Updated on November 14, 2022

Can Huskies Live In Apartments?

Can Huskies Live In Apartments? Pin
Can Huskies Live In Apartments?

If you’re a husky owner, you might be wondering whether it’s possible to live in an apartment with your furry friend. The good news is that it is! Huskies are adaptable dogs who can easily adjust to city living, as long as their owners are prepared to give them the exercise and mental stimulation they need. Here are a few tips on how to make living in an apartment work for both you and your husky.

But first, a video showing a husky loving the apartment life!

How To Make Living In An Apartment Work For You And Your Husky

  1. Get to know your neighbors. Apartment living can be a great way to meet new people, and this is especially true if you have a dog. Getting to know your neighbors will make it easier to find someone to help watch your husky when you need to go out of town, and it’s also a good way to socialize your dog so that he or she isn’t anxious or bored when left alone.
  2. Invest in some dog-proofing supplies. Huskies are known for being escape artists, so it’s important to make sure your apartment is properly dog-proofed before bringing them home. This means investing in things like door stoppers, window guards, and baby gates. You should also keep items like trash cans, cleaning supplies, and medications out of reach so that your husky doesn’t get into anything he or she shouldn’t.
  3. Get creative with exercise. It can be tough to find enough space to really let your husky run wild in an apartment, but there are still plenty of ways to tire them out. Regular walks around the block are a must, of course, but you can also try things like indoor fetch or playing tug-of-war with a rope toy. If you have access to a yard or park, take advantage of it as often as possible!

Here is another video of a husky living the apartment life! 😍

Huskies Can Live In Apartments Pin
Husky apartment life! Image from @husky_finn_fur_ever

How To Potty Train A Husky Living In An Apartment

Potty training a husky living in an apartment may seem like a daunting task, but it is possible! With a little patience and consistency, you can successfully potty train your husky in no time.

  1. Create a designated potty area. It is important to choose an area that is easily accessible for your husky. If possible, pick an area that is close to the balcony sliding door so that your husky can get outside quickly when they need to go. Put some newspaper or puppy pads in this area to help your husky know where they should go.
  2. Take your husky out frequently. Puppies need to go potty every few hours, so take your husky out regularly—at least once every two hours or so. After meals and naps are also good times to take them out. If you can’t be home all day, consider hiring a dog walker or taking your husky to doggy daycare.
  3. Reward good behavior. Whenever your husky goes potty in their designated area, be sure to give them plenty of praise and treats! This will reinforce the positive behavior and help them learn that going potty in the right place is rewarding.
  4. Be patient. Potty training takes time and patience—for both you and your dog! Remember to be consistent with your rules and routines, and eventually your husky will catch on. Have faith—you can do it!

Extra tip: install a doggy door so your husky can let themselves out onto the balcony.

So, Can Huskies Live In Apartments? Yes!

Living in an apartment with a husky is definitely doable – as long as you’re willing to put in a little extra effort. By following these tips, you can make sure that both you and your furry friend are happy in your small space. And who knows? You might even make some new friends along the way.

Do you live in an apartment with your husky? Share your experience below.

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