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What Do Huskies Like? (12 Husky Favorites!)

What Do Huskies Like Doing?
What do huskies like doing?

If you own a Husky, you know that they are a special breed of dog. They are beautiful, smart, and full of energy. But what do Huskies like?

Here are 12 things that Huskies like, based on my experience as a Husky owner.

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13 Things That Huskies Like

1. Huskies like digging

If you have a Husky, chances are you have at least one hole in your yard. Huskies love to dig, and they are very good at it! There are many reasons why Huskies dig holes, from burying a bone to hunting prey. If you see them digging, there is always an interesting reason!

2. Huskies like ignoring their owners

Huskies being stubborn can be one of the frustrating things about owning a Husky. But sometimes they just need some time to themselves and to go off and do their own thing for a while.

3. Huskies like running

A lot of people think that all dogs like to run, but Huskies really love it! They could run all day if they had the chance. This could be because they were bred to pull sleds or because they are just super excited to sniff all the interesting smells!

Warning: If your Husky hasn’t been properly trained, they will likely start sprinting (and dragging you along) as soon as you open the front door!

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4. Huskies like playing with toys (especially stuffed animals)

Our Husky Lexa loves her stuffed animals, and she likes to carry them around with her everywhere she goes.

Huskies Like Playing With Toys
This is a photo of our Husky Lexa sleeping with her favorite octopus toy!

5. Huskies like following their owner

Huskies are very loyal dogs and will often follow their owner around the house or yard. There are many different reasons why your Husky follows you everywhere, from being curious to showing you love.

Or maybe they are just waiting for a treat! Whatever the reason, Huskies like following their owner around.

6. Huskies like affection (but not too much)

Huskies love to show their affection and they also like receiving it (e.g. kisses and cuddles), but they don’t like to be smothered (just as humans don’t like to be smothered).

So, treat them as you would like to be treated and give them some space when they need it. Also, make sure you know where Huskies like to be pet before petting them!

Huskies also like to show affection! If your husky is always laying on your feet, they are likely showing you affection. Although they could also be anxious or trying to tell you something.

7. Huskies like to sleep in weird positions!

Huskies Like To Sleep In Weird Positions
Our husky Lexa sleeping in a weird position with a grin on her face

I’ve seen our Husky Lexa sleep in all sorts of strange Husky sleeping positions, including on her back with her legs up in the air!

Sleeping in weird positions seems to be something that more extroverted Huskies like to do. Our other Husky Mishka is more introverted and always seems to sleep in the same position.

8. Huskies like doing zoomies

Huskies absolutely love doing zoomies! This could be the thing they love the most!

9. Huskies like pretending to be human

Huskies learn from their surroundings and are good at copying their owner’s behavior. So it often seems like they are pretending to be human!

Huskies, and dogs in general, are actually more similar to humans than you might think, at least according to a research paper about human-like behaviors of domesticated dogs.

10. Huskies like exploring

They are curious by nature and love to investigate their surroundings. Wanting to explore often leads to your Husky running away, which can quickly get them into trouble (like getting lost), so it’s important to keep an eye on them when they’re exploring your backyard!

11. Huskies like playing ruff with other dogs!

If you have another dog at home, your Husky will likely want to play with them frequently (even if they’re not the same size).

Huskies are good with other dogs, but they can sometimes be too rough when they play, so it’s important to supervise them closely when they’re together. At least until they get to know each other!

Huskies also love going to the dog park to make friends. Treat them with a weekly visit to the local dog park! If you don’t have a dog park nearby, take them to the local park, lake or beach to sniff out some new friends.

12. Huskies like singing

Huskies are very vocal and often end up singing to their owners! Do they actually like singing though or is it just their way of communicating with us?

What does your husky like doing?

When it comes to Husky behavior, they love to explore, run around, and play with toys – especially stuffed animals! They also enjoy following their owner and getting just the right amount of affection.

Oh and sleeping in weird positions! Just like people, every dog has its own unique personality and quirks though. So they might not all like the things from the above list…

What does your Husky like doing?

Share your experience in the comment section below.

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