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Why Does My Husky Jump On Me? 4 Jump-Worthy Reasons!

Why Does My Husky Jump On Me?
Why does my husky jump on me?

If you own a husky, then you know that one of their favorite things to do is jump on you.

But why do they do it? Is it because they’re excited, or because they want your attention?

In this blog post, we’ll explore four reasons why your husky jumps on you.

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4 Reasons Why Your Husky Jumps On You

1. Your husky jumps on you because they are excited!

Huskies are very excitable dogs, and one of the ways they express their excitement is by jumping on you.

If you’ve just come home from work or haven’t been home in a few hours, your husky may be so excited to see you that they can’t help but jump up and down.

Once they’ve jumped on you and gotten some kisses and cuddles, they will probably jump from couch to couch and do zoomies around the entire house too!

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Why Does My Husky Jump On Me - Your Husky Is Excited!
Look at this excited husky! Image from @alcateiahusky

2. Because it’s that time of the day again (e.g. treat time, walkies time, etc)

If your husky knows that it’s almost time for their daily walk or their dinner, they may start jumping on you as a way to remind you. Huskies are very good at reading our body language and cues, so if your husky sees you getting your jacket or putting on your walking shoes, they may start to jump in anticipation.

Huskies are actually so good at reading your body language, that I challenge you to put on your running/walking shoes without them noticing! It’s like they have a sixth sense!!

3. Your husky wants your attention

Why Does My Husky Jump On Me - Your Husky Wants Your Attention
Gimme attention! Image from @husky_tove

Another reason why your husky may be jumping on you is because they want your attention. Huskies thrive on human interaction and attention.

If your husky feels like they’re being ignored, they may start to jump on you in an effort to get your attention.

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4. Because they want to play!

Finally, another reason why your husky jumps on you may be because they simply want to play with you.

If you have a young husky puppy, they may not yet understand the concept of personal space and may just be trying to play with you in the only way they know how.

Older huskies may also jump on you in an attempt to initiate a game of tug-of-war or fetch.

How To Stop Your Husky From Jumping On You

According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Animal Behavior Science, your dog will jump on you less if you are crouching instead of standing.

So instead of trying to stand taller and pushing them away (which only encourages further bad husky behavior), try kneeling or crouching down to give them a kiss and cuddle next time you get home from work.

Simply put, instead of making your husky jump up to your face to give you a welcome home kiss, get closer to them to make it easier for them so they don’t have to jump!

On the other hand, if you have treats in your hand, standing taller might be the best option. Just make sure you know how high your husky can jump so that you can hold the treat high enough not to tempt them to jump.

When does your husky jump on you?

There are many reasons why your husky may be jumping on you, but the most likely reason is that they simply want to play with you or get your attention.

If your husky’s behavior involves constantly jumping on you and it’s becoming annoying or disruptive, there are a few things you can do to train them out of this behavior (more on this in another article!).

Remember that Huskies need a lot of human interaction, so don’t be too quick to scold them for trying to get close to you (especially if you haven’t been giving them the attention they deserve!).

When does your husky jump on?

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