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Husky Price in UK: Manchester, Kent, Birmingham…

Husky Price in UK: Manchester, Kent, Birmingham, Worcestershire & Cambridge Pin
Husky Price in UK

The stats used in this article about the Husky price in UK were put together by Dr. Abdul Basit Javed (DVM, RVMP).

If you intend to keep a Siberian Husky in the UK, you should carefully consider the costs involved with ownership before making a purchase since Siberian Huskies are expensive and high-maintenance pets.

Siberian Huskies are considered one of the most expensive dog breeds in the UK, with the average cost ranging from £1500 to £2500 (~$1780-$3000 USD). Factors that affect the price of Siberian Huskies in the UK are the reputation of the breeder, the physical features of the dog, and location.

In order to better care for your pet in the future, it is vital to have a general estimate of all the costs that come with owning and maintaining a Siberian Husky in the UK. We have outlined all the expenses associated with owning a Siberian Husky in the UK in this article.


  • All the prices mentioned in this article are in USD and  £/GBP (British pound sterling).  
  • Some of the prices are average estimates and can vary depending on the location and other factors.

Husky Prices in UK

In general, adult and trained Huskies cost more than pups. While in the UK, puppies that are from a reputable breeder or champion pedigree, are microchipped, vaccinated, have been DNA tested for diseases, and have received some basic training are more expensive than puppies who are not.

Husky Price in UK Summary Table

Husky Price in UKPrice (GBP)Price (USD)
Local Buying Price (puppy)£1500 - £2500~$1780 - $3000
Imported Buying Price~£5000~$5935
Commercial Dog Food (monthly)£30 - £80~$35 - $95
Home-Made Dog Food (monthly)£60 - £90~$70 - $105
Grooming Cost (per visit)£20 - £90~$25 - $105
Dog Vaccinations (initial)£100 - £350~$120 - $415
Dog Vaccinations (annual)£50 - £60~$60 - $70
Vet Checkup (one-time)£120 - £800~$140 - $950
Dog Dental Treatment£300 - £400~$360 - $475
Spaying (one-time)£200 - £600~$240 - $710
Neutering (one-time)£200 - £600~$240 - $710
Husky Training (hourly)£20 - £40~$25 - $50
Dog Walking£10~$12
Pet Insurance£15 - £25~$18 - $30

Local Price

In the UK, Siberian Husky costs approximately £1500 to £2500 locally (~$1780-$3000 USD). Age, pedigree, coat color, eye color, the reputation of the breeder, and location are some of the elements that impact the pricing of a Siberian Husky pup locally in the UK. 

Although it is not uncommon to see Husky puppies selling for as little as £500 (~$600 USD) in some parts of the UK. Make sure you verify the dog’s paperwork to confirm that it is a genuine Siberian Husky. 

Another reason Huskies are being sold in the UK for less than £1,000 (~$1190 USD) is because their previous owners are somehow unable to provide for them or could no longer afford to do so. This is why you might find some huskies selling for lower than the average.

What is the price of a Husky in UK?

The price of a Siberian Husky in the Uk is £1500 to £2500.

Husky Prices In UK Pin
This is Letto the Siberian Husky going for walkies in London! Image from @letto_husky

Imported Price

The cost of importing a Siberian Husky into the UK can be double or even triple that of buying one locally because the UK is regarded as a very expensive country. The cost of transportation alone will range from £1200 to £3800 (~$1425 to $4510 USD), depending on which country you import the dog from and which airline you choose.

When you add the cost of health certificates, vaccinations, and other documentation along with the price of the Husky, you can estimate a total cost of around £5000 (~5935 USD) or possibly more.

Husky Price in Different Cities in the UK

Husky Price in Different Cities in the UKPrice (GBP)Price (USD)
Husky Price in Manchester£700 - £1500~$830 - $1780
Husky Price in Kent£1000 - £1500~$1185 - $1780
Husky Price in Birmingham£900 - £1500~$1070 - $1780
Husky Price in Worcestershire£1300~$1540
Husky Price in Cambridge£1500 - £2500~$1780 - $2965

Husky Price in Manchester

A Siberian Husky puppy normally costs between £700 and £1500 (~$830-$1780 USD) in Manchester, one of the most popular cities in the UK. You can even find a Husky for much less if the seller intends to re-home the dog for a better life.

Husky Price in Kent

A Siberian Husky puppy can be bought in Kent for between £1000 to £1500 (~$1185-$1780 USD), while prices can vary greatly depending on the breed and age of the dog.

Husky Price in Birmingham

An estimated price range for a Siberian Husky puppy in Birmingham is between £900 and £1500 (~$1070-$1780 USD).

Husky Price in Worcestershire

Depending on the breeder and the condition of the dog, you can expect to spend about £1300 (~$1540 USD) on a Siberian Husky puppy in Worcestershire.

Husky Price in Cambridge 

Husky puppies usually cost between £1500 and £2500 (~$1780-$2965 USD) in Cambridge, but you might be able to get one for a lower price from a previous owner.

Husky Prices in Different Parts of the UK Pin
This is Freya, a beautiful husky going for a walk to the Bamford Edge lookout! 😍 Image from @freya_thenorthdog

What is the Maintenance Cost of a Siberian Husky in the UK?

Maintenance cost which includes the cost of food, grooming, training, and veterinary expenses for Siberian Huskies in the UK is mentioned below:

Cost of Food

Commercial Dog Food 

In the UK, the cost of commercial dog food for a Siberian Husky can range from £30 to £80 per month, depending on the brand, age, and size of your dog.

The average cost of commercial dog food for most large-size dogs, such as Siberian Huskies, is about £1.44 per day, with annual costs ranging from £350 to £950.

One of the best places to buy dog food online is petshop.co.uk.

Home-made Dog Food

In the UK, the type of meat you use in homemade or raw dog food largely determines its price. For an adult Siberian Husky, the cost of raw dog food in the UK ranges from £2 to £3 a day.

The cost of raw or homemade dog food for a Siberian Husky puppy weighing 5 kg or less ranges from £0.40 to £0.60 per day.

These expenses are directly related to the meat used in the dog’s diet. For a 25 kg Siberian Husky, adding lamb meat to homemade or raw dog food will cost you £90 per month; adding chicken will cost you £60 per month, and adding beef would cost you roughly £71.

Husky Price in UK - Cost of Food Pin
Is it food time yet! 🥺 Image from @tedtoritigerhusky

Cost of Grooming 

The cost of grooming a Siberian Husky in the UK might vary depending on the dog’s hair and coat condition, location, and the services provided by the groomer. But on average it will cost you about £43. In the UK, the overall cost to groom a dog is between £20 and £90.

Cost of Veterinary Services

For a Siberian Husky, the cost of initial vaccines, parasite prevention, and other health care in the UK is between £100 to £350. Thereafter, annual boosters will cost you between £50 and £60.

If your Husky becomes ill, the cost of veterinarian care can range from £120 to £800 (if the condition is very serious). Vet visits for routine examinations often cost between £30 and £60.

You should budget between £300 and £400 for a Husky’s dental cleaning, and between £200 and £600 for neutering and spaying.

How Much Does it Cost to Train a Siberian Husky in the UK?

In the UK, training a Husky puppy will cost you between £20 and £40 per hour, while training an adult Husky will cost you between £20 and £50 per hour.

Depending on the dog trainer’s expertise, the type of dog training, and the location, some dog trainers in the UK charge between £30 and £180 per session.

Husky Price in UK - Cost of Training Pin
Training them for hiking trips! 💪 Image from @girl.on.trail

Additional Costs for owning a Siberian Husky in the UK

Even in the summer, the UK has a favorable climate for Siberian Huskies, so you will rarely require air conditioning for your dog. You can easily go outside for walks and runs with your Husky all year, even during the summer, unless it is too hot.

Other Costs

Some additional costs that you might expect to pay when owning a Siberian Husky in the UK are:

  • Dog walkers will usually charge £10 for Huskies. 
  • Basic necessities like a bed, feeding bowls, crate, toys, etc will cost you £200 to £400. 
  • Pet insurance for a Siberian Husky will be about £15 to £25 per month. 
  • In the UK, a pet deposit of between £150 and £500 is required if you rent a home and want to keep your dog there.

Siberian Husky prices around the world:

So, is a husky worth the price in the UK?

This all depends on your individual circumstances. If you can afford to pay for regular maintenance costs and are happy to put in the time training your dog, then a husky could be a great pet for you. However, if you’re not sure whether you can commit to meeting all of these additional costs, it might be wise to consider another breed of dog.

Have you got a husky?

Share your experience and expenses in the comments below.


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