Siberian Husky Price Philippines (Costs + Where To Buy)

Siberian Husky Price Philippines Pin
Siberian Husky Price Philippines

The stats used in this article about the Husky price in Philippines were put together by Dr. Abdul Basit Javed (DVM, RVMP).

The Siberian Husky is one of the most popular and expensive dog breeds in the world, and the same is true in the Philippines. Siberian Huskies are incredibly popular and highly sought-after among dog lovers and enthusiasts in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, Siberian Huskies typically cost between 25,000 PHP to 50,000 PHP ($430-$800 USD). Siberian Huskies puppies often cost more than 40,000 PHP ($700 USD) when they are registered with the Philippine Canine Club (PCCI), vaccinated, and dewormed. 

This article is for you if you live in the Philippines, love Siberian Huskies, and want to get one but are unsure of the breed’s pricing or maintenance costs. Read on to learn about all the costs that owning a Siberian Husky in the Philippines may entail.


  • Huskies are not suited to hot climates. We don’t recommend getting a Husky unless you have air conditioning to keep them cool (when they need).
  • All prices mentioned in this article are in PHP (Philippine Peso) and USD.
  • Prices are average estimates and can vary depending on the location and other factors.

Siberian Husky Price Philippines

Siberian Huskies are one of the more expensive dog breeds in the Philippines. The pricing of these dogs might vary depending on the area, physical features, vaccination, deworming history, and whether or not they are registered with the Philippine Canine Club (PCCI).

Costs Table

Husky Price in PhilippinesPrice (PHP)Price (USD)
Local Buying Price (puppy)25,000 - 45,000 PHP$430 - $800 USD
Imported Buying Price50,000 - 80,000 PHP$850 - $1400 USD
Commercial Dog Food (monthly)1000 PHP - 3000 PHP$17 - $50 USD
Raw Dog Food (monthly)600 - 900 PHP$11 - $15 USD
Grooming Cost (per visit)400 - 1000 PHP$7 - $17 USD
Vet Bills (first year)800 - 1000 PHP$13 - $17 USD
Spaying/Neutering (one-time)1500 - 2000 PHP$25 - $35 USD
Husky Training (15 day package)15,000 PHP$260 USD
Husky Training (2 month package)40,000 PHP$700 USD
Air Conditioning (monthly)2000 - 3000 PHP$35 - $50 USD
Dog collar, leash, dog bed, toys, etc.1000 - 2500 PHP$17 - $40 USD
Pet Insurance (annual)1000 - 5000 PHP$17 - $85 USD
Doggy Treadmill8000 - 20,000 PHP$140 - $350 USD

Local Price

In the Philippines, Siberian Huskies can be purchased for between 25,000 PHP to 45,000 PHP ($430-$800 USD). A husky with complete medical documentation and registration with the Philippine Canine Club (PCCI) usually costs more than 40,000 PHP ($700 USD). 

Since adult Huskies are often trained and vaccinated, they are considerably more expensive than puppies. If a Siberian husky is being offered for less than 25,000 PHP ($420 USD), it should be double-checked because the majority of them are not purebred.

How much is a Husky in the Philippines?

The price of a Husky from a breeder in the Phillipines is between 25,000 PHP to 45,000 PHP ($430-$800 USD).

Husky Prices in Philippines Pin
This lucky husky got to check out the views at Mt. Magdiwata in San Francisco, Philippines!🌴 Image from @skypups_

Imported Price 

In the Philippines, the cost of importing a Siberian Husky might be double or even triple that of buying one locally. In general, the price of an imported Siberian Husky in the Philippines can range from 50,000 PHP to 80,000 PHP ($850-$1400 USD), including the cost of the dog, though this price can go higher depending on the country from which you import the dog. 

Usually, the costs associated with transportation, documentation, and vaccinations alone are about 18,000 to 30,000 PHP ($300-$520 USD).

Husky Price in Different Cities in Philippines

Husky Price in Different States in PhilippinesPrice (PHP)Price (USD)
Husky Price in Manila25,000 - 40,000 PHP$430 - $800 USD
Husky Price in Marikina25,000 PHP$430 USD
Husky Price in San Carlos12,000 - 25,000 PHP$200 - $430 USD
Husky Price in Laguna40,000 - 45,000 PHP$700 - $800 USD

Husky Price in Manila 

Depending on the coat color, eye color, breeder reputation, and other criteria, you may anticipate paying between 25,000 PHP to 40,000 PHP ($430-$800 USD) for a Siberian Husky in Manila.

Husky Price in Marikina

In Marikina, Siberian Huskies typically cost around 25,000 PHP (~$430 USD), but depending on the dog’s physical characteristics, you may have to pay more.

Husky Price in San Carlos 

San Carlos has by far the lowest prices for Siberian Huskies in the Philippines, with rates ranging between 12,000 PHP to 25,000 PHP ($200-$430 USD). We strongly advise carefully reviewing their documentation to ensure they aren’t crossbred.

Husky Price in Laguna

Laguna has by far the highest prices for Siberian Huskies in the Philippines because there are several well-regarded breeders there. Because the majority of these dogs are fully vaccinated, dewormed, and registered with the Philippine Canine Club (PCCI), Huskies in Laguna often sell for between 40,000 and 45,000 PHP ($700-$800).

Husky Price in Different Cities in Philippines Pin
Aww, happy husky and happy mom! 🥰 Image from @toffeethewoolyhusky

Siberian Huskies for Sale in Philippines

Here is a list of Siberian Huskies for sale in Philippines from Husky breeders.

Ascons Kennel (Philippines)

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Dante Bascon established the ASCONS Kennel in 1996. In the Philippines, they are the first who began exhibiting, showing, and breeding Siberian Huskies. If you want a high-quality Siberian husky, get in touch with them via their website link below.


Philippine Siberian Husky Club – PSHC

In the Philippines, the Philippine Siberian Husky Club (PSHC) is home to some of the most exquisite pure-bred Siberian Huskies. Most of their dogs are champions that have excelled in beauty contests. To find out if they have one for sale, contact them via the below links.


Siberian Husky Love – PH

In Laguna, Philippines, this breeder is regarded as one of the best for Huskies. They offer premium Siberian Huskies in a variety of colors. On their website, they are currently offering two husky puppies for sale, priced between 40,000 PHP and 45,000 PHP.



Maintenance Cost of a Siberian Husky in the Philippines

The following is a list of the maintenance costs for Siberian huskies in the Philippines, which include the cost of food, grooming, training, and veterinary expenses.

Cost of Food

The cost of food for Siberian Huskies is mainly determined by whether you buy commercial dog food or provide a raw food diet prepared at home.

Commercial Dog Food

The price of commercial dog food depends on the brand but on average it will cost you about 100 PHP to 170 PHP ($1.75-$3 USD) per kilo or about 1000 PHP – 3000 PHP ($17-$50 USD) for a 15 to 20 kg bag of dog food, which should last you a month. Note that usually, an adult husky will eat about 500 grams of dog food per day. Puppies will eat less at about 200-300 grams per day.

Raw Dog food

Depending on the type of meat and other ingredients you add, as well as the age and size of your dog, the price of raw dog food often ranges between 20 PHP and 30 PHP ($0.35-$0.5 USD) per day or 600 PHP to 900 PHP ($11-$15 USD) per month.

If you don’t want to prepare raw dog food at home, there are a few companies that offer raw dog food in the Philippines – one of these companies is

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Can I please have a slice? Just one!? 🤤 Image from @jokerandkulit

Cost of Grooming 

Given that Siberian Huskies are classified as medium to large-sized dogs, the total cost of grooming in the Philippines, which includes hair trimming, de-shedding, bathing with a dog shampoo, nail trimming, and ear cleaning, would range from 400 PHP to 1000 PHP ($7-$17 USD) per session.

Cost of Veterinary Services

A Siberian Husky’s first year of veterinary care will cost you between 800 PHP and 1000 PHP ($13-$17 USD), with roughly 300 PHP going for a consultation with a veterinarian and the remainder going toward vaccinations and deworming.

Spaying and neutering procedures usually cost between 1500 PHP and 2000 PHP ($25-$35 USD), but the price can increase based on the veterinarian’s experience and the clinic’s location.

Cost of Training a Siberian Husky in the Philippines

A 15-day package of basic obedience training for a Siberian Husky would cost you around 15,000 PHP ($260 USD). Advanced obedience training is substantially more expensive in the Philippines, with rates as high as 40,000 PHP ($700 USD) for a two-month program.

Husky Price in Philippines - Cost of Training Pin
Early morning training and exercise before it gets too hot! 😅 Image from @_cocolove8

Additional Costs of Owning a Siberian Husky in the Philippines

Since the climate in the Philippines is tropical and usually hot and humid, you might need an air conditioning unit for your Siberian husky, especially during the summer.

Electricity Cost

In the Philippines, the electricity bill for running an AC for more than 12 hours a day for your Husky can range from 2000 PHP to 3000 PHP ($35-$50 USD) per month.

Other Costs

  • Necessities like dog collars, leashes, dog beds, and toys would set you back between 1000 PHP and 2500 PHP ($17- $40 USD).
  • Your annual pet insurance costs will range from 1000 PHP to 5000 PHP ($17-$85 USD).
  • If it’s too hot to exercise outside, you might need to get a doggy treadmill. Expect to pay anything from 8000 PHP to 20,000 PHP ($140-$350 USD).

Husky prices around the world:

Final Word About the Husky Price in Philippines

Huskies are a popular breed of dog in the Philippines. They are known for their friendly and playful temperament. There is a lot of interest in this breed, and with good reason – they make excellent pets! 🥰

However, before you decide to get a husky, it’s important to be aware of the costs involved in owning one. In addition to the purchase cost, these dogs require regular grooming, food and veterinary care, as well as training too!

Have you got a husky?

Share your experience and expenses in the comments below.


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