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How Do Huskies Play? (Games + Play Fighting)

How Do Huskies Play?
How do Huskies play?

Huskies are some of the most playful dogs out there! Husky behavior usually involves a love for zoomies, they love walkies, they love going for a run, they love to play fight with their doggy friends and they love playing tug-of-war with their owners.

While some Huskies are couch potatoes, most of them have loads of energy and need a lot of exercise and playtime to stay happy and healthy.

If you’re lucky enough to own a husky, make sure you give them plenty of opportunities to play!

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3 primary ways that Huskies play

There are three main ways that Huskies play.

  1. Huskies play through physical activity
  2. Huskies play through games with their owners
  3. Huskies play games with their doggy friends

Huskies play through physical activity

Siberian huskies are an active breed of dog that loves to play. They are often seen running and jumping, chasing each other around in circles, or playing fetch. Huskies also enjoy a good game of tug-of-war. In fact, any opportunity to run and exert energy is sure to be met with enthusiasm by a Husky.

While this may seem like a lot of work for their owners, it’s actually very important for Huskies to stay active. Physical activity helps to keep them healthy and fit, and it also helps to prevent boredom. After all, a bored Husky is likely to find trouble – like chewing on furniture or digging holes in the yard.

So, for the sake of your husky (and your own peace of mind), make sure to provide plenty of opportunities for physical activity and play.

Examples of physical activity for your Husky:

  • Doing zoomies around the house or backyard
  • Chasing their doggy friends at home or dog park
  • Play fighting with their doggy friends
  • Playing fetch with their owner (not all Huskies will do this though )
  • Swimming at the beach and playing with the waves

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Huskies Play Fighting
Huskies having fun running around and play fighting!

Huskies play through games with their owners

Another way that Huskies like to play is through games with their owner. These are usually physically active games too, but not always.

Huskies are intelligent dogs, and they can quickly learn how to play games such as fetch. They also enjoy playing games that involve hiding and seeking, and they often use their mystical howl to summon their owners to come and play with them.

Huskies are mischievous by nature, and they often use their playful antics to get what they want. For example, a husky might start playing fetch in the middle of the night in order to keep their owner up so that they can have a late-night snack!

Or they might go hunting or seeking something during the night, bring it back into the house, jump up on your bed and drop it on your face while you are sleeping!! Huskies are always playing, even if you aren’t.

Examples of games that Huskies play with their owners

  • Tug-of-war: This is a great way to bond with your Husky, as they compete for the tug toy. Remember to pull hard enough but not too hard!
  • Fetch or Frisbee: Huskies are very active and love games of fetch or frisbee with their owners.
  • Hide and seek: Huskies love searching for their toys or treats that have been hidden around the house or backyard.
  • Treat Trails: Hide treats around your house or your backyard and have your husky search for them!
  • Puzzles: Interactive puzzles designed for dogs can help keep your Husky entertained and challenged while they search for treats or kibble.
Husky Playing Fetch
Husky playing fetch with a stick? ‍♀️

Huskies play with their doggy friends

If you’ve ever seen a husky at play, you know that they love to run and wrestle with other dogs. Huskies get along with other dogs, especially other Huskies or dogs at least their own size.

Playing with other dogs is part of their nature. Huskies are pack animals and working dogs, and would work together to pull sleds and hunt for food. As a result, they have an instinct to play with other dogs. This instinct helps to keep them happy and healthy, and it also makes them great companions for other dogs.

Just make sure you know how to socialise your Husky with other dogs.

Examples of how Huskies play with other dogs:

  • Chasing each other around in circles
  • Playing tug-of-war with a rope toy
  • Play fighting aka rough-and-tumble play

Huskies play fighting

The main way that Huskies play with other dogs is through play fighting. If you’ve ever watched two Huskies play fight, it’s as if they are training each other to become better fighters. They play fight through round after round; each round usually ending with one Husky pinning the other one down by biting their neck.

Our Huskies don’t do this as much anymore, but when one of them was younger (Mishka is now 11 but Lexa is only 4), they would play fight all day. If you watched them long enough, you could see them quickly learning new fighting tactics.

Examples of Husky play fight tactics:

  • Biting/nipping the other Huskies foot/leg to get them off balance, similar to a low leg kick in kickboxing.
  • Pinning the other Husky down by biting and holding onto their neck, similar to a choke hold in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  • Launching at the other Husky with both paws extended to try and knock them over, similar to a takedown in wrestling.

Watching two Huskies play fight is very interesting to say the least!

The above examples might sound like they are really fighting, but Huskies are very good at biting just hard enough to ‘play fight’ not hard enough to be a real fight. They are sparring with each other, not in a real fight.

Although, your Huskies (if you own more than 1) might fight each other for real, but this is usually only over food. So just make sure to separate their food bowls to mitigate risk of a real fight!

Warning: Huskies do like to play rough! So it’s usually only ok to let them play fight with other Huskies or dogs their own size or bigger.

Huskies Play Fighting
Huskies play fighting or competing to see who can open their mouth the widest…

How to know if your Husky is play fighting or fighting for real?

It can be difficult to tell the difference between play fighting and real fighting. The best way to tell is if your Husky is snarling with all of their teeth out. It’s usually very different to a normal bark or growl.

But just like any sparring match or real fight, there should always be a referee to make sure both opponents are fighting fairly! So if your Huskies are play fighting, make sure you are keeping a close eye on them!!

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Final takeaways about how Huskies play

Huskies love to play through physical activity, and owners, but most of all they love to play with other dogs. This can involve anything from a game of fetch or frisbee, hide and seek, treat trails, puzzles or play fighting.

However it’s important to keep an eye on your Huskies (or Husky and another dog breed) when they are playing with each other to make sure that the play is fair, and they aren’t fighting for real.

If you have the opportunity to let your Huskies play with other dogs, it’s a great way for them to stay happy and healthy, as long as safety is kept in check at all times!

It’s also important to remember that each dog has their own unique personality, so it’s important to monitor your own Husky when they are playing with other dogs to make sure their personalities and play-styles mesh.

Does your Husky (or Huskies) play fight?

Share your experience in the comments below.

FAQ about Huskies playing

How do huskies play?

Huskies play energetically and creatively, often engaging in activities like chase, tug-of-war, and fetch. They usually also enjoy interactive toys and playful interactions with their owners.

Why do huskies play so rough?

Rough play is natural for huskies due to their strong prey drive and history as sled dogs. It’s a way for them to bond, exercise, and channel their high energy levels. Also, when play fighting, I believe they are instinctively training for if they ever got in a fight with another dog!

How to tell if dogs are playing or fighting?

Watch for relaxed body language, play bows, and alternating roles during breaks to determine if dogs are playing. Fighting is characterized by tense postures, growling, and aggressive behaviors.

What do huskies like to play with?

Huskies enjoy interactive toys, puzzle feeders, balls, ropes, and items that challenge their minds and bodies.

How do huskies play with each other?

Huskies engage in boisterous play, often chasing, wrestling, and mock-fighting. They use body language like play bows and take turns being the “chaser” or the “chasee.” However, playing often ends up with the alpha dominating the other.

How to play with a husky?

Play with a husky by incorporating activities like fetch, tug-of-war, hide-and-seek, and teaching new tricks. Use their natural instincts and energy to guide the play.

When do huskies play?

Huskies are active and playful throughout the day, especially during mornings and evenings when temperatures are cooler. They’ll also initiate play when they’re excited or seeking stimulation.

How to keep a husky entertained while at work?

Provide toys that stimulate their minds, like puzzle toys with treats inside. Leave interactive toys and engage in play sessions before and after work to keep them mentally and physically engaged. Consider a dog walker or pet sitter for added interaction during the day.

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