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Why Do Huskies Blow Bubbles In Water? (6 Reasons)

Why Do Huskies Blow Bubbles In Water?
Why do Huskies blow bubbles in water?

Huskies are undeniably adorable! They have a way of melting our hearts and making us laugh with their silly antics. This makes us wonder about things like, ‘why do huskies blow bubbles in water?’ 🤔

After all, one of the cutest but also weirdest husky behaviors is blowing bubbles in water! While we may never know the true reason behind this quirky habit, there are several plausible explanations. Keep reading to learn more about why huskies blow bubbles in water.

P.S. We also provide instructions on how to teach your Husky to blow bubbles so you can get all of the video likes! 🤫

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6 Reasons for Huskies Blowing Bubbles in Water

1. Your Husky is preventing water from getting into their noses

One of the obvious reasons Huskies blow bubbles in water is to prevent water from getting into their noses. This is especially true when they are drinking the weird husky way of putting their whole nose or face in the water! 😂

Although it may seem like an obvious reason, it’s actually an instinctive behavior that helps keep the water out of their nose. Otherwise the water would go up their nose!

Why Do Huskies Blow Bubbles In Water - Preventing Water From Getting In Their Nose
Blowing bubbles to keep the water out of their nose! Image from @nereneu.husky

2. Your Husky is playing with the water

Some Huskies simply enjoy playing with the water and trying to catch the bubbles they blow. It’s a way for them to have fun and expend their energy in a playful manner.

This type of behavior is usually seen when your Husky is playing in the backyard, especially if you have a small doggy pool for them. They love jumping in doggy pools, trying to dig in the water and of course blowing bubbles! 🫧

3. Your Husky likes the feeling of water on their nose

Huskies may also enjoy the feeling of cool water on their noses when they blow bubbles. It’s a sensation similar to taking a dip in a pool and provides them with an enjoyable experience that they don’t usually get.

According to this study, dogs prefer drinking cool water, so it’s not surprising they would like the feeling of cool water on their nose, face and body.

4. Your Husky is curious

Huskies are inquisitive animals, and they may be curious about what will happen when they blow bubbles in water. Blowing bubbles can be a way for them to explore new things and entertain themselves. It provides them with another way of interacting with their environment that they might not have done before.

Why Do Huskies Blow Bubbles In Water - Because They Are Curious
Curious Husky blowing bubbles! Image from @dieselthedestroyer

5. Your Husky likes the vibration from blowing bubbles

Huskies may also enjoy the vibrations from blowing bubbles. As they blow into the water, their breath creates a unique sound and feeling that they may find comforting or stimulating. This could be another reason why your Husky is so eager to blow bubbles in water!

6. Your Husky is trying to cool down

Blowing bubbles in water can be a nice way for Huskies to cool down on a hot day. If your Husky has just finished running around or playing, then they may dunk their head in their water bowl and instinctively start blowing bubbles.

Or try and force their whole body into anything with water!

Why Do Huskies Blow Bubbles In Water - To Cool Down
Lexa cooling down before blowing bubbles! 😂

How To Teach Your Husky To Blow Bubbles

If you want to teach your Husky to blow bubbles, there are a few steps that you can take. Make sure to reward them after each step with a treat and praise (in a happy higher pitched voice!).

  • The first step is starting with an empty bowl and getting your Husky to just see the bowl. To do this, simply point at the bowl until it grabs their attention.
  • The second step is getting your Husky to come near the bowl. Touch and tap the bowl to get them to come near the bowl.
  • The third step is getting your Husky to actually touch the bowl (ideally with their nose). Continue touching and tapping the bowl until they touch it themselves. They should be booping it with their nose by now.
  • The fourth step is filling up a 1/3 of the bowl with water and getting them to touch the water with their nose. This part will be the hardest part, so be patient! And make sure you give them a treat when they do this.
  • The fifth step is filling up another 1/3 of the bowl (2/3 full now) and getting your Husky to touch the water again with their nose. When touching the bowl, put your finger into the water and touch the bottom. This will encourage them to put their nose in to sniff or taste whatever it is you are touching. At this step they should be putting their nose in the water, and maybe starting to blow bubbles…
  • The sixth step is filling up the last part of the bowl and getting your Husky to touch the water again. At this step they should definitely be putting their nose in the water. If not, make sure you are really trying to grab their attention and directing it towards the bottom of the bowl under the water. As soon as your Husky puts their nose into the water, they should instinctively start blowing bubbles to prevent water from getting in their nose.

Good luck!

Let us know in the comments below if your Husky can now blow bubbles!!

So, why do you think Huskies blow bubbles?

So, next time you see your husky putting their nose in the water and blowing bubbles, don’t be so quick to think that they’re just being weird while getting a drink. They may very well be cooling down, playing with the water, or enjoying the feeling of the cool liquid on their nose.

Why do you think your Husky blows bubbles?

Comment below.

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