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Can Huskies Live In Florida? (Yes, But Read This First!)

Can Huskies Live In Florida?
Can huskies live in Florida?

Huskies are known for their thick fur and high-energy traits. We always assume that huskies only live in icy places, pulling a sled and dashing through a blizzard. So, it’s fair to say they were only created for the Great White North.

So, what about those who live in the Sunshine State? Can huskies live in Florida?

Yes! Huskies can cope with any environment, like hotter temperatures in Florida and similar tropical climates. Even so, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious.

Read on to learn tips and tricks for keeping your husky comfortable and happy in hotter places.

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Is It Okay to Have Huskies in Florida?

Despite the warm temperature in this state, it’s possible to live with these blue-eyed beauties. However, as pet owners, extra care needs to be taken, especially during outdoor activities or even while resting indoors.

In addition to being vulnerable to heat stress, huskies have thick double coats, putting them at more risk for dehydration than other dogs.

This means husky owners should be extra careful about their pets’ body temperature in extreme Florida heat.

In this case, you should know how to keep your husky comfortable during hot weather in Florida.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Husky Cool in Florida

Here are a couple of actions you can take to keep your husky cool in Florida.

1. Stay Out of the Midday Heat

Although huskies have unlimited energy, you will need to limit their playtime outside when the temperature is scorching hot.

Instead, take your husky for a stroll during the early hours of the morning. e.g. from 7am to 8am.

Getting up early and exercising is good for both of you!

However, if you don’t feel like waking up early, you can do an indoor fetch with your huskies if you’ve got ample indoor space.

Alternatively, you can play tug-of-war or even bubble chasing if you have a small indoor area.

Morning Exercise To Keep Husky Cool In Florida
Happy husky enjoying the beach! Image from @mr.stealyourwolf

2. Don’t Shave Your Husky’s Coat

We tend to cut our hair during summer to feel better/cooler. However, this logic doesn’t apply to huskies. In reality, their two-layer coat keeps them cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.

So if you are wondering whether you can shave a husky or not, think again. A husky’s fur is like its natural air conditioner. These layers lock in the air to their skin, keeping them cool and warm at the same time.

Also, shaving your husky’s coat may alter its shedding phase since its fur never grows back the same way it was. This is bad news for their health!

Likewise, dogs don’t sweat the way humans do. So, cutting off their fur isn’t the same as us taking off a hoodie on hot days.

3. Offer Them Some Icy Treatos

An icy treat can keep your husky refreshed inside out. You can buy a readymade frozen snack from your local pet store or prepare one for your pet.

One example of a healthy icy treat is frozen carrots and apple bites. It’s as easy as mixing one peeled carrot, one deseeded and sliced apple, and water in a blender. After blending, pour them into an ice cube tray or ice popsicle molder for extra fun.

Huskies will even appreciate licking a plain ice cube to keep cool. It’s also crunchy enough that they’ll think it’s a treat!

4. Give Your Husky Plenty of Water

Huskies need plenty of water to sustain their optimal body temperatures. Whether inside or outside of your house, it’s ideal to have a drinking bowl ready, so they can hydrate when they need it.

Be sure to prepare extra bowls with clean and cool water, especially when you go out for long periods.

5. Set Up a Cool Spot to Relax

Husky Lying On Cool Beach Sand
Just enjoying the feeling of the nice cool sand! Image from @biscuit.bolt.bone

You can maintain your husky’s body temperature by giving them a cold surface to lie on. A damp or chilled towel is good enough.

Another great way is to set up a cooling bed. Cooling beds are an essential item for huskies living in Florida. There are plenty of affordable cooling beds you can buy online. Some of them come with mats with a cooling gel inside. 

These beds can be placed anywhere in the house, but they cool best when set near an air conditioner.

6. Temp Check Their Paws

Dogs’ paws are sensitive to heat. Therefore, their paws can quickly get burned when standing or walking on hot surfaces for a long time. 

So, if you’re strolling on hot sidewalks, concrete, or sand, consider dog booties (another husky essential!) to prevent your husky’s paws from burning.

7. Set Up a Mini Pool

Setting up a mini pool for huskies is an excellent way for them to cool off. Believe it or not, huskies can swim. They enjoy splashing and playing in a pool, especially on hot days.

Pools are also a great place for them to exercise and have fun.

If pools aren’t an option, you can mount a sprinkler to spray cold water in your backyard and let your huskies play around with it.

Can Huskies Live Outside in Florida?

Huskies can’t live outside in Florida’s sweltering heat. Multiple issues may happen due to high temperatures if they aren’t given sufficient heat protection and access to water.

Even if both of these essentials are met, it’s still dangerous. In extreme situations, they may suffer from cardiac arrhythmias and die.

You should always keep your huskies inside the house on hot days, or at least give them the option of coming back inside on hot days. They will appreciate having a cool air-conditioned room to come back inside to.

Can Huskies Live Outside In Florida
Huskies love sunbaking for short periods of time! ☀️ @apollothehusky081919

What Temperature Is Too Hot for Huskies?

Huskies are remarkable as far as adaptability is concerned. However, they do have some limitations too. 

Given their thick fur and bigger size, huskies are more prone to heat-related problems than other breeds. It isn’t advisable to keep them out for a long time, though huskies can tolerate temperatures up to ~85°F (29°C) for short periods of time. Huskies are known to lay in the sun and sunbake during hot days, but only for short periods of time.

As long as your huskies have proper ventilation, drinking water, and a cool place to rest, they should be fine at this temperature.

Anything beyond this point is unsafe for your pet. In some situations, they might show signs of dehydration and heat stress, which can lead to heat stroke in huskies.


So, can huskies live in Florida? Yes, huskies can live in Florida.

However, given their special needs, raising huskies is a lot of responsibility, plus the high temperature in Florida means extra care must be taken.

Ultimately, common sense, close supervision, and maintenance can keep your huskies happy and comfortable living in Florida’s hot temperature.

Where in Florida do you live? How hot does it get?

Let us know in the comments below.

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