry, and brush out will help loosen these tufts of fur so they can be removed or brushed out. When they are not heavily shedding, a quick daily brush-out is sufficient to keep their coat looking amazing and have less shedding around the house. But with these dogs, there’s just no way around it. You’re going to have to vacuum more!


On average, the Siberian Aussie typically weighs anywhere between 40 and 65 lbs. But this can vary depending on whether the dog is male or female and on the dog itself. Some may be a little larger, and others may be smaller.

They are also typically 20-23 inches in height. Again, this can vary depending on whether the dog is male or female.

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Breed
Two beautiful Australian Shepherd Husky Mix breeds! Image from @the.ausky.club

Temperament & Personality 

These guys are sensitive and communicative creatures. They may act like they want their independence and to just lay on the floor, but it better be in the same room as you! If you get up from the couch to go to the bathroom, you better believe that that dog will hop up and follow you. Some may like some degree of cuddling, but typically they are happy just being close to you. 

These dogs may have a tendency to be a little cautious and aloof around strangers but typically will warm up to them quickly with proper socialization. 


The Siberian Aussie Shepherd can live a long, happy life. In fact, on average, they typically live to anywhere from 12 to 15 years of age. For being a medium to large size dog, this speaks to their overall good health! 

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Oh, they are intelligent, but huskies can be stubborn beyond belief! Ask any Siberian Husky owner, and they will tell you that their dog knows all of the commands they’ve ever tried to teach them. But, actually getting the dog to do the command? Well, that is an entirely different story. 

If you tell a husky to come, he’ll ask why before deciding if he wants to come or not. Often, if they know you don’t have a treat in your hand, they’ll say forget it!

Australian Shepherds are about equal in their intelligence level to huskies, but they are known for being highly loyal dogs, so this may counteract some of the Siberian Husky’s stubbornness! 

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Activity Level

These pups are ACTIVE. Their parent breeds come from a long line of working dogs and live for playing and working hard. The Aussie Husky is truly the perfect dog for nature enthusiasts who love being outdoors- especially for active people like runners, hikers, etc. 

The Aussie Husky will need at least an hour of activity a day, if not more. These dogs will also benefit from a backyard with room to roam and run.

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Activity Level
This Australian Shepherd Husky Mix is enjoying some outdoor activity! Image from @the.ausky.club

Are Australian Shepherd Husky Mixes Good With Kids?

They are typically really good-natured and kind dogs that do well with most other dogs and children. However, there is always a chance their herding instinct from the Aussie side will kick in, and they will try to herd kids, so training the dog early on will be a must.

Some herding dogs have a tendency to nip a little bit at the person or animal they are trying to herd, so you’ll want to teach your dog that this is inappropriate and work on bite inhibition as a puppy. 

Speed, Strength & Endurance

Huskies are known for being able to run up to 30 mph and cover as many as 150 miles in one day! Of course, these aren’t our typical couch potato Huskies but those trained to pull sleds and run long distances! However, it is easy to see why this breed may need more exercise than others. 

The Australian Shepherd may be even faster than the Siberian Husky. It has been known to run as fast as 30 to 40 mph. However, these dogs don’t have quite the same stamina as huskies and typically have only been seen to run about 12 miles a day. When combined, we may just see an incredibly fast dog with tons of strength and endurance! 

You will definitely see some good zoomies with this dog! 


This breed goes through a teenager stage when they are growing up! It seems like around 6-9 months of age that they start getting a little angsty and a little testy. They love to test their limits and see what they can get away with. It’s almost like they “forget” all the training that you have put in up until this point! Don’t worry. They don’t actually forget- it is just a wild stage! 

Aussie Huskies can also be quite destructive if they don’t get exercise and activity, both mental and physical, every day. These dogs have been known to scratch the doors to get in or out, chew on the baseboards, and display countless other destructive behaviors. Heck, they may even chew on the walls if they can manage it! 

Boredom is the leading cause of behavioral problems, so start training early on and consider enrolling in behavioral courses with dog trainers.

Visit our Husky Behavior hub to learn more.

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Behavior
Awww, such a pretty girl!! 😍 Image from @australian.shepherd.dogbreed

History of the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

Though these breeds have been around for hundreds of years, the Aussie Husky has only been around for a relatively short time. A few breeders started intentionally breeding the Siberian Husky and the Australian Shepherd together in the 1990s as a designer breed. 

Since they are popular breeds individually, it’s not altogether uncommon for oopsie litters to happen as well in the event of owners not getting their dogs spayed or neutered. 

How to Take Care of an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

Food & Nutrition 

You’ll want to ensure that you are feeding your dog a nutritious diet. Especially for a dog like this, plenty of protein will be important. Dogs of this size typically eat about 4 cups or so of food every day, but that may vary depending on your dog’s weight, health, and activity level.

Visit our Husky Nutrition hub to learn more. 

How often should I feed my Siberian Aussie puppy?

It’s best to feed your Siberian Aussie puppy three times a day until they are about six months old. After that, you can reduce it to two meals per day.

Puppies usually eat between four and eight ounces per meal, depending on their size and age. Be sure to provide plenty of clean water for them to drink, too.

What is a healthy diet for an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix?

A healthy diet for an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix includes plenty of protein and fat, as well as fruits and vegetables. A diet that is high in protein and fat will help to keep your dog’s muscle mass strong and his coat healthy.

In addition, feeding your dog a variety of fruits and vegetables will provide him with the vitamins and minerals he needs to stay healthy.


The Siberian Aussie needs lots of exercise! At the very least, these pups should get about a full hour of rigorous exercise every day. More, if it is just a leisurely walk. Even just throwing a ball for him to fetch in the backyard will help get that energy out!

If you can’t spend a full hour at a time, focus on intense exercise, like running after a ball, in shorter increments. Four sessions of 15 minutes of exercise a day is just as good as a full hour!

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Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Exercise
Aussie Shepherd Husky Mix getting some exercise! Image from @the.ausky.club


Grooming will be an important habit to develop with your dog. Depending on the season and your dog’s level of shedding, brushing may need to take place only a few times a week, or it could be needed every day.

Often when we think of having a dog groomed, we think of shaving. However, an Aussie husky should never be shaved except in the case of medical necessity. Since these dogs are double coated, their coat provides protection from sun damage to their skin and from the elements like extreme cold and heat.

Shaving will only make it more difficult for the dog to regulate its body temperature. In most cases, shaving, especially repetitive shaving, can cause the fur to grow back coarse and almost sharp to the touch. It’s not pleasant for the dog or for you! 

That’s not to say, however, that we can’t take our double-coated friends to the groomer! There, your dog can get an amazing de-shedding bath with specially formulated shampoos and conditioners to help further loosen any already loose fur.

They can also trim his nails short and file or grind them, so they aren’t as sharp. And, of course, we can’t forget regular ear cleaning and teeth brushing. 

How do you control shedding in an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix?

Australian Shepherd Husky Mixes are a hybrid breed, so there is no one definitive answer to this question.

However, some tips to help control shedding in all dogs include brushing your dog regularly (especially during periods of heavy shedding), and bathing your dog as needed (although over bathing can also cause excessive shedding).

You may also want to consider investing in a good quality dog brush or comb, as well as a vacuum cleaner with a pet hair attachment.


Training is definitely a must for this breed, and even with good training, one of these pups will keep you on your toes. Early socialization classes and obedience training will be necessary, so your puppy can learn how to be a polite and well-mannered dog.

But not to worry if you are getting or have an older Aussie husky. Old dogs can learn new tricks, and it’s never too late to teach your dog better behaviors.

Visit our Husky Training hub to learn more.


As puppies, these dogs are fun and energetic little balls of fur! Though they won’t be ready to run fast or run for long distances, they will need lots of play sessions throughout the day to keep them happy and nutritious food so they have energy for all that play!

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies
Two adorable Australian Shepherd Husky Mix puppies! 😍 Image from @the.ausky.club

General Health

While this breed is relatively healthy, there are some conditions that they may be more prone to developing than other dogs. Elbow and hip dysplasia is a common condition for these breeds. Keep a close eye on your dogs for any limping or awkward movements, and be sure to feed them a nutritious diet. Consult with your vet early on.

These dogs can also be more prone to conditions of the eye like Collie eye, progressive retinal atrophy, and cataracts. Hypothyroidism is also more likely to occur in these dogs. They also may be prone to developing certain cancers like hemangiosarcoma and lymphosarcoma.

Visit our Husky Health hub to learn more.

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Price

Breeders of Aussie Husky pups may ask for anywhere from $800 to $1500. If they do health screenings for hip and elbow dysplasia and other health concerns, the cost will likely be towards the higher end.

You certainly may be able to find an Aussie Husky from an oopsie litter.  These usually run anywhere from 300-500 dollars, enough for the owner to cover the fees associated with health care for mom and puppies. 

Don’t forget to check around your local shelters and rescues too!

Visit our Husky Price hub to learn about maintenance costs.

What is the average cost of an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix?

The average cost of an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix is about $1000. This price can vary depending on the breeder, location, and other factors.

Aussie Siberian Pros & Cons

One of the pros of this breed is that they are insanely cute! They come in such a wide range of colors and patterns that no two could ever look alike. A huge part of their appeal is, of course, their sassy and sweet personalities.

One of the few cons about this breed is that they shed. They shed a lot. You will probably find yourself needing to spend at least a few minutes every day brushing your dog.

And a thorough brush out at least once a week to stay ahead of the shedding. Be sure to buy a good vacuum cleaner!

  • PROS = Intelligent, easy to train, loves being in the company of humans, free-spirited, outgoing, friendly, cute, sassy and sweet personalities.
  • CONS = Stubborn, sheds a lot and needs lots of exercise.

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Alternatives

Here are some great alternatives to the Australian Husky:


This Siberian Husky mix breed is a great find for anyone with an active lifestyle who loves to keep busy. If you love a sassy but sweet, clingy but independent, and energetic dog, the Aussie husky might just be the perfect pup for you!

Have you got an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix?

Share your love for them in the comments below!

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