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Why Don’t Huskies Like Their Paws Touched? (6 Reasons Why!)

Why Don't Huskies Like Their Feet Touched?
Why don’t huskies like their feet touched?

Have you ever tried to give your husky a pedicure, only to have them pull their feet away and give you a dirty look? If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many husky owners have been wondering why don’t huskies like their feet touched. But why don’t huskies like their paws touched? Read on to learn 6 possible reasons why your husky doesn’t like having their feet touched.

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6 Reasons Why Your Husky Doesn’t Like Their Paws Touched

1. Because their feet are sensitive

This is probably the most obvious reason why your husky doesn’t want you touching their feet. Just like humans, dogs have nerve endings in their paws that make them sensitive to touch. And while some dogs might enjoy a good foot massage, others might find the sensation a bit overwhelming. If your husky falls into the latter category, it’s best to respect their wishes and leave their paws alone.

2. Because it feels weird

Another reason why your husky might not want you touching their feet is because they simply don’t like the sensation. Have you ever had someone touch your feet in a way that made you feel uncomfortable? Exactly. If your dog doesn’t enjoy having their paws touched, there’s no point in forcing them to endure it.

3. Because they are ticklish

Yes, believe it or not, dogs can be ticklish! And just like humans, some dogs enjoy being tickled while others do not. If your husky is ticklish, they might not enjoy having their feet touched. You’ll know this if your Husky is being dramatic! If this is the case, it’s best to let them be and find another way to show them affection (like belly rubs!).

Why Don't Huskies Like Their Feet Touched?
‘Maybe these will stop them from touching my feet.’ Image from @attythewolf

4. Because they are scared (e.g. bad grooming experience)

If your husky has ever had a bad experience with a groomer (or even just a well-meaning person who didn’t know any better), then they might be scared of having their feet touched. This is especially true if they’ve ever had someone cut too close to their nails – which can be quite painful for dogs! If your husky seems scared when you try to touch their feet, it’s best to leave them alone and ask your vet for advice on how to proceed.

5. Protecting their paws is a natural instinct

As any dog owner knows, dogs have strong instincts when it comes to protecting themselves and their family pack! And one of the things that they instinctually want to protect are their paws – which makes sense when you think about it. After all, without paws, a dog wouldn’t be able to walk or run – two things that are essential for survival in the wild! So if your husky doesn’t want you touching their feet, it could be because they’re instinctively trying to protect them.

6. Your husky might have sore feet!

Finally, it’s important to remember that just like humans, dogs can get sore feet from time to time – especially if they’ve been walking or running a lot. If this is the case, try not to touch or put too much pressure on their sore paws; otherwise, you risk causing them further pain.

It’s also possible they have an injury. If you suspect that this might be the case, it’s important you know how to take care of their injury. If it’s serious, take your husky to your local vet as soon as possible.

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Why doesn’t your Husky like their paws touched?

So, there you go, 6 reasons why your husky might not like having their feet touched. Of course, every husky behaves differently and yours may have a different reason for not liking their feet touched. If you’re still unsure why your pup doesn’t seem to enjoy a pedicure, take them to the vet and ask for their professional opinion. In the meantime, don’t touch your husky’s feet unless you absolutely have to. And if you do, be gentle!

Which of the above reasons applies to your husky?

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