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Where Do Huskies Like To Be Pet? (5 Best Tickle Spots!)

Where Do Huskies Like To Be Pet?
Where do huskies like to be pet?

Where do Huskies like to be pet? Well, everyone knows that Huskies love belly rubs! But did you know that there are other places on a Husky’s body that feel pretty darn good when you give them a little scratch, rub, or massage?

If you’ve got a Husky, then they’re in for a real treat! Keep reading to learn the 5 best places where Huskies like to be pet.

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Important: Don’t pet Huskies because you want to pet them. Pet them because they want to be pet, which is usually when your Husky is showing affection.

Husky behavior often involves doing their own thing, so don’t force or smother them with petting like scratches, rubs, tickles, etc. Just like most humans don’t like being forced to do things, don’t force your Husky to receive pets! They might get angry at you!!

5 Best Places Where Huskies Like To Be Pet

1. Huskies like tummy scratches

This one is a no-brainer. What dog doesn’t like a good belly rub? Scratching your Husky’s tummy is a surefire way to put a smile on their face.

Just be careful not to get too rough – Huskies have sensitive bellies!

Where Do Huskies Like To Be Pet - Huskies Like Tummy Scratches
Huskies love tummy scratches! Image from @1sassysessy1

2. Huskies like ear scratches

Huskies have very sensitive ears, so it’s no surprise that they enjoy having them scratched from time to time. If you want to really make your Husky happy, try scratching behind their ears – this is one of their favorite spots! They also like scratches on the inside of their ear, a few inches down from the top!!

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3. Huskies like bum scratches

Most Huskies love bum scratches at the bottom of their back, just before their tail starts. This isn’t a place they can get to themselves, so they will appreciate a good bum scratch from time to time. Our Husky Mishka absolutely loves them!

4. Huskies like gentle face tickles

Dogs have approximately 40 times more smell receptors than humans. When you tickle your Husky’s face and nose, you’re actually stimulating their olfactory bulb – the part of the brain responsible for processing all of those nice smells! This can be a really calming experience for your Husky and is one of the reasons why they love it when you give them a good face tickle.

5. Huskies like chest rubs

Have you ever noticed how Huskies will often roll onto their backs when they’re looking for a belly rub? Well, they enjoy having their chests scratched just as much! The chest is another area that they can’t really reach with their own paws, so they love it when we lend them a hand.

Bonding With Your Husky

I once volunteered to help train Huskies and snow dogs to pull sleds in Alberta, Canada. The musher always talked about putting in the time to bond with your Husky. And a great way to do this is by giving them full body massages. The sled dog team of Huskies loved their daily massages from me! 🥰

The reason I share this is that Huskies generally like to be petted almost anywhere. Just try a few places and see what they like the most.

Where does your Husky like to be pet?

As you can see, there are plenty of places where a Husky likes to be pet. So next time you’re looking for a way to show your Husky friend some love, don’t forget to include these five special spots when petting them.

Just don’t force your petting on them!

Where does your Husky like to be pet?

Share their favorite spots in the comments below!

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How to tell if your Husky wants to be pet?

Huskies like to be pet when they are showing affection. If they are trying to get close to you and you can see the happy look on their face, it’s likely they will appreciate a good petting!

When shouldn’t I pet my Husky?

Don’t go looking for your Husky to give them pets. Wait for them to come to you. They often hate being touched when trying to do their own thing. Just like humans, let them do their thang!

Where do Huskies like to be pet? Watch our YouTube video to find out!
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