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Why Is My Husky Not Eating? (5 Reasons)

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Why Is My Husky Not Eating?
Why is my Husky not eating?

Wondering, ‘Why is my Husky not eating?‘ Well, as many may already know, huskies don’t tend to be the best eaters. They can be quite finicky or picky about what food they eat, and they usually never overindulge and only eat what they feel is necessary.

In other words, they are good at self-regulating. So while, for the most part, we can rely on our huskies to self-monitor their eating and let us know when they need more food, there are some times when they just aren’t eating enough. 

There are several possible reasons as to why a husky may not be eating. It’s possible that they don’t like their food any longer, they lack a regular feeding schedule, they’re not hungry because they’ve already eaten too much, they have not had enough exercise, or have other health symptoms and concerns like anxiety, toothaches, or more serious health concerns. 

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5 reasons why your Husky isn’t eating

1. Your Husky is bored of their food

One of the first reasons that a husky may not be eating is that they may simply be tired or bored of their food and no longer find it yummy! Dogs don’t get the same meal variety that we humans do, so it is easy to see why they might get bored with their food. We certainly wouldn’t want to eat the same thing day in and day out. 

Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to try to entice your dog to eat. Try adding some water or low-sodium chicken broth to your dog’s dry kibble. This will change the texture and enhance the scent and flavor.

You could also try adding some fresh dog-safe fruit or veggies on top or some plain baked chicken breast pieces to make the food seem extra appetizing. 

Your Husky Is Bored Of Their Food
Husky trying to force food down! Image from @akira_siberianhusky_

2. You Husky isn’t hungry

The next reason is probably the most simplistic reason there is, but it is still worth mentioning. It may be that your dog just isn’t hungry! This could be because your dog has been getting too many treats throughout the day that they are getting stuffed on. 

Or it could also be that they were naughty and got into something and ate something that they shouldn’t have, like the old leftovers in the garbage can!

Make sure all human foods and dog treats are in a place that is inaccessible to your husky, even if that means getting some childproof locks for your cabinets so your dog can’t use their nose to nudge open the cupboards and help themselves to a snack!

Snacks should only make up about 10% of a dog’s daily diet, so the other 90% can come from a nutritious dog food diet.  

3. Your Husky has lost their appetite

It is also possible that a dog could lose its appetite because it’s not getting enough exercise. The less a dog does during the day, the fewer calories it’ll need to fuel its body for activities. Consider adding some more exercise to your dog’s day to try and increase their appetite. 

A dog could lose its appetite and not feel hungry if they are feeling anxious. Maybe storms, fireworks, or other loud noises really distress your dog. Chances are if they are stressed and anxious, they aren’t going to have much of an appetite. 

Your Husky Has Lost Their Appetite
Too deep in thought to be hungry… Image from @by_jihane

4. Your Husky isn’t feeling well

And, of course, a husky may decide not to eat because it isn’t feeling well or is in pain. Toothaches especially can make it so that a dog wouldn’t want to eat hard kibble.

If your dog will let you, try to inspect the inside of its mouth to see if you can see any inflammation, irritation, or obvious signs of something that may point to being a source of your dog’s pain.

If you find something, definitely make an appointment with a vet right away. In the meantime, feed your dog soft food, so eating isn’t painful for them.

You could feed them wet commercial dog food, or if you don’t have access to that, you could try just adding some warm water to their kibble and letting it soak so that the kibble will become much softer and easier to eat. 

5. Your Husky is seriously ill

And, of course, not eating or decreased appetite can be a sign of a more serious health concern. If you don’t see any signs of an improved appetite, you’ll definitely need to get in to see your vet, especially if your dog has gone more than 48 hours without eating. One such concern that can cause a decrease in appetite is zinc malabsorption or maldigestion. 

Zinc deficiency in huskies is more common than other dog breeds. Another common health concern that can cause a decreased appetite would be bloat or gastric torsion. Bloat is the term used to refer to the occurrence of a dog’s stomach filling with gas and subsequently twisting and contorting to the point where the blood supply is cut off. 

 Signs and symptoms of more serious problems

  • Vomiting 
  • Nausea 
  • Stomach ache
  • Lethargy 
  • Hard, swollen belly 
  • Retching with no vomiting
  • Distress/restlessness 
  • Skinny husky
Why Is My Husky Not Eating - They Need Cuddles
I’m not eating until I get some cuddles! Image from @nova_chases_butterfly

How to increase your Husky’s appetite

A few ways to try to increase your dog’s appetite is to feed them high-quality food. A high-quality food would be a food that consists of fresh, quality ingredients with a high overall protein percentage, low carbohydrate percentage, and moderate fat content.

Additionally, it can also be beneficial to add a few dollops of wet dog food to our dog’s kibble to try to entice them to eat. Even something as simple as a couple of blueberries added to their dish can be enough to make them interested in eating again. 

Final takeaways about why your Husky isn’t eating

Taking care of another living being other than ourselves can be a scary thing to do, especially if our dogs aren’t making it any easier for us by choosing not to eat! Remember not to let your dog go too long without eating before contacting a vet.

Also, remember there are tips and tricks you can do to get your husky to eat more food and to eat more regularly, like increasing exercise, sticking to a regular schedule, and feeding them delicious food. Don’t be afraid to mix it up every once in a while, to get your husky excited about food again! 

Why do you think your Husky isn’t eating?

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