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Why Does My Husky Lay In The Sun And Like To Sunbathe?

Why Does My Husky Lay In The Sun?
Why does my husky lay in the sun?

You’ve seen it all before; your Husky baking in the sun, most likely asleep, taking a well-deserved break. You may be wondering why is my husky so weird? Or why does my husky lay in the sun so much, when they are meant to be snow dogs?! 🧐

Well, there are actually a few reasons why your Husky might enjoy basking in the warm rays!

Note: We can’t tell exactly why a husky lays in the sun (unless we read their minds) but it seems they innately know the benefits below.

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Why do huskies lay in the sun and like to sunbathe?

Here are 3 beneficial reasons why your husky lays in the sun.

1. Sun baking makes your husky feel good!

Huskies love to bask (or bake!) in the sun. Not only does it make them feel good physically, but it also makes them feel good mentally.

Sun baking is a way for huskies to relax and destress (or a way to level up their relaxation from couch potato to backyard hot potato 😂).

It’s their way of taking some time for themselves and enjoying the simple things in life!

Why Does My Husky Lay In The Sun - Because It Feels Good
Gimme that Vitamin D! Image from @hunter_andlily

2. It might increase Vitamin D levels (but not the way you think!)

Firstly, a common misconception is that dogs can get Vitamin D from the sun the same way that humans do. i.e. the sun stimulates the production and synthesis of Vitamin D in the skin. However, this isn’t the case at all. According to multiple research papers, dogs are unable to perform skin vitamin D synthesis through sun exposure. Therefore Vitamin D should come 100% from their diet.

However, according to an old study published in the Rice Digital Scholarship Archive, “Animals obtain most of their vitamin D by their grooming operations.” Apparently Vitamin D is formed on the skin after the sun interacts with the skin oils.

So the Vitamin D is there, it just can’t be absorbed by their skin. But it can be absorbed through licking! Which technically means they are getting it through their diet. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Huskies Like Sunbaking
Just a husky enjoying some sunbaking! ☀️ Image from @theboynamedshadow

So, Huskies might just lay in the sun for hours at a time to increase their vitamin D levels through eventual licking of their skin/fur. Maybe this is why huskies sometimes behave like a cat; grooming themselves by licking all of their fur!

Anyway, while this seems great for their overall health, it’s important to note that Vitamin D from sun exposure/licking isn’t as important as Vitamin D from their real diet! So if your husky is sun baking to get Vitamin D, it could indicate that their diet needs some improvement.

P.S. I’m not so sure that dogs and huskies sunbathe so that they can lick their fur. Doesn’t seem right. 🤨

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3. It improves their quality of sleep

Many people know that dogs need plenty of exercise, but what you may not know is that how your dog sleeps is just as important. Dogs who get regular exercise and spend time in the sun tend to have a better quality of sleep (just like humans!).

This is most likely for the same reasons as humans. When our eyes are exposed to sunlight, our brain releases a hormone called serotonin, which wakes us up and keeps us alert. When it gets dark, our brain releases a different hormone called melatonin, which makes us sleepy. Getting daily exposure to sunlight helps maintain this natural and healthy circadian rhythm, for you and your husky.

Also, many Husky owners wonder why their Husky sleeps so much. But the fact is, they need much more sleep than humans. Huskies typically sleep 12-14 hours per day! And puppies need up to 20 hours per day. 😴

Anyway, improving sleep quality is another reason why your husky lies in the sun.

If you’re looking for a way to help improve your dog’s sleeping habits, make sure they are getting enough sunlight exposure throughout the day.

Perhaps those weird Husky sleeping positions are an indicator of good health? 🤔

Husky Sunbaking
Just another husky laying in the sun! 😎 Image from @i_am_kirstielee

How to tell if your Husky is overheating?

If your Husky is panting excessively, or doesn’t look well, then they are likely overheating. On the other hand, if your Husky is enjoying the sun, they are most likely fine.

Huskies are very intuitive and will come back inside or move to a shaded area when it gets too hot. Just make sure they have the option of coming back inside or chilling in the shade.

Further reading: How cold can Huskies tolerate?

Why do you think your Husky lays in the sun?

The most obvious reason for this behavior and why your husky lies in the sun is because it makes them feel good. It makes us feel good, so why wouldn’t it make them feel good? So if your husky wants to lay in the sun, let them do their thang!

Why do you think your Husky lays in the sun?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Why do dogs lay in the sun?

A dog’s love for sunbathing encompasses physical comfort, innate instincts, and health advantages. Sunlight fosters relaxation, mental wellness, and a link to their primal ancestry. Although dogs don’t generate Vitamin D the way humans do, soaking in the sun still plays a role in their general health. It also assists in regulating sleep patterns and offers opportunities for bonding and exploration. As long as you guarantee access to shade and water, allowing your dog to sunbathe is a secure and pleasurable practice.

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2 thoughts on “Why Does My Husky Lay In The Sun And Like To Sunbathe?”

  1. My 3 year old husky lab mix wants to be outside all the time (laying on our deck or yard) no matter the weather. On hot days sometimes she doesn’t seem to move to the shade and I myself am really hot. She starts to pant heavily as I encourage her to come in and I always worry she is overheating but has no interest in coming inside and upon coming in she wants to go out again, even as she pants heavily for the next 15 minutes or so. I wonder if she lacks some of the intuition/survival skills discussed or if I should trust her a little more.

    • It’s normal to worry. However, it sounds like your husky lab mix really enjoys laying in the sun, especially if she wants to keep going back out outside. I think it’s best to trust her. As long as she has the option of sitting in a shaded area or coming back inside, she should be ok. If you are still concerned though, it’s always best to check with your local vet.


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