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Why Do Huskies Dig In Their Beds Before Sleep? (5 Reasons)

Why Do Huskies Dig In Their Beds?
Why do huskies dig in their beds?

Wondering ‘Why do Huskies dig in their beds?’. As a Husky owner, you would have noticed that they like to dig in their beds before lying down and getting some rest. While it may look like they’re just making a mess, there’s actually a few good reasons why they do this!

Here are five reasons why Huskies dig in their beds.

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5 Reasons Why Huskies Dig In Their Beds

1. They are trying to find a comfortable position

If you’ve ever watched your Husky lie down, you may have noticed that they don’t just plop down and stay still. Instead, they often spend a few minutes digging around and adjusting the bed and their sleeping position until they find the perfect spot.

This isn’t much different from the way humans fluff up their pillows or change positions until they are comfortable enough to fall asleep.

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Why Do Huskies Dig In Their Bed - To Get Comfortable
Awww doesn’t she look comfortable!

2. They are trying to adjust the temperature of their bed

Why Do Huskies Dig In Their Beds - To Adjust Temperature
This is how they used to dig in their ‘bed’ to adjust the temperature.

Similar to how humans toss and turn in bed when it’s too hot, Huskies will dig and scratch at their bed to try to adjust the temperature. It’s like us moving to a cooler spot on the bed.

3. They are preparing a safe ‘den’

Huskies are instinctual diggers and will often dig in their beds as a way of preparing a safe ‘den.’ This instinct comes from their wild ancestors who would often burrow into the snow to stay warm and protected from predators. While your Husky probably doesn’t have to worry about predators, digging in their beds gives them a sense of security and comfort.

4. They are checking for things that might disturb their sleep

Huskies are very alert dogs and tend to be light sleepers. This is another holdover from their wild ancestors who had to be on the constant lookout for predators while sleeping. Before lying down, your Husky may dig in their bed as a way of checking for anything that might unnecessarily disturb their sleep.

This is probably more of an instinct from those wild days though. Imagine coming back to your bed, lying down, and then realizing you just sat on a snake, spider, or ants! Your husky is probably just instinctually checking for things like this.

Or maybe they are just checking to make sure their favorite toy is close by to help them sleep?

5. Huskies dig in their beds because it feels good on their paws

Another reason Huskies dig in their beds is because it simply feels good on their paws and helps them stretch everything out. It’s similar to humans doing some lower back stretches before going to bed. It feels good and helps prevent stiffness the next morning. Maybe it’s the same for huskies?

Note: It’s not just Huskies that dig in their beds. All dogs do this, mostly for instinctual reasons. There are countless experiences shared by owners on Reddit of their dogs digging in their beds.

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Why do you think your Husky digs in their bed?

So, now you know the reasons why huskies dig in their beds. If your Husky behaves like this, it’s not because they are trying to be naughty – they are just trying to get comfortable!

And if your Husky enjoys digging in their bed before sleeping, there’s no harm in letting them do so. In fact, it might even help them get a good night’s rest.

Why do you think your Husky digs in their bed?

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Watch this Youtube video to learn why huskies dig in their beds.
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