Updated on November 25, 2022

Why Does My Husky Eat Grass? [Dogs Eating Grass Explained]

Why Does My Husky Eat Grass? Pin
Why does my Husky eat grass?

Why does my Husky eat grass? Well, there are a few theories floating around as to why Huskies eat grass. It could be because of boredom, because of a habit they’ve formed, to supplement their diet, or possibly to induce vomiting.

It’s also possible that some huskies choose to eat grass simply because we dared to tell them not to!

4 Reasons Why Huskies Eat Grass

1. Your Husky is supplementing their diet

One common theory is that Huskies eat grass because they are missing something from their diet. One thing that can actually be beneficial about grass for dogs is its fiber content. Fiber, and moreover just roughage in general, can help dogs better digest their food and make passing stool much easier for them.

Try switching your Husky to a fresh dog food diet or consider adding some additional fiber to its diet with fresh fruits or vegetables like apples and bananas, or carrots. 

Moreover, even if grass is not the missing key ingredient in their diet, they may be looking to it as a potential source for whatever mineral, vitamin, or nutrient they are missing from their diet. Avoid low-quality commercial diets and instead opt for a high-quality diet for your Husky so that all of its nutritional needs can be met. 

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Look at all this grass I can eat! 😋 Image from @volkahusky

2. Your Husky is bored

Another possible reason that Huskies may eat grass is simply because they are bored and they find it fun! They probably enjoy the texture and the way it feels in their mouths, and it’s a way to pass the time.

Try to find other things that capture your Husky’s interest, like toys, chews, or puzzle games. A dog that is mentally stimulated will be much happier than one that is not. Consider spending more one-on-one time with your Husky as well, and focus on making your pup really think. A great way to do this is to practice new tricks! 

Did you know that 79% of dog owners have caught their dogs eating grass?

Study published on Research Gate.

3. Husky habit

Unfortunately, once a Husky starts eating grass, it can sometimes become a habit. Much like how some people have a habit of picking at their skin or chewing their fingernails, dogs, too, can form habits. These are often a way of self-soothing or comforting themselves if they are feeling a little bit restless, anxious, or worried. 

Eating grass could also be a symptom and habit that develops because of something called pica. Pica is a condition in which dogs obsessively chew on and eat objects that have little to no nutritional value to them.

For some dogs, this could be dirt, and for others, it could be rocks. And, of course, for some, it could be grass. While not nearly as harmful as eating rocks can be, the obsessive and compulsive nature of pica is certainly not enjoyable for humans or dogs. It can sometimes be because of a nutritional deficiency, but it can also form because of stress and anxiety. 

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More yummy grass! 😂 Image from @huskypocalypse

4. Your Husky feels sick and is trying to induce vomiting 

While there is little to no evidentiary support to this theory, some folks believe that dogs eat grass in order to purposefully make themselves throw up or vomit because of an upset stomach. While some dogs do throw up after eating grass, certainly not all dogs do throw up. 

While in theory, this could technically make sense, most believe that dogs don’t have the mental capacity or brain power to make the association between grass, throwing up, and relieving an upset stomach. Moreover, this idea that dogs eat grass to throw up just doesn’t hold with the studies, making it less of a theory and more like an old wives’ tale or folktale. Although, Huskies are smarter than they catch on!

Is it harmful for huskies to eat grass? 

In small amounts, it is usually not a big deal if your husky eats grass. But, it is still best to avoid it if possible because grass can often be treated with things like herbicides, pesticides, weed killers, fertilizer, and other such harmful chemicals. 

Fresh chemically treated grass is especially harmful to dogs which is why companies and homeowners will often put up signs saying “keep off the grass” or “chemically treated” or something along those lines so that owners know to keep their dogs away from those areas. 

Additionally, other animal droppings could be on the grass that your dog is eating. While your husky may find this extra topping to his grass salad delicious, we humans certainly don’t! More than just grossing us out, if our dogs consume these animal droppings, they could be ingesting intestinal parasites like roundworms or hookworms.

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First I’ll lay in it, then I’ll sniff it, then I’ll eat it… 🤔 Image from @diesel_sky_kinvara_huskies

How to stop your Husky from eating grass

The easiest way to get your husky to stop eating grass is to offer treats as an alternative. Whether you and your dog are out in the backyard playing or on a walk, keep some treats with you. If your husky starts to munch on some grass, call your dog to you with the promise of a treat. 

That being said, we don’t want the dog to associate eating grass with treats! So be sure to make your dog work for the treat once you’ve gotten him away from his grass snack. Something as simple as asking the dog to lie down or spin and then offering the treat as a reward should suffice. 

You can also work on practicing the “no” or “leave it” command. Once you say your preferred phrase, and your Husky stops the bad behavior, offer lots of praise, and maybe even a treat or two!

Final takeaways about why Huskies eat grass

Eating grass certainly isn’t the worst thing in the world for a dog to do, but it can become dangerous in cases where harmful chemicals have been sprayed. Because of this, it is best to try to avoid letting your Husky eat grass. 

Instead, we should offer them alternatives like a high-quality, high-fiber diet and more mental stimulation like puzzle toys and training, so our pups don’t get bored to the point that they start munching on the grass to entertain themselves! 

Does your Husky eat grass?

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