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Why Do Huskies Dig Holes? (8 Methods To Their Madness!)

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Why Do Huskies Dig Holes?
Why do huskies dig holes?

If you own a husky, you’re probably all too familiar with the tell-tale signs of a digging session: Dirt everywhere, holes in your yard, and a very guilty-looking pup.

But why do huskies dig holes in the first place? Is there a method to their madness? Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons behind this potentially problematic husky behavior.

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8 Reasons Why Huskies Dig Holes

1. Your husky is building a den

One reason why huskies dig holes could be because they are building themselves a comfortable den. Huskies are naturally attracted to areas that are sheltered and secluded, and they will often use their digging skills to create a cozy space to curl up in.

While it can be frustrating to find holes in your lawn, it is important to remember that this behavior is instinctive for huskies. If you provide them with a designated digging area, you can help to prevent damage to your yard while still giving your husky the opportunity to satisfy their instincts.

Huskies dig holes to build dens
Now this is a cool husky den! Image from @amadarelifestyle

2. Your husky is burying something

Another reason huskies dig is that they are trying to bury something, usually a bone. While it may seem like they’re just making a mess, they are actually trying to protect their food.

By burying their bones, they are keeping other animals from being able to find and steal them. To prevent this from happening, you could stop giving them bones. However, huskies love bones! So this would be mean!! Just let them do their thing.

3. Your husky is bored

Your husky could also be digging holes because they’re bored. If your husky isn’t getting enough exercise, they may start looking for ways to burn off that excess energy – and digging is a great way to do that.

If you notice your husky starting to dig more frequently, try increasing their exercise regimen to see if that helps.

It’s worth noting that boredom is often what leads to the weirdest husky behaviors. If you don’t entertain them, they will entertain themselves. They are very good at it!

4. Your husky is hunting

According to Jane Lefler, a dog behaviorist, dogs can smell ground dwelling critters that live under plants and tree roots, and they dig in an attempt to catch them. So it’s no surprise that huskies often dig up flowers, plants, and vegetable gardens!

There isn’t much you can do about this reason for digging because husky’s prey drive is in their nature. But you can protect your vegetable gardens and other plants by fencing them off.

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Huskies dig holes because they are hunting
Husky hunting for ground dwelling critters! Image from @thecrazyapollo

5. Your husky is trying to get your attention

In some cases, huskies may start digging in an attempt to get your attention. If you’ve been neglecting your pup and they’re feeling lonely, they may start behaving destructively in an attempt to get your attention.

The next time you see your husky starting to dig, try spending some quality time with them instead of scolding them. They’ll likely be much happier (and less destructive!) as a result.

6. Your husky has separation anxiety

If your husky has separation anxiety or experiences anxiety in general, they may start digging as a way of dealing with those feelings. When dogs experience anxiety, they often try to find ways to escape whatever is causing that feeling—and for some dogs, digging is how they do it.

If you think your husky’s digging may be caused by anxiety, consider talking to your veterinarian about possible treatment options.

7. Your husky is horny!

While less common because most huskies are spayed or neutered, your husky could be digging (under your fences) because they are horny! They are looking for a special friend and the only way to do that is to escape and explore. If this seems like the reason your husky is digging, get them desexed.

8. Your husky is just having fun!

Your husky could be digging because they’re just having fun. After all, what could be more fun than excavating a big hole in the backyard? For a husky, the act of digging is its own reward. They love the feeling of the dirt between their paws and the satisfaction of uncovering hidden treasures. As mentioned already, try giving giving them a designated digging area.

Check out the below video for an example of a designated digging area.

Which reason applies to your husky digging holes?

Huskies are delightful creatures—but their penchant for digging can be frustrating for owners who find themselves constantly rebuilding flower beds and replanting trees. However, it’s important to remember that there’s usually method behind their madness.

They could be building a den, hunting, burying, bored, attention-seeking, anxious, horny or just having fun! So next time your dog starts excavating your backyard, try not view it as mischievous behavior—view it as your dog’s way of communicating with you!

Which of the above reasons apply to your husky digging holes? Comment below.

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How to stop a husky from digging?

Digging is in your huskies nature. Instead of stopping them, give them a designated digging area. Try burying bones in secret (yourself!) to train your husky to dig in a certain area. Also make sure to read our how-to guide about how to stop a husky from digging!

Why do Huskies dig holes? Watch our YouTube video to find out!
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